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Google Analytics

Google Webmasters Tools

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Split Test Accelerator (paid testing software)

List of Multivariate Testing Software
David Bullock & His Recommended Tools

ABC Google Analytics
By Althaf Ahmed, 35 page ebook

This ebook is perfect for:
      *Those who want to get the most out of Google’s free Analytics tool
      *Those who want to use Google Analytics to maximize online campaigns
      (PPC, traffic, keywords, Adwords) in order to track, attract and keep
      website visitors

How to Double Your Conversion, Stompernet
By Andy Jenkins
A video that explores how the human eye functions when viewing web pages, so
as to learn how to better increase conversion rates
This resource is perfect for:
       *Those interested in how to best design a website to capture and keep the
       interest of visitors
       *Those interested in increasing conversion rates by working with the
       human eye rather then against it
       *Those who want to keep up with some great technical information by
       following the stompernet blog

AD Tracking Guide
By Harvey Segal, 60 page ebook in both PDF and EXE formats

This ebook is perfect for:
Those interested in identifying the precise points where website visitors lose
       *Those interested in finding out which search engine keywords bring the
       most sales
       *Those interested in a clear and specific plan for using ad tracking
       programs to help monetize ad campaigns resulting in better traffic and
       sales for the client.
       *Those interested in finding the best ad tracker program to meet their
       clients needs

107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets - Dan Lok , 15
page ebook

Increase Sales Letter Conversions
This is a great resource for anybody who writes any kind of copy. It helped
Rachel Rofe fix up a sales letter (which is converting at a little over 5%).

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