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					Greeting to the GPDD group,

I’m Dr. Michel A. Pean, and I am the Secretary of State for the inclusion of persons with disabilities
(Secrétairerie d’Etat à l’Intégration des Personnes Handicapées) and the National Coordinator of the
Haitian Society for the support of people with visual impairment (SHAA).

I have received information that there are concerns about the involvement of DPOs, the Haitian
government and persons with disabilities in relation to the emergency response and recovery efforts in
Haiti. I greatly appreciate the advocacy effort made to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities in
this process.

As a person with disability myself, I would like to share some information on the actual situation here in
Haiti. In Haiti, the Secretary of State for the inclusion of persons with disabilities is responsible to ensure
inclusion of persons with disabilities within all the government policies and ministries; the Secretary has
a team of 40 people to achieve this objective.

During this emergency time, the Secretary has an expanded role to spearhead all activities related to
disability whether it concerns persons with existing disabilities or those with new impairments as a
result of the earthquake.

There are two main networks of DPOs and local organisations working with/for persons with disabilities
in Haiti that encompass approximately 45 DPOs. Most of the DPOs have lost structures or members
during the earthquake, but are actively tracking their members and linking them to available services
and recovery efforts. For example, the Haitienne Society for support of people with visual impairment
has already done a few food and non food items distributions towards their members.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the international community and your offers of material and
human resources support. As you can imagine coordinating all of this goodwill is a challenge for our
government. To help with the task of understanding who is doing what the government is working
closely with Handicap International and CBM in establishing and strengthening a working group to help
coordinate the activities related to injuries, rehabilitation and broader disability issues.

I would like to invite you to join us. Please send us any questions and inform us of your offers for
support. We are working hard to identify the needs in our country and will share that with you as soon
as possible.

We thank you for your dedication to Haiti and please send all your comments and questions to:
readaptationhaiti@gmail.com with a Cc. - to shaveugles@yahoo.com;                 info@seiph.gouv.ht;

Sincerly yours

Dr. Michel A. PEAN
Secretairy of State