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									                         “O Sacrament Most Holy, O Sacrament Divine! All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!”

                                                   A publication of Apostles of the Real Presence
                        Volume 3                Consecrated to Mary, Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament            Issue 5: 2002
“Just as the sun is
the source of all
energy        and
warmth, so is the
B l e s s e d
Sacrament       the
                         John Paul II, Apostolic Letter
                            “Tertio Millennio Adveniente”
source of all grace                                                                                 and Peaceful New Year to all.
and love.”                        November 10, 1994                                                 We thank our many spiritual ad-
                                                                                                    visors, supporters, contributors,
                            The redeeming mystery of                                                volunteers, prayer warriors, and
   The goal 0f this                                                                                 most especially God for blessing
  newsletter and our     Christ, which began in the Virgin                                          this apostolate as we strive to
     Apostolate,         Mary's womb and was fully                                                  make Jesus Christ known, loved
   Apostles of the                                                                                  and adored in His Real Presence
                         manifested on the Cross, pervades                                          in the Most Blessed Sacrament. "
   Real Presence, is
                         the w h o l e o f hi s to ry a n d
 to make Jesus Christ
 Known, Loved, and
                         c o nse c ra tes h um a ni ty f ro m
                                                                                      SEMINARIANS SEEK JESUS AT
    Adored in the        generation to generation. Jesus'
 Blessed Sacrament.      Pasch is truly a historical event                        # OUR LADY OF PROVIDENCE
                                                                                  VOCATIONS INCREASE WITH ADORATION
                         that has everlasting effectiveness.
                         Every time we celebrate the                              # “Vocations have increased by 100%
                                                                                   since the offering of our Thursday
                         Eucharist we draw from the                               #Adoration Program at Our Lady of
                Page     redemption that springs from the                         #Providence Seminary,” in Providence,
                                                                                  #reports Vocations Recruiter Rev.
John Paul II,
“Tertio Millennio        Lord's death and resurrection,                            Marcel L. Taillon, S.T.L. “Every Thursday
Adveniente”………1          until he will come again. This
                                                                                  #from noon to 5 pm, seminarians, priests,
VOCATIONS                testifies to the fact that God is with
                                                                                  # other adorers come before Jesus in
INCREASE WITH                                                                      the Blessed Sacrament to pray for voca-
ADORATION…...……1                                                                  #
                         us, for us, and for all: "In the                          tions to the priesthood in the Diocese of
Early Church                                                                      #Providence, and Jesus has answered our
                         sacrament of the Eucharist the
Fathers, The                                                                      #prayers,” Fr. Taillon added.
Real Presence,           Saviour, who took flesh in Mary's
And A Miracle…….2                                                                      “In 1997, there was one seminarian at
                         womb 20 centuries ago, continues                           Our Lady of Providence Seminary and
“Apostles” News
and “Apostles”           to offer himself to humanity as the                        the diocese was questioning whether or
Crossword..……….3                                                                    not to keep it open. Bishop Robert E.
                         source of divine life."                                    Mulvee decided to begin Eucharistic
Karol Cardinal                                                                      Adoration at the Seminary chapel
Wojtyla “The Word
                                                                                    in 1997. In 1998, we had seven men
Made Flesh, The
Meaning of                                     !                                    interested in studying for the priesthood
the Christmas                                                                       on the college level. Today, we have had
Season”…………...3                                                                     a 100% increase and have 14 men living
                             “How fortunate we are to be able to
Spiritual Corner.4       share, through the Eucharist, the                          at the Seminary. The number of people
                         happiness of Mary, of the Magi, and of                     praying for Vocations continues to grow
Eucharistic                                                                         and I cannot help but believe that there is
Teachings……...4          the first disciples who offered gifts to
                                                                                    a direct connection between their
                         Jesus Christ! In the Eucharist we still have
                                                                                    prayers and the best year for vocations
                         the poverty of Bethlehem. Oh! Yes! All                     that we have had in this Diocese since
  Website: www.          the good things of grace and of glory                      1970,” declares Fr. Taillon.
 ApostlesOfTheReal       come to us through the divine Eucharist.
                         Their fountainhead is at Bethlehem, which                     Our Lady of Providence Seminary is
Info@ApostlesOfThe       became a heaven of love; they increased                    located at 485 Mount Pleasant Avenue       all through the life of the Savior; and all                in Providence and Adoration is offered
                         these rivers of grace, virtue, and merit                   in the Seminary chapel. For more
    Apostles of
 the Real Presence       empty into the ocean of this adorable                      information, visit the Seminary website
     PO Box 8260         sacrament . . . .” "                                       at: or you may
  Cranston RI 02920                                                                 telephone (401) 831-8011. "
    (401) 943-4171                       -St. Peter Julian Eymard
 Page 2      Vol. 3: Issue 5                                                                           “Real Presence”
                 St. Cyril of Jerusalem                     THE REAL PRESENCE = JESUS CHRIST,
           Lecture XXII. (On the Mysteries. IV.)             BODY, BLOOD, SOUL AND DIVINITY
        On the Body and Blood of Christ, (A.D. 386)
                                                               St. Clement of Alexandria,
        In one of his many catechetical
     discourses, St. Cyril explained how at Mass                The instructor of Children [1, 6, 41, 3]
                                                                              202 A.D.:
     both the living and dead are remembered,
     and how the Eucharistic Sacrifice of our                   When the loving and benevolent
     Lord is of benefit to sinners, living and               Father had rained down the Word, that
     dead. ! #
                                                             Word      then   became      the    spiritual
                                                             nourishment of those who have good
                     St. Augustine                           sense. O mystic wonder! The Father of
                                                             all is indeed one, one also is the universal
        "Christ was carried in his own hands                 Word, and the Holy Spirit is one and the
     when, referring to his own body, he said,               same everywhere; and one is the Virgin
     ‘This is my body’ [Matt. 26:26]. For he                 Mother. I love to call her the Church. . . .
     carried that body in his hands."
          (Explanations of the Psalms 33:1:10, A.D. 405)        Calling her children about her, she
                                                             nourishes them with holy milk, that is
        "I promised you [new Christians], who have           with the Infant Word. . . . The Word is
     now been baptized, a sermon in which I would            everything to a child: both the Father and
     explain the sacrament of the Lord’s Table . . . .       Mother, both Instructor and Nurse. ‘Eat
     That bread which you see on the altar, having           My Flesh,’ He says, ‘and drink My Blood.’
     been sanctified by the word of God, is the body         The Lord supplies us with these intimate
     of Christ. That chalice, or rather, what is in          nutriments. He delivers over His Flesh,
     that chalice, having been sanctified by the             and pours out His Blood; and nothing is
     word of God, is the blood of Christ."                   lacking for the growth of His Children.
                               (Sermons 227, A.D. 411) !#    O incredible mystery! "##

                     EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE                       Devotion to Blessed Imelda began and in the
                               Bologna, 1333                early 1900s a community of Dominicans was
                                                            started called the Dominican Sisters of the
                        This miracle took place in 1333     Blessed Imelda. They strive to spread love
                    in Bologna, Italy. A pious young        for the Eucharist and encourage Perpetual
                    girl of eleven had a burning desire     Adoration.
                    to receive Our Lord in the
                    Eucharist. Imelda Lambertini was           Blessed Imelda’s incorrupt body lies in the
                    born of wealth and her father was       church of San Sigismondo near the University
                    Count Eagno Lambertini.         She     of Bologna. Pope St. Pius X named her
                    entered the Dominican Convent at        Protectress of First Holy Communicants.
 Blessed Imelda     age nine and was loved by the           O Lord, let us die to You daily and receive You
   Lambertini       older nuns.                             in the Eucharist as if it were our last. Let us
                                                            also become as little children, having that
    The Lord gave her a special gift on the Feast           innocent love and complete childlike trust in
 of the Ascension in 1333. While praying, a Host            Your love and mercy.
 appeared suspended in mid-air in front of her.
 The priest was called and he gave her Holy                    With permission of Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy
                                                             ( as adapted with permission
 Communion. She went into ecstasy and never                         from personal communication and literature from
 awakened. She died while receiving her First                     Rev. Don Giulo Melaguti, Rettore di S. Sigismondo,
                                                                          Via S. Sigismondo 7, Bologna, Italy.
 Holy Communion!

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“Real Presence”                                                                                 Vol. 3: Issue 5 Page 3

   “Real Presence”                      Karol Cardinal Wojtyla
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                                    divided among you at your                     "Since we decided to have the
      “O Sacrament                  Christmas Eve supper. This bread              daily Eucharistic Holy Hour in
       Most Holy,                   and the wine that I shall take from           19 63, something beautif ul
   O Sacrament Divine,              your hands will be transformed,               happened in our society - our love
                                    through the power of the words of             for Jesus has become more
      All Praise and                consecration, into the Body and               intimate; our love for one another
    All Thanksgiving                Blood of the Son of God. May he be            more understanding; and our
Be Every Moment Thine.”             born again at midnight from our               love for the poor more
                                    bread and wine; from our love, faith,         compassionate; and we have also
                                    and community; from the good                  more then doubled the number of
               !                    wishes we exchange; from our aspi-            vocations!" "
SPIRITUAL ADVISORS                  rations; and from the undeniably
                                    just request finally to be permitted
 Most Rev. George H. Pearce         to build a house of God here.
  Rev. Msgr. John C. Allard                                                          St. Peter Julian Eymard
   Rev. Joseph P. Heaney               It is from all of this, under the           (Notes from the Great Retreat of
   Rev. Peter J. Andrews            form of bread and wine, that Jesus                      Rome, 1865)
  Rev. Richard A. Donnelly          Christ will be born.        We shall
    Rev. John D. Dreher             welcome him, as always, with faith              "There, now, I have found the
     Rev. John A. Kiley                                                           whole secret of it: the unconditional
   Rev. Anthony Mancini             and veneration, with hymns on our
    Rev. Roger L. Marot             lips and with love in our hearts. We          gift of self to the Lord. I made this
   Rev. Joseph F. Pranzo            shall welcome him into our souls in           gift and took an oath on it before
    Rev. John F. Randall            order to live the life that he brings         the Blessed Sacrament at the
    Rev. James Ruggieri             us.                                           consecration; my tears ratified it.
  Rev. Michael J. Woolley                                                         At Communion, I placed my heart--
                                       I join my best wishes, my dear

                                    brothers and sisters, . . . to the            in the act of giving itself---in the
                                    much greater one of the whole                 ciborium that it might itself become
  President                         community that you may at last                a ciborium. Jesus wants to be my
        Jon S. Foster               have a house in which Christ can be           Raphael, my means, my center. I
  Vice-President                    born.” "                                      shall renew my gift of self with my
        Lee Grossi                                   —24 December 1976            every breath. I now feel that I was
  Secretary-Treasurer                                                             fleeing from this divine servitude,
        Kathleen E. Foster          (Excerpt taken from “The Word Made            that I wanted to choose what I
  Webmaster                         Flesh, The Meaning of the Christmas           should give and to hold fast to my
                                    Season.” Cardinal Wojtyla, was celebrat-
        Ari T. Foster               ing an open-air Mass in the parish of Howa    ego. Totus tuus (My God, You are
                                    Huta. He supported the inhabitants of this    all mine and I am all Yours); but no
               !#                   huge industrial suburb in their struggle to   pilfering! This morning's
                 #                  obtain a church. Eventually this hope was     meditation is fundamental: I am the
 This newsletter is given without   fulfilled, and as pope he visited the
 charge, however, donations are     church, which had been built in large part
                                                                                  servant of Jesus Christ." "
 most welcomed. Thank you. !
                                    by the workers themselves.)

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“Real Presence”                                                                          Vol. 3: Issue 5 Page 4

  Jesus spent the whole night in prayer to God…
  He summoned his disciples and picked out twelve of them. — Luke 6:12
     “Christian sensitivity is dependent on prayer. Without prayer deception is inevitable in a matter of
  such importance. Decisions require prayer; decisions of magnitude require sustained prayer. Jesus
  himself gives us the example. Before calling his disciples and selecting the twelve, Jesus passed the night,
  on the mountain, in communion with his Father. For Jesus, prayer to his Father meant not only light
  and strength. It also meant confidence, trust, and joy that came to him in prayer. The measure of the
  Church's joy in any age is in proportion to her prayer. The gauge of her strength and the condition for
  her confidence are fidelity to prayer. The mysteries of Christ are disclosed to those who approach him
  in prayer. The full application of the Second Vatican Council will forever be conditioned by
  perseverance in prayer. The great strides made by the laity of the Church in realizing how much they
  belong to the Church, how much they are the Church, can be explained in the last analysis only by grace
  and its acceptance in prayer.” !
                                                                     —Pope John Paul II

                “COULD YOU NOT WATCH ONE HOUR WITH ME?” (Mt. 26:40)

  ST. PETER JULIAN EYMARD . . . In His Own Words                                       ON EUCHARISTIC
    “Christ is a lovely feast. We always greet it with joy. Our love gives it
  a new life, and the Eucharist is its continuation. Bethlehem and the                    “How great is
  Cenacle are inseparably linked together; they complete each other ...
                                                                                           the value of
                                                                                        conversation with
  The Eucharist was sown at Bethlehem. What is the Eucharist but "the                      Christ in the
  wheat of the elect" and "the living bread." Now wheat must be sown. It                Blessed Sacrament.
  must fall into the soil, and spring up, and ripen, and be harvested, and               There is nothing
  be ground before it can be made into bread. This heavenly wheat was,                  more consoling on
  as it were, sown at Bethlehem, "the house of bread." When Jesus was                  earth, nothing more
  born on the straw of the table, the word was preparing his Eucharist,                    powerful for
  which he considered the complement of all his other mysteries. He                    advancing along the
  was coming to be united to us.                                                        road of holiness.”
    The Eucharist is the life of the people. The Eucharist gives them a                   - Pope John Paul II
  center of life. All can come together without the barriers of race or

  language. ... It gives them a law of life, that of charity, of which it is the
  source; thus it forges between them a common bond, a Christian
  kingship. All eat the same bread, all are table companions of Jesus                     Eucharistic
  Christ who supernaturally creates among them a feeling of together-                    Teaching Aids
  ness. Read the Acts of the Apostles. It states that the whole
  community of the first Christians, converted Jews and baptized                           Be sure to view our
                                                                                              new website:
  pagans, belonging to different regions, "Had but one heart and one
  soul." (4:32). Why? Because they were attentive to the teaching of the       
  apostles and faithful in sharing in the breaking of the bread (2:42).
                                                                                        There you will find
                                                                                        twelve teachings of the
  In May 1868, Saint Peter Julian Eymard wrote to Mme. Lepage:                          Catholic Church, such
     In your last letter, you were telling me that you no longer feel any               as: the Real Presence of
   consolation in your devotions. … Now is the time to serve God for God's              Jesus in the Eucharist,
   sake by the faithfulness and dedication that come from love. ... Never               the significance of the
   give up daily Communion. That would be like giving up your place at the              Mass, developing a
   family feast of God's children. In this matter, we shouldn't consider our            personal relationship
   unworthiness, nor our dryness, but rather ... the loving invitation of our           with         Jesus,
   good Master and the company of our dear mother Mary. !
                                                                                        confession and much

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