The sales clerk taboo

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					The sales clerk taboo
Sales is a profound knowledge, for many newcomers, there are some taboos, this
taboo about four sales are easy to mistake novice, please carefully Experience!

Avoid black-faced man show

I have done host entry of basic skills is that you'll smile, and I am training for a few
weeks, the beginning is very puzzling, but the smile slowly learned the truth. For the
smile, self-mockery can be wrong lines, because a smile can go wrong actor to play
to smooth things over, the audience really mistaken. Smiling is a confidence that is the
basis for a good atmosphere (extended reading: What is the sales), customer meet
you smile, even if do not need your product, it may be your friend!

If you are running the business are tired, frustrated, please adjust their emotions, or
rather not to see customers, so that their full of energy, smile, standing in front of the
customer, extremely important!

Avoid angry debate

Sell them, we will encounter a group of people: themselves as very knowledgeable, in
fact half a bucket of water, shake, and also pick and choose your product sales. I
think every salesperson will have a mind to argue with him impulses, of course, by
virtue of your excellent eloquence can debate him, let him shame. But sales is not a
debate competition, winning will not be printed "excellent" in hardcover this.
Customers may debate, but you, but they can not buy your products!

Avoid unilateral market

Sales of your in exchange, we are not to buy and sell, we help customers to solve real
problems in sales, difficult to know how to tap customers, all walks of life will be in
training new sales manager for an answer when customers ask, Answers to big boss in
verse can fool, but can not fool customers, every customer has different needs, listen
carefully and seriously the exchange!

Avoid self-display

Many sales staff will boast its own customers the ability to realize that this is thankless.
Show off customers will recognize you in nothing more than taking on, but steadily and
surely to solve customer problems, give customers confidence in you from the heart.
Giving customers confidence that your enthusiasm and professionalism shown to work
carefully. As one saying goes: Your wealth is your own personal; your position is part of
your unit; and your attitude and service quality, but are your customers, and eternal.
You are in front of customers is always one of his attendants and even a friend.
These are the four main business personnel selling taboo, respect for customers, but
also to help themselves.

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