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									                        Checklist of Procedures to Fill Classified Vacancies

In general, classified recruitments will follow the process described in this section. However, circumstances may
arise that require deviations be made. It is extremely important that the supervisor and HR work together
throughout the entire recruitment process.

(1) All discussions, deliberations and materials relating to the recruitment shall be considered and kept confidential. This
    means that no business of the recruitment should be discussed outside of recruitment team meetings with non-team
(2) The materials from the recruitment are to be kept in a secured place and accessed by only the Supervisor and
    recruitment team.
(3) Any inquiries relating to the recruitment should be referred to the Supervisor or HR.
(4) Applicants not offered the position should contact the Supervisor with questions on why they were not chosen. (HR
    will provide guidance to Supervisors.)
(5) If a criminal background check is required for the position, only the Equity & Affirmative Action Office conducts this
    review after receiving the disclosure forms from the finalists for the position. Whether it is required or not, anyone
    involved in the recruitment will not access a web site or other background information using the name of any of the
    candidates. This is a serious legal matter and will be dealt with as such.

                  Recruitment Step                           Responsible                           Comments
1. Review the current position description and update        Supervisor        Contact HR if a current copy of the position
the job duties, skills and core competencies if necessary.                     description is needed. The UW Oshkosh core skill
                                                                               competencies and their definitions can be found on
                                                                               the HR website at
                                                                               These will help in initial discussions with HR staff
                                                                               regarding defining those priority competencies that
                                                                               are required for the position.
2. If a criminal background check is required, this will     HR discuss
be added to the PD                                           with
3. Send the updated position description to HR for a         Supervisor        Work with HR to develop the best possible position
classification title and pay range.                                            description to meet your needs. This could involve
                                                                               discussing responsibilities and skill competencies,
                                                                               potential hourly wages, FTE, etc.
4. Determine if there are any hiring goals for women or      HR will
people of color for this position in the current             inform
Affirmative Action Plan.                                     supervisor
5. Review the “Department/Unit Orientation” Form             Supervisor        Include person leaving the position to develop the best
(www.uwosh.edu/hr/newemplyunitorientation.php)                                 method to facilitate the orientation.
 that will be used to orient the new employee to the
6. Complete the following forms:                             Supervisor        HR will aid the department with completion of these
    a. Request to Fill a Classified Position                                   forms, describing the recruitment efforts that will be
       (http://www.uwosh.edu/hr/worddocs/classreque                            made to ensure compliance with labor union
       sttofill.doc)                                                           contracts, administrative rules and regulations, and
    b. Updated Position Description                                            AA/EEO policies and procedures.

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                  Recruitment Step                            Responsible                             Comments
7. The completed approval packet is signed by the             Initiated by       NOTE—Potential Budget Implications: It is possible
requesting Chair/Director and forwarded to the Dean or        Supervisor         the department/unit will need to fund the salary
Division Head for signature approval. It is then                                 difference when a classified employee transfers from
forwarded to HR, which gets the remaining approvals.                             one unit to another and their pay rate is higher than
                                                                                 that of the budgeted incumbent.
8. After the Request to Fill a Classified Position form       HR
has received final approval, the recruitment file is
officially opened.
9a. If the position is represented by a bargaining            HR
agreement all employees on campus are notified about
that position via their university email accounts.
9b. If a represented employee at UW Oshkosh wants to          HR                 If, after discussing the position with the supervisor,
be considered for mandatory transfer, he/she has 5                               the senior mandatory transfer candidate is interested
working days to notify HR. If one or more employees                              in the vacant position, he/she accepts the position and
have expressed interest in the vacancy, HR contacts the                          gives the customary two-week notice to the current
supervisor of the vacant position, and explains the                              supervisor. If the most senior mandatory transfer is
transfer rights and obligations, and refers the most senior                      not interested, the next senior candidate is referred,
employee to the department for a meeting with the                                following the same guidelines as noted.
9c. HR keeps a file of mandatory transfer requests from       HR                 If the most senior mandatory transfer is not interested,
other UW System employees interested in transferring to                          the next senior candidate is referred, following the
UW Oshkosh. The transfer requests are kept active for                            same guidelines as noted in 9b.
six months before being purged.
9d. If any mandatory layoff candidates exist, they must       HR                 This happens very rarely, and HR will notify the
be offered the vacant position.                                                  department at the very beginning of the recruitment
                                                                                 discussion if there is any possibility of this occurring.
9e. If no mandatory candidates are interested in the
position, the supervisor can then request to interview
candidates that are already on an existing test register,
9f. Supervisors have the option of interviewing non-          HR          Non-mandatory transfers are those employees who:
mandatory/non-contractual transfer candidates and                          may be in the same pay range as the vacancy but
candidates with reinstatement eligibility. HR keeps a                          may not have the same title
file of transfer requests from employees of other state                    may have the same title but do not work within
agencies interested in employment at UW-Oshkosh. The                           the UW System.
requests are kept active for six months before being                      Reinstatement candidates are those that resign from
purged. These candidates may be interviewed at the                        State service in good standing, and wish to re-enter.
same time as the candidates from the test register, or                    Any classified employee who terminates employment
exceptions may be made to interview them prior to that                    with the State after July 5, 1998, has five years to
time.                                                                     reinstate back into a classified position at the same
                                                                          pay range or lower.
IMPORTANT: If a criminal background check is required for the position, he/she accepts the position contingent on
successfully passing the criminal background check. The two-week notice is not given until the background check is completed
and he/she is offered the position without any contingencies.
10. Prior to requesting a list of certified applicants the HR &           For most clerical and blue-collar positions, the
supervisor and HR choose the size of the basic applicant Supervisor       standard multiple-choice exams are administered by
pool. Additionally, the University may be required to                     the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER)
expand the basic applicant pool, e.g., veterans, persons                  and announced in the Current Opportunities Bulletin
with disabilities, women, minorities. These are                           (http://wiscjobs.state.wi.us/public/links_page_detail.a
individuals who have successfully passed the civil                        sp?pageid=511).
service exam(s).
11. An applicant evaluation form, based on the             Supervisor &   HR will work with the Supervisor and interviewing
qualifications stated in the PD, is used to evaluate each  Interview      team on developing the applicant evaluation tool and
of the candidates and to then place them in tiers.         Team           the interview questions.

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                  Recruitment Step                      Responsible                              Comments
12. Contact the applicants to schedule the interviews        Supervisor &   HR will provide detailed instructions
13. The UW System Administration Human Resources             HR             Special exam methods include: essay exams;
Specialist is contacted to request coordination in                          achievement history questionnaires; objective
acquiring test center space from OSER, and/or the use of                    inventory questionnaire, etc.
special examination methods.
14. Finalize the position description (duties, knowledge, HR meets
skills, abilities), listing the necessary qualifications and with
core skill competencies needed to perform the various        Supervisor
job duties of the position. Determine which exam
method would be best.
15. The position description is rated for "high              HR with the    Job Expert: Normally the supervisor; a current or
importance job content" (HIJC); the examination and          “Job Expert”   former incumbent at or above the level of the position
scoring mechanisms developed; the recruitment activity                      being recruited for. This person has first-hand
plan finalized; the job announcement for the Current                        knowledge about the job content and requirements for
Opportunities Bulletin written; and all materials are                       successful job performance in this position.
submitted to UW System/OSER for approval.
16. After the exam method has been approved, web site        HR
and hard copy exam materials are distributed and job
advertisements are placed at the department’s expense,
e.g., newspapers and appropriate journals. Exam
scoring mechanisms are entered into OSER’s computer
system (WISCJOBS).
17. An applicant evaluation form, based on the               Supervisor &   HR can provide a sample form to supervisor
qualifications stated in the position description, is used   interview
to evaluate each of the candidates and to then place them team
in tiers.
18. Following the application deadline, exam materials       HR
are scored and entered into WISCJOBS, verified and
19. Once certified a list of candidates is sent to the
department for evaluation and interview scheduling.
20. The certified candidates are contacted regarding the     HR
position. Those interested return application materials to
the HR Manager for review.
21. Candidate application materials are forwarded to         HR
22. Working with HR, develop a listing of behavioral-        Supervisor &
based questions that are aligned with the qualifications     interview
and core skills competencies required and preferred for      team
the position.
23. Contact the candidates to set up interview               department
24. Obtain the necessary number of parking permits and department           Parking permits will be for the specific date of the
campus maps from HR and mail to the interviewees                            interview
along with a confirmation letter for the interview
25. If a criminal background check is required for the       HR             The interviewees send the completed and signed
position, send a criminal background check disclosure                       disclosure form directly to E&AA.
form with a letter to each of the interviewees or the final
26. The interviews are conducted. The “Benefit               Supervisor &   It is recommended that more than one individual
Summary for Classified Employees”                            interview      interview each candidate, and that the “interview
(http://www.uwsa.edu/hr/benefits/cben.pdf) can be            team           team” be as diverse as possible, i.e., gender, race,
shared with the candidates.                                                 ethnicity.

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                  Recruitment Step                         Responsible                               Comments
27. Complete interview evaluation forms and agree on       Supervisor &
the tiering of candidates.                                 interview
28. Meet with HR to review the evaluation forms and        Supervisor           If there are affirmative action goals, these materials
approve the tiering, and to determine those finalists to                        must also be approved by E&AA.
conduct reference checks on.
29. Develop appropriate reference questions based on       Supervisor           The “Reference Check Form”
the qualifications and core skill competencies required                         (www.uwosh.edu/hr/pdf/referencecheckform.pdf)
and preferred for the position.                                                 gives the general format. The final form needs to be
                                                                                approved by HR before reference checks begin.
30. Evaluate the finalists after reference checks are      HR &                 If there are affirmative action goals, E&AA is
completed. The Supervisor will provide the following       Supervisor           involved in this discussion and approves the candidate
information for each interviewee:                                               to be offered the position.
a. recommendation to hire or not hire;
b. qualifications from the evaluation form met by each
     of the interviewees.
31. If a criminal background check is a requirement for    HR                 Only the Equity & Affirmative Action Office
the position, E&AA notifies HR if the candidate(s) can                        conducts the criminal background checks.
be offered the position.
After the interview and reference checks have been completed, the Supervisor contacts the Human Resources Manager for
instructions before offering the position to the selected candidate. The procedural order is as follows:
32. Submit to HR a written hiring justification that tiers Supervisor
the candidates and explains the department’s selection
33. Approve of the hiring justification, confirm and       HR
obtain written approval from the Office of Equity &
Affirmative Action
34. An informal verbal offer (establishing the start date Supervisor
and the beginning rate of pay) can be made.
35. Make a formal written offer to the selected            HR
36. Letters are sent to individuals not selected.          HR
37. After the position is filled, materials from all       Supervisor         Materials include: applications, resumes-if used,
candidates are given to HR to be placed in the                                interview questions, evaluation forms, reference
recruitment file.                                                             checks
38. Review with the new employee on the first day of       Supervisor         Checklist can be found on HR web site at:
work the “Department/Unit Orientation Form (Refer to                          www.uwosh.edu/hr/new.php
“A-5” on page 1 of this checklist.)
39. Supervisor meets with new employee soon after          Supervisor         All new UW Oshkosh classified staff employees serve
hiring date to discuss the position description, core                         either a 6-month or a 12-month probationary period,
competencies and job family competencies of the                               depending on their classification. This probationary
position. Together, the employee and supervisor work                          period is basically a trial period, and a supervisor who
on developing acceptable and realistic performance                            is experiencing any performance problems with a new
standards and goals. These standards tell the employee                        employee should contact HR immediately for
in specific understandable language, how a key job                            guidance and assistance.
responsibility is to be performed.
40. Evaluations are performed at two, four, and six        Supervisor         HR sends the forms to the Supervisor. It is imperative
months but may be done more often.                                            that these forms be completed and returned to the HR
                                                                              Office on time.

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