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Offsetting carbon emissions arising from the IUCN World Conservation
Congress in Barcelona, October 2008
In an effort to make the Barcelona Congress a carbon neutral event, the organizers are making a call to all
IUCN members and partners to propose one or more projects from which certified carbon offsets can be
purchased after the event.

Background –

         IUCN is making every effort to ensure that the IUCN World Conservation Congress is an environment-
friendly and sustainable event by minimizing our direct and indirect impacts and leaving a positive legacy to the
city of Barcelona. Although many measures are being taken to encourage a more efficient use of resources (e.g
reduction in the use of paper, water, electricity, plastic materials, etc.); the Congress will inevitably generate
greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

         Air travel to and from Barcelona is probably the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions
associated with the Congress. In order to compensate for these and other emissions arising from the event, IUCN
is collecting voluntary contributions from delegates in support of the Barcelona Carbon Offset Fund (BCOF). In
addition, IUCN will offset the emissions generated by staff, Council members and sponsored delegates.

          When registering, participants are invited to pay an offset fee for their travel and participation in the
Congress. The fee is based upon the market price for premium carbon offsets, and on an estimate of average
GHG emissions both on-site and arising from return air travel to Barcelona from different parts of the world. In an
effort to simplify the process, the organizers propose a short-haul fee of €15 for delegates traveling from Europe
or the Mediterranean, or a long-haul fee of €45 for delegates traveling from other regions.

        A similar plan was implemented to offset almost 4000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, based on
voluntary contributions from about one-third of delegates during the 2004 Bangkok Congress. The funds collected
in Bangkok were used to buy offsets from Carbon Neutral in two offset projects in India (wind power and
cogeneration ).

       Assuming a level of participation and attendance in Barcelona slightly higher than that of the 2004
Congress, the organizers anticipate the purchase of approximately 5’000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent following the
       Proposals are being sought from IUCN members and partners for suitable offset projects.

    For a description of the project, see:
    For a description of the project, see:
Submitting a proposal –

        To be eligible for consideration by the Congress Executive Committee, the project must be approved by
an accredited 3 party under an internationally accepted standard, such as:
             -   Clean Development Mechanism of the UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol
             -   Voluntary Carbon Standard
             -   VER+
             -   Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)
             -   Voluntary Offset Standard (VOS)
             -   Climate Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB)
             -   Plan Vivo

Beyond the eligibility criterion, preference will be given to projects that:

        -    demonstrate ‘additionality’
        -    provide demonstrable biodiversity benefits
        -    make a demonstrable contribution to poverty reduction
        -    are compliant with the Climate Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standards
        -    provide good ‘value-for-money’
        -    are located in the Mediterranean region

Proposals should be submitted by email to the Barcelona Congress Executive Committee at by no later than 15 July 2008 and need to be submitted following the attached
template. Each proposal should contain:

        -    a description (~200 words) of the project, including the project name, location, partners, and contact
             details of the project manager
        -    an accredited validation report of compliance with an internationally approved certification standard
        -    an estimation of emissions reductions generated by project (expressed in tonnes of CO2 equivalent),
             including a quote on the price per tonne of CO2 equivalent (expressed in €)
        -    a timeline for the project
        -    one or more photos of the project area

  For more information, see :
  For more information, see :
  For more information, see ;
  For more information, see ;
  For more information, see ;
  For more information, see ;
  For more information, see:
Proposal for the Barcelona Carbon Offset Fund

Contact details
Name of the Organization
Membership number of the organization (if applicable)
Name of the offset project contact person
Email of the offset project contact person
Phone number of the contact person

Information on the project
Name of the offset project
Location of the offset project
Name(s) of project partner(s)
Description of the project (max 200 words)
Estimated timeline of the project
How many tonnes of CO2 equivalent will this project be able to compensate (estimation)?   (tonnes of CO2
Estimated per tonne price of offsets (Euros)

Please attach an accredited validation report of compliance with an internationally approved certification
                      standard and one or more digital photos of the project area.

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