Free Information Advice and Guidance by sly74194


									     Free Information
   Advice and Guidance

          at the
    Thomas Gray Centre

 “To provide access to a range of services
  offered by a multitude of local agencies
  and partners, working with them to give
   local people access to the best quality
  impartial advice, support and guidance.
   Encouraging professional and business
development learning opportunities for all”.
     Advice and
 on work and learning

• You can have a free 1:1
  hour interview with a
  qualified advisor

• Interviews are confidential
  and impartial

• We will provide you with
  current, up to date

• We will create a
  personalised action plan for

• Other agencies can be
  contacted on your behalf
Information, Advice and
Guidance includes
assistance with:
 •   Choosing a career path
 •   CV writing
 •   Interview tips
 •   College courses and training
 •   Completing job application forms
 •   Job search tips
 •   Confidence building
 •   Working as a volunteer

If you would like any help or advice
on learning and employment
opportunities please make an
appointment via the Aurat Enterprise
office situated in Thomas Gray
Centre - 01753 476614 or email

You can bring a friend or relative to
accompany you to the appointment,
should you wish to.

We also have “Adult Directions”, an
exciting online careers matching
service with information on over
1800 careers.
Useful Contacts
 Berkshire Nextsteps
       0845 6018595
 Kinara Women’s Refuge
       0800 923 2852
 Slough Lifelong Learning
       01753 476602
 TVU Learning and Advice Centre
 (Cyber Café)
      01753 697685
 Slough Volunteer Centre
       01753 528632
 Slough Citizens Advice Bureau
       0845 1203712
 Slough Council for Racial Equality
       01753 691266
 The Foyer
       01753 572250
 Youth Talk (Counseling for all)
       01753 842444
      Call 01753 476614
    and book an appointment
         with Linda now

    Appointment times are available on:
            Tuesday between
              10.00 - 4.00
          Wednesday between
              10.00 - 4.00
           Thursday between
              10.00 - 4.00

   IAG has an anti-discrimination policy.
  This means that everyone, regardless of
  physical or intellectual ability, age, race,
gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs
   should be treated with equal respect
             and consideration
             How to find the
           Thomas Gray Centre
           Queens Road, Slough
               SL1 3QW

              Gray Centre

      Free parking is available at the rear
         of the Thomas Gray Centre.
    Slough bus and train stations are within
         10 minutes walking distance.

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