FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program Letters by kww40769


									                                                FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program
                                                                  Letters of Intent
LOI #                 Lead Applicant                                 Collaborators            Project Title                        Project Lead     Funds Requested

         Case Western Reserve University                                                                             David L. Wilson
         10900 Euclid Avenue                                                                                         216-368-4099
10-901   Cleveland, OH 44106                                                               Biomedical Imaging        david.wilson@case.edu             $3,000,000

         Imalux Corporation                       GVI Medical Devices                    Fourier Domain Optical     Thomas F. Barnish
         11000 Cedar Avenue #250                  Preventive Oncology International      Coherence Tomography       216-502-0755 x 1004
                                                                                      Imaging System for Real-Time
10-902   Cleveland OH 44106                                                                                         tbarnish@imalux.com                $1,000,000
                                                                                       3D Imaging of Epithelium for
                                                                                        Pre-Invasive and Invasive
         Case Western Reserve University          PETNET Solutions, Inc                  [F-18]-fluoro-choline for  Zhenghong Lee,
         11100 Euclid Ave.                                                            Positron Emission Tomography (216) 844-8076
10-903   Cleveland, Ohio 44106                                                               (PET) imaging of       zxl11@case.edu                     $1,150,000
                                                                                        hepatocellular carcinoma
         Neoprobe Corporation                     Cardinal Health                      PHASE III CLINICAL STUDY Frederick O. Cope
         425 Metro Place North, Suite 300         Phylogeny, Inc.                      SUPPORTING EXPANDED 614-822-2320
         Dublin, OH 43017                         STATKING Consulting, Inc.                FDA CLAIMS FOR       fcope@neoprobe.com
                                                  Integrated BioScience Solutions     LYMPHOSEEK™, A MEDICAL
                                                                                         IMAGING AGENT FOR
10-904                                                                                                                                                 $1,000,000
                                                                                        SENTINEL LYMPH NODE
                                                                                             MAPPING IN
                                                                                           BREAST CANCER,
                                                                                      MELANOMA, AND HEAD AND
                                                                                            NECK CANCER.
         Department of Biomedical Engineering     LXD L.L.C                                                          Zheng-Rong Lu
         Case Western Reserve University                                                                             216-368-0187
                                                                                        A targeted Contrast Agent
10-905   Wickenden 309E, Mail Stop 7207                                                                              zxl125@case.edu                   $1,000,000
                                                                                          (TCA) for MR Imaging
         10900 Euclid Avenue
         Cleveland, OH 44106
         Ricerca Biosciences, LLC                 Polgenix, Inc.                         Establishment of retinal  Heidi Nelson-Keherly
         7528 Auburn Road                                                             therapeutic development core 440-357-3088
10-906   Concord, OH 44077                                                               based upon novel retinal  heidi.nelson@ricerca.com            $1,000,000
         Case Western Reserve University          BioInVision Inc                                                   James P. Basilion
         11000 Euclid Avenue, Wearn Bldg. B-42    Akrotome Imaging, Inc.              Development of the “Buckeye”: 216-983-3264
10-907   Cleveland, OH 44106                                                           a device for imaging human James.basilion@case.edu              $1,000,000

         Digital X-Ray Systems                                                                                       Edward Rawley
         1333 Highland Rd. Suite F                                                        Development and            (330) 425-4400
                                                                                      Commercialization of a Digital
10-908   Macedonia, OH 44056                                                                                         e.rawley@classic-imaging.com      $1,000,000
                                                                                            X-Ray Retrofit
                                                                                           Solution in Ohio
                                              FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program
                                                                Letters of Intent
LOI #                  Lead Applicant                              Collaborators                     Project Title                       Project Lead   Funds Requested

         Lanx, Inc.                             The Ohio State University                                                  Stuart Born
         390 Interlocken Cresent, Suite 890                                                                                (303) 443-7500 x8482
                                                                                               Lumbar Motion Monitor
10-909   Broomfield, CO 80021-8053                                                                                         stuart.born@lanx.com            $1,000,000
                                                                                              Commercialization in Ohio

         Quality Electrodynamics, LLC           Case Western Reserve University                                          Hiroyuki Fujita
         700 Beta Drive, Suite 100                                                           7-Tesla High Denisty MRI RF 440.484.2225
10-910   Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143                                                            Coil Development &      hiroyuki.fujita@qualedyn.com      $1,000,000

         Spectral Energetics                    Wright State University School of Medicine                                 Ronald G. Riechers
         1306 Research Park Drive               Wright State University LAR                                                (937) 320-5120
                                                                                               Electromagnetic Medical
10-911   Beavercreek, OH 45432                  Miami Valley Hospital                                                      rr@spectralenergetics.com       $1,000,000
                                                                                                   Advisor (EMMA)
                                                Anritsu Company
         Neoprobe Corporation                   Cardinal Health                                RIGScan™, A MEDICAL Frederick O. Cope
         425 Metro Place North, Suite 300       Phylogeny, Inc.                                 IMAGING AGENT FOR  614-822-2320
10-912   Dublin, OH 43017                       STATKING Consulting, Inc.                          STAGING AND     fcope@neoprobe.com                      $1,000,000
                                                Integrated BioScience Solutions              IMPROVED PROGNOSIS OF
                                                                                             COLON CANCER PATIENTS
         Neoprobe Corporation                   Cardinal Health                                 DEVELOPMENT AND            Frederick O. Cope
         425 Metro Place North, Suite 300       Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.                   COMMERCIALIZATION OF          614-822-2320
         Dublin, OH 43017                                                                       AN ULTRA-SENSITIVE         fcope@neoprobe.com
                                                STATKING Consulting, Inc.
                                                Integrated BioScience Solutions
10-913                                                                                        HAND HELD PROBE FOR                                          $1,000,000
                                                                                              INTEROPERATIVE REAL-
                                                                                             TIME DETECTION OF HIGH
                                                                                                 ENERGY IMAGING
         Interventional Imaging, Inc.           Case Western Reserve University                                               Vincent P. Kazmer
         1120 Chester Ave., Ste 418                                                               Manufacturing and           (216) 621-3632
10-914   Cleveland, OH 44114                                                                  Development, MRI Guided         vkazmer@i3mri.com            $1,000,000
                                                                                             Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
                                            FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program
                                                              Letters of Intent
LOI #                  Lead Applicant                            Collaborators                        Project Title                      Project Lead      Funds Requested

         Case Western Reserve University,     Cleveland Clinic                                                               Yanming Wang
         11100 Euclid Ave                     General Electric Healthcare                                                    216 844 3288
         Cleveland, OH 44106                  Siemens Inc                                                                    yxw91@case.edu
                                              Philips Medical Systems
                                              The Ohio State University
10-915                                        Clear Image Technologies                              Case PET Center                                           $2,000,000
                                              Fused Multimodality Imaging
                                              Interventional Imaging
         Total Contact, Inc.                  Point Source, Inc.                                                             Jennifer Whitestone
         41 N. Main Street                    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center                                  (937) 855-6107
         Germantown, OH 45327                                                                  Medical Skin Imaging Device
10-916                                                                                                                       jen@totalcontact.com             $1,000,000

         Accelerated Data Concepts, LLC       Nationwide Children’s Hospital                                               Eric Stahlberg
         3916 Marsha Drive                                                                    Accelerated Pathology Image 614-309-8661
10-917   Columbus, OH 43207                                                                   Analysis and Transfer Engine estahlberg@acceleratedata.com      $400,000

         Philips Healthcare                   Case Western Reserve University                                               Piotr J. Maniawski
         595 Miner Rd                         University Hospitals Health System              PET/CT scanner optimized for 440 483-7616
10-918   Highland Heights, Ohio                                                               quantitative myocardial blood piotr.maniawski@philips.com       $1,000,000
                                                                                                    flow assessment.

         BioInVision Inc.                     Case Western Reserve University                                                Debashish Roy
         781 Beta Drive, Suite E                                                                                             216-373-1500
10-919   Mayfield Village, OH 44143 2360                                                       Biomedical Imaging in Ohio    droy@bioinvision.com             $3,000,000

         Midmark Corporation                                                                                                  Thomas Schwieterman
                                                                                                 Improving Access to and      937-526-8722
         60 Vista Drive, P.O. Box 286
                                                                                               Protocols for Using Imaging in
10-920   Versailles, OH 45380-0286                                                                                            tschwieterman@midmark.com       $1,000,000
                                                                                              the Diagnosis and Treatment of
                                                                                                 Obstructive Sleep Apnea

         ViewRay Incorporated                 Case Western Reserve University                                                John L. Patrick
         #2 Thermo Fisher Way                                                                   Real-time volumetric MR      216-925-2546
10-921   Oakwood Village, Ohio 44146                                                          imaging for the reconstruction jlpatrick@viewray.com            $1,000,000
                                                                                                    of dose delivery
                                            FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program
                                                              Letters of Intent
LOI #                  Lead Applicant                            Collaborators                      Project Title                        Project Lead        Funds Requested

         EXCMR, Ltd.                          The Ohio State University                                                    Orlando P. Simonetti
                                              Case Western Reserve University                 An In-State Multi-Center     614-306-5502
         2481 Sandover Rd
                                                                                              Evaluation of Treadmill
10-922   Columbus, OH 43220                   Christ Hospital, Cincinnati                                                  orlando.simonetti@excmr.com          $1,360,000
                                                                                              Exercise Stress Cardiac
                                              SiemensHealthcare, Inc                           Magnetic Resonance

         Aurum Dx LLC                         Quantum Group                                 The Commercialization and      Craig L. Hartz
         453 South High Street, Suite 101     CINA-US                                        Use of Ultrasound by the      (330) 754-1377 ext. 111
         Akron, Ohio 44311                                                                  Primary Care Physician to
10-923                                                                                      Advance Detection of PAD                                            $1,000,000
                                                                                            Under Current and Existing
                                                                                              CPT and ICD-9 Coding
                                                                                           Structures of Reimbursement
         Simbionix USA Corporation                                                          Development of Advanced        William E. Lewandowski
         7100 Euclid Avenue Suite 180                                                         Virtual Reality Planning,    216-229-2040 x 102
                                                                                            Training and Performance
10-924   Cleveland, OH 44103                                                                                                                                    $1,000,000
                                                                                             Sustainment Systems for
                                                                                                 Minimally Invasive
                                                                                             Endovascular Procedures
         FMI Technologies Inc.                The Ohio State University                                                    William K. McCroskey
         526 South Main Street                NEOUCOM                                                                      (330) 253-0200 x402
         Akron, Ohio 44311                    Akron General Medical Center                    Commercialization of         William.mccroskey@fmimaging.com
                                              Summa Health System                            Organ/Disease Specific
                                                                                             Cardiac and Neurologic
                                              Kettering Medical Center
10-925                                                                                      PET/CT/SPECT Molecular                                              $1,000,000
                                              Wright State University                      Imaging Systems for Global
                                              The Cleveland Clinic                         Markets: A Value Proposition
                                              Lantheus Medical Imaging                           Demonstration
                                              AVID RadioPharmacueticals
                                              Akron Global Business Accelerator
         InfraRed Imaging Systems, Inc        Astro Manufacturing & Design                         Completion of          Dale Siegel
                                              Entrotech, Inc                                  Commercialization and       614-989-1148
         34459 Curtis Blvd.
                                                                                           Relocation of Manufacturing to
10-926   Eastlake, OH 44095                   United Medical                                                              dsiegel@irimagesys.com                $635,000
                                                                                                 Ohio of the INRIS
                                                                                              VascularViewer Product
         Wright State University              Kettering Health Network Innovation Center                                  Thomas N. Hangartner
         207 Russ Engineering Center          Siemens Medical Imaging                           Demonstration and         937-775-5070
                                                                                           Commercilization of Magnetic
10-927   3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy               daytaOhio                                                                   thomas.hangartner@wright.edu          $3,000,000
                                                                                            Resonance Imaging Fatigue
         Dayton, OH 45435                     EMTEC                                                  Task Card
         IR Diagnostyx Inc.                   The Ohio State University                                                       Gary Smith
         1275 Kinnear Road                                                                                                    614-296-4213
                                                                                           Diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis
10-928   Columbus, OH - 43212                                                                                                 smithg@irdiagnostyx.com           $500,000
                                                                                           and other functional diseases
                                        FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program
                                                          Letters of Intent
LOI #                 Lead Applicant                           Collaborators               Project Title                      Project Lead   Funds Requested

         GE Healthcare Technologies       TBD                                                                      Vivek Bhatt
         1515 Danner Drive                                                                                         330-995-8592
                                                                                   Interventional MRI Imaging Coil
10-929   Aurora, OH 44202                                                                                          vivek.bhatt@ge.com           $1,000,000
                                                                                      Technology Development

         GE Healthcare Technologies       Cincinnati Children’s Hospital                                          Vivek Bhatt
         1515 Danner Drive                Integra NeuroSciences Corporation                                       330-995-8592
                                                                                    MRI Imaging and Devices for
10-930   Aurora, OH 44202                                                                                         vivek.bhatt@ge.com            $1,000,000
                                                                                         Pediatric Patients

         Tursiop Technologies, LLC        LucCell Inc                                     High-performance       Raju Viswanathan
         11000 Cedar Ave. Suite 280       Veterans Administration Medical Center   nanotechnology-based imaging 216-658-4521
10-931   Cleveland OH 44106               Walter Reed Medical Center                  coil and nanostructured    raju@tursiop.com               $800,000
                                                                                    contrast agents for enhanced
                                                                                           MRI diagnostics
         Tursiop Technologies, LLC        Case Western Reserve University                                       Raju Viswanathan
         11000 Cedar Ave. Suite 280                                                       High-performance      216-658-4521
                                                                                   nanotechnology-based imaging
10-932   Cleveland OH 44106                                                                                     raju@tursiop.com                $400,000
                                                                                      coil for ophthalmological
                                                                                       diagnostic applications

         The Ohio State University        Battelle                                                              Michael Tweedle
         1960 Kenny Road                                                                                        614-247-4427
10-933   Columbus, OH 43210                                                        New Molecular Imaging Agents michael.tweedle@osumc.edu       $1,000,000

         Codonics, Inc                                                                                            Timothy E. Jakubisin
         17991 Englewood Drive                                                                                    (440) 243-1198
                                                                                    Medical Imaging and Video
10-934   Middleburg Heights, OH 44130                                                                             tjakubisin@codonics.com       $800,000
                                                                                      Management Device

         The Ohio State University        Rescentris                                                              Aimee Nielsen-Link
         1960 Kenny Road                  Imagepace                                                               614-292-3143
                                                                                       Imaging Management
10-935   Columbus, OH 43210                                                                                       Nielsen-link.1@osu.edu        $1,000,000

         The Ohio State University        Philips Healthcare                                                      Michael V. Knopp
         1960 Kenny Road                                                              Multi-transmit Platform     614-293-9998
10-936   Columbus, OH 43210                                                        Technology for High and Ultra- knopp.16@osu.edu              $1,000,000
                                                                                      high Field MR Imaging
                                                 FY 2010 Ohio Third Frontier Medical Imaging Program
                                                                   Letters of Intent
LOI #                 Lead Applicant                                  Collaborators                Project Title                        Project Lead            Funds Requested

         The Ohio State University                 RAPID Biomedical                                                     Robert McKenney
         1960 Kenny Road                                                                                                614-293-7165
                                                                                           Noninvasive Radiofrequency-
10-937   Columbus, OH 43210                                                                                             mckenney.1@osu.edu                         $100,000
                                                                                           based Detection Technologies

         AllTech Medical Systems America, Inc.     m2m Imaging                                                           Larry Kasuboski
         6551 Cochran Road                                                                 Development of Physiological (440) 424-2240
10-938   Solon, Ohio 44139                                                                 Gating Accessory for Clinical Larry.Kasuboski@AllTechMedUSA.com         $1,000,000
                                                                                                   MRI System

         m2m Imaging Corp                          Case Western Reserve University                                         C. Richard Hullihen
         190 Alpha Park                                                                      Development of Cryogenic      440-684-9690
                                                                                           Preclinical MR RF Coil for High
10-939   Highland Hts OH 44143                                                                                             rhullihen@m2mimaging.com                $1,000,000
                                                                                           Performance Imaging in Proton
                                                                                                and X-Nuclei Imaging

         Cleveland Clinic                          H-Cubed                                                                Aaron Fleischman
         9500 Euclid Ave.                          NASA Glenn Research Center                  Integrated Ultrasonic      216/445-3218
10-940   Cleveland, OH 44195                       Connecticut Reserve Technologies Inc.      Transducer for Medical      fleisca@ccf.org                          $1,000,000
                                                   Case Western Reserve University             Imaging and Therapy
                                                   Cleveland State University
         AllTech Medical Systems America, Inc.     Case Western Reserve University                                      Larry Kasuboski
         6551 Cochran Road                                                                                              (440) 424-2240
                                                                                           Next Generation Spectrometer
10-941   Solon, Ohio 44139                                                                                              Larry.Kasuboski@AllTechMedUSA.com          $1,000,000
                                                                                              for Clinical MRI System

         Atypigene Biomedical Research Institute   Ohio University Innovation Center                                         J. Suzanne Lindsey
                                                                                            Monoclonal antibody against
         340 West State Street                                                                                               206-619-9077
                                                                                            an antigen specific to all solid
         Athens, Ohio 45701                                                                                                  jslindsey@roadrunner.com
                                                                                           types of tumor cells coupled to
10-942                                                                                                                                                             $184,000
                                                                                               ferromagnetic lignosite
                                                                                            particles for MRI imaging and
                                                                                                  detection of cancer
         Teraphysics Corporation                                                                                          Michael Wieder
         110 Alpha Park                                                                                                   440-573-0008
10-943                                                                                           Terahertz Source                                                  $1,000,000
         Highland Heights, OH 44143                                                                                       wieder@teraphysics.com

                                                                                                                           State Funds Requested Grand Total:     $45,329,000

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