Abine, Inc. Announces Online Privacy For Every Web User

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					Abine, Inc. Announces Online Privacy For Every
Web User
June 15, 2010 11:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time  

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Abine, Inc. announced today the wider availability of its
growing suite of tools to help consumers take back control of their online privacy at www.abine.com.

Privacy has become a major issue for every person who uses the Internet. Research from Atlas Venture shows that
every day, 97% of Web users have their activities stored without their knowledge in 25 different databases.
Technical experts have the knowledge to protect their privacy online, but most regular people do not know where to
turn. Abine's founders believe that every person deserves privacy and control over their personal information.

Instead of helping, the major web companies are often part of the problem – violating their users' privacy in ever
more creative ways, such as the recent news about Google and Facebook privacy practices. For these reasons,
providing full privacy protection is a complex and ever-changing technical challenge.

Abine is the first company solely focused on providing consumer online privacy protection. Its products and services
will provide everyone with comprehensive control over all of their personal information, not just credit cards or
identity theft protection. Abine will profit by helping people protect their information, instead of capturing it and
selling it to third parties.

“Abine is providing consumers with key tools to ensure their online privacy,” said Jules Polonetsky, Director of the
Future of Privacy Forum. Abine's first product is the Privacy Suite, which combines many privacy features into a
single easy-to-use browser add-on.

Abine, Inc. was founded in 2008 by three experienced entrepreneurs with consumer web and security expertise. Its
investors include Atlas Venture, and the company has attracted top experts in privacy, security, and browser
technology to its Advisory Board:

* Mathias Entenmann of BetFair, formerly VP International at PayPal
* David Muller, CEO at Avedro, previously founder of DataSafe, a consumer privacy company
* Jules Polonetsky of Future of Privacy Forum, formerly first Chief Privacy Officer of AOL
* Eric Jung, renowned FireFox add-on developer, author of FoxyProxy and PasswordMaker
* Jim Jorgensen of Morgen Group, serial entrepreneur and investor, former CEO of AllAdvantage, founder of
Challenger Sports and Discovery Zone
* Asheesh Advani, formerly President Virgin Money USA and founder of Circle Lending

About Abine, Inc.

Abine, Inc., the online privacy company, is the leading provider of online privacy solutions for consumers.
Abine's products and services allow regular people to regain control over their personal information while
continuing to browse, interact and shop online. One of the company's first offerings, the Privacy Suite, is a
browser Add-On that flushes intrusive cookies, shields contact information and separates online

Abine, Inc.
Rob Shavell, 617-492-0024

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