Spelling lists 08-09 by myp59305


									                                   Spelling lists 08-09
                           All dates are subject to change. As we evaluate the students
                          progress, it may be necessary to review certain words and/or
                        terms. Please check back each week to be certain the list has not
                              been changed to better meet the needs of the students.

                                       Jan. 5-9 (Unit 33)
deliver      department             camera       yesterday                  tomorrow                important

together      remember              victory            hamburger            library                 enemy

animal        another               however           banana                 alphabet               hospital

carpenter     several              unhappy             grandmother            grandfather             October

                                       ***Challenge Words
                 interview         article journalist edition             photograph

                                            Jan. 12-16
                                        (15&16 are ½ days)

                                              (Unit 15)
  middle     medal        simple         metal   total          eagle        apple          special     able

  bottle     uncle        candle        nickel      final       model       towel       double

  battle    trouble       handle       cattle        little     circle      purple          title

                                     ***Challenge Words
                 trifle       industrial  cancel   decimal                    financial

                                             Jan. 19-23
                                            (No Monday)
                                              (Unit 17)
 beauty     ready          empty          plenty    marry             sorry        valley           alley

 honey      hungry        monkey           turkey        hockey       movie        duty        lonely

 pretty     friendly      slowly          ugly      lazy       body        fifty      sadly           city

                                      ***Challenge Words
                     envy        fiery   mercy    imaginary                  medley
                                          Jan. 26-30
                                          Math Terms

  Mixed numeral          Obtuse angle         Ray         Quadrilateral         Congruent
  Improper fraction       Acute angle         Array       Combinations          Compare
  Elapsed time            perpendicular       Tenths      Intersecting          Probability
  Transformation          Reflection          Divisor     Symmetry              Hundredths
  Remainder               Translation         Parallel    Dividend              Divisible
  Decimal                 Quotient            Rotation

                             No Challenge Words This Week

                                      Feb. 2-6
                   (Commonly confused and misspelled words)

too              their                 they’re              could                 know
   to               there                wouldn’t             would                 knew
   two              where                shouldn’t             should               your
   about            we’re                didn’t                threw                 you’re
   want            wear                  doesn’t              through               our
   went              said                 which                again              are

                                  ***No Challenge Words This week

                                     Feb. 9-13
                   (Commonly confused and misspelled words)
 special           remember                 listen        finally          beginning         first
delicious          recognize               thought       probably          because          front
cousin              restaurant             second        actually           beautiful       saw
especially         embarrassed            screamed       getting           please           once
 around               surprised           neighbor       here            hear             worst
                              Feb. 16-20 (No Friday)
                    (More commonly confused and misspelled words)

  family              without              watch              carry              began
  morning              brought             during                being           begun
  understand           question            since              sense              cents
  however              answer              several            covered
  I’ll                 I’d                 she’d                  does

                                          Feb. 23-27
                                  (Adjectives & Vivid Verbs)

   smooth             incredible           massive           powerful                rapid
   precious           difficult            scrawny           tasty                   hideous
   weary              drowsy               outrageous        magnificent             elegant
   beautiful          scary                disappointed       nervous                elated
   adorable            glistening            floating         deplore                despise
   cherish            admire                whisper          trudge                  search

                                       March 2-6
                                     No Homework
                               TAKS Writing Test on Tuesday

                                            March 9-13
                                             (Unit 10)
stare    starve       stairs      hairy       dairy    weird         scarce      heart         air

scarf    alarm        year        spear       square      cheer          gear    sharp         chair

charm      beard      spare       charge      large       near       scare

                                    ***Challenge Words
                   awareness       weary   startle barnacle                 marvel
                                    March 16-20 (Spring Break)
                                           No Spelling

                                               March 23-27
                                                (Unit 14)

sugar        shower       ladder      cellar      suffer       collar    bitter       beggar

chapter      enter        sailor      motor       doctor       labor     daughter     weather

harbor       proper       favor       temper       feather     summer center neighbor            dollar

                                       ***Challenge Words
                       anchor        schooner   stellar solar             lunar

                                         March 30-April 3
                                            (Unit 20)
  chance             change         cottage   lodge    bridge             page        nice

  twice              village        cabbage       dodge        ridge      cage         place

  fence              glance        manage         since        edge       carry       huge

  strange            judge          damage        marriage

                                        ***Challenge Words
                 average          fleece    fragrance excellence             fringe

                                April 6-10 (No Friday) (Unit 27)
         visit        cousin     prison     busy      talent   exact               limit       cover

        seven        robin         cabin        planet       salad      magic      travel      would

            finish       modern       oven         punish       habit      never      magician
                                       orange      ever         second

                                       ***Challenge Words
                      pheasant        vivid       jealous      quiver     hazard
                                          April 13-17 (Unit 9)
 bounce       sauce         cause      always    jaw     dawn             drawn       couch      pound

 couple       gown          howl       frown        shout      south     aloud        clown      sound

 scout        false         proud     mount         walk       lawn       loud

                                         ***Challenge Words
                            prowl      pounce   scrawny   gnaw                   doubt

                                             April 20-24(Unit 11)

chore        score       horse         course       board       earn       burn          third   storm

search       firm        dirty         cure        world       learn       hurt          work    thirteen

curve        pure        worm          worn         curl       shirt      first

                                        ***Challenge Words
                    foreign       enormous   thoroughbred  hurdle                   earnest

                                        April 27-May 1(Unit 29)
    whether          achieve        afraid     asleep    agree              rocket          pocket

    bother            bucket        package       chicken      gather       declare         machine

    secret          other           apron         ticket       degree       nothing         between

    teacher          helper         farmer        rather

                                          ***Challenge Words
                        reflect       descent   abrupt  vibrate             method

May 4-8             (Unit 23)
  danger       member             lumber       master       hollow      arrow       pillow       borrow

  seldom       compose           carpet        thirty      bottom       army        current      canyon

  plastic      organ              engine       garbage      sudden      follow      enjoy        happen

                                        ***Challenge Words
                       venture       submerge   vessel  eddy                challenge
                                        May 11-15 (Unit 26)
 reason     season       frozen         stolen  chosen    pilot       paper      tiger        tiny

 spider     silent           tuna       music   pupil      human       navy      female

 moment     fever            basic      bird    once       knew      straight    through

                                         ***Challenge Words
                     radar           license   feature  waver         diesel

                                        May 18-22(Unit 31)
ocean     police       palace         become below       belong       depend         defend

today     figure      parent          siren     award      relate      exit          polite

open      event       delay           clever    before     away        alive     begin        giraffe

                                       ***Challenge Words
                        alert         peril marine    rival         cadet

                                   May 25-29
                     (No Monday, plus Th & Fri are ½ days)
                        No Spelling Homework this week.
              (Unit 32) NOT for Homework. Just in class review.
diner     dinner    eager    fancy     alone     amaze     minute                        narrow

divide    famous         corner         wagon     silver    capture         nature       reward

shelter    office       parade          bacon     again     enough          market       pencil


                                     ***Challenge Words
                   prairie       corral  frontier  stampede            sheriff

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