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					                          SNAP-Ed Connection

                                             B U L L E T I N
                         Volume 4, Issue 1                                                                         Spring 2010

Inside this issue:       Introducing LetsMove.gov
                         In the midst of an epic            our nation’s youth.           A part
Introducing          1   snowstorm in Washington,                                         of this
LetsMove.gov             DC, First Lady Michelle            The Let’s Move initiative     multi-
                         Obama launched a lofty new         focuses on four key           faceted initiative and in
                         initiative also of monumental      components:                   conjunction with the First
                         proportions. With the              1. Help parents make          Lady’s announcement, was
SNAP-Ed              1   intended goal of eliminating                                     the launch of the new Web
                                                                healthy choices
Connection is on         the childhood obesity epi-                                       site: www.LetsMove.gov.
                         demic in a single generation,      2. Serve healthier food in
Twitter                  Let’s Move! is a nationwide            schools
                                                                                          LetsMove.gov is designed to
                                                                                          be a central location for
                         campaign that joins Federal        3. Improve access and         those interested in and in-
                         Government agencies, teach-            affordability of healthy  volved with the campaign;
Wave II              2   ers, medical professionals             food                      providing access to helpful
Demonstration            and parents in a coordinated                                     information on each of the
                         effort to encourage exercise       4. Increase physical activity
Projects Selected        and healthy eating among
                                                                                          four components and
                                                                                                        (Continued on Page 2)

Eat Right When       2                                      Welcome New SNAP–Ed Staff!
Money’s Tight in               Usha Kalro and Gerry Howell joined the SNAP-Ed nutrition staff in March, 2010. Both
Spanish                        Nutritionists previously worked in FNS headquarters positions. Usha previously worked
                                in the Office of Strategic Initiatives, Partnerships, and Outreach, and Gerry previously
                                    worked in the Nutrition Education and Technical Branch of the School Nutrition
Know Your Farmer,    3                                                    Program.
Know Your Food           SNAP-Ed Connection is on Twitter!
Nutrition            3                  In October          followers, inclusion on 11 lists,   the latest nutrition happen-
                                        2009, the           and regular Twitter updates.        ings in the Federal Govern-
Assistance                              SNAP-Ed Con-        Joining the Twitter network has     ment. Many of our tweets
                                        nection             allowed us to network and com-      link back to new or timely
Resource Guide                          stepped into        municate more closely with nu-      resources on our Web site
and Supplement                          the social me-      trition educators who are also on   but we also link to other rele-
                         dia world with our first “tweet”   Twitter. Since Twitter updates,     vant online Government
                         on Twitter, an online informa-     or “tweets” go out in real-time,    health and nutrition initia-
                         tion networking tool.              this tool allows us to keep our     tives. Using Twitter has
Recipe Highlight:    4                                      audience, or “followers” in-        been a positive experience
                         “Happy New (fiscal) Year!
Broccoli Salad           We're looking forward to be-
                                                            formed of the latest SNAP-Ed        and we look forward to con-
                                                            news and resources. Tweets          tinuing to enhance and grow
                         coming more active on Twit-
                                                            generally include timely and use-   our social media presence,
                         ter and connecting with you
                                                            ful bits of information that can    both on Twitter and in other
                         all!”                              be helpful in program and           outlets. Follow the SNAP-Ed
                         From this humble beginning,        budget planning, gathering ma-      Connection at:
                         our Twitter presence has           terials for nutrition classes and   http://twitter.com/SNAP_Ed.
                         grown to include over 100          curricula, and keeping up with
Page 2                                                                                                     SNAP-Ed Connection Bulletin

Lets’s Move (continued from Page 1) Wave II Demonstration Projects Selected
                                                    FNS is excited to announce the Dem-        trial using pre-intervention, post-
                                                    onstration Projects selected for Wave II   intervention and follow-up measure-
                                                    of the Models of SNAP-Ed and Evalua-       ment of fruit and vegetable consump-
                                                    tion study! The selection process was      tion. Measurement will be conducted,
                                                    challenging as meritorious applications    in part, by photographic plate waste
                                                    were received from almost every FNS        assessment.
                                                    Region. Nonetheless, the Demonstra-
                                                    tion Project Proposal Review Commit-       The Michigan State University: The
                                                    tee felt that the following projects       Michigan State University Extension
                                                    could be successful while remaining        Service will administer the “Eat Smart,
regular updates on how the Federal Govern-          replicable, evaluable and consistent       Live Strong” nutrition education pro-
ment is doing towards reaching its goal.            with SNAP-Ed Guidance.                     gram for older Americans in 8 Michigan
                                                                                               counties of which approximately two-
                                                    The Iowa Nutrition Network/Iowa De-        thirds are rural. The self-evaluation
The LetsMove.gov Web site is well designed,         partment of Public Health: The Iowa        component involves the pairing of 24
easy to navigate and packed with resources          Nutrition Network (INN) will use its       senior centers and subsequent ran-
and links to information about eating healthy       BASICS program and Pick a Better           dom assignment to experimental con-
(including a link to the SNAP-Ed Connection         Snack campaign “to test the hypothe- dition. At both treatment and control
Recipe Finder database), healthy schools, and       sis that nutrition education delivered     sites, pre-intervention and post-
physical activity. There is a place to join the     through a multi-channel approach will intervention measurements of fruit and
campaign and sign up for email updates, and         produce better results than one limited vegetable consumption will be made.
a section specifically for kids with links to ac-   to school-based channels.”
tivity books, games, videos, and posters. A                                                    These three, new Wave II Demonstra-
blog on the Web site features posts from the         The University of Kentucky: The           tion Projects join with the Chickasaw
First Lady and members of the Let’s Move            University of Kentucky Extension           Nation Nutrition Service, the University
taskforce, including the Secretary of Health,       Service is modifying its Literacy, Eating of Nevada at Reno, the New York State
the Secretary of Agriculture, and the Secretary     and Activity for Preschoolers (LEAP I) to Department of Health, and the
of Education. LetsMove.gov is also plugged in       be suitable for first and third graders in Pennsylvania State University in our
to social networking and is on both Facebook        two rural, Appalachian school districts. continuing effort to identify effective
and YouTube.                                        The University of Kentucky self-           and innovative SNAP-Ed nutrition edu-
                                                    evaluation will be a randomized control cation programs and self-evaluation

The SNAP-Ed Connection is excited about the
efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama to com-        Now in Spanish: Eat Right When Money’s Tight
bat childhood obesity and the new Let’s
Move! initiative and Web site. The Web site is      In December 2008, Food and Nutrition Service released Eat Right When
constantly evolving and promises new infor-         Money’s Tight in response to the tough times many families were having in
mation almost every day. We look forward to         making ends meet. This tip sheet provides information on how to shop for a
working alongside the campaign and encour-          nutritious diet while on a low-income budget.
age SNAP-Ed providers to visit the Web site         While the response to Eat Right When Money’s Tight from SNAP-Ed providers
and sign up for email updates.                      was favorable, numerous requests were made to have the document available
                                                    in Spanish. You asked and we delivered. We are pleased to announce that in
                                                    February 2010, the Eat Right When Money’s Tight became available in Spanish
                                                    on our Web site.
                                                    The Eat Right When Money’s Tight tip sheet can be found on the SNAP-Ed Con-
SNAP-Ed Connection Team                             nection Web site, along with a collection of other resources to help SNAP-Ed
Gina Hundley Gomez, RD                              participants eat well on a budget. A direct link to each of these resources can
Rachel Tobin, MS, RD                                be found below:
Food and Nutrition Service Partners
Alice Lockett, MS, RD, LD
Usha Kalro, MS, RD, LD
Gerry Howell, MS, RD
Volume 4, Issue 1                                                                                                                       Page 3

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
Think about what you had for breakfast this morning. Perhaps        Web site is filled
some eggs, cereal or yogurt. What do you know about it?             with information,
Where did it come from? How did it get to your plate? For           links and inspir-
many Americans, the answer is a mystery.                            ing stories about
                                                                    projects going on around the country.
The USDA would like people to be more connected to their food.
As a result, Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan         The KYF2 Web site features a variety of social media tools to
launched a new initiative last fall called Know Your Farmer,        engage and connect audiences even more. On Facebook, Secretary
Know Your Food (KYF2) to better link consumers with local pro-      Merrigan has already held two online chats about the initiative.
ducers, shortening the distance between the average Ameri-          Photos can be viewed through Flicker, and streaming video about
can and their farmer. KYF2 is designed to promote sustainable       the program is on YouTube. The initiative can also be followed
local and regional food systems to support local producers,         through Twitter and RSS feeds, and has made an appearance on
strengthen rural communities, promote healthy eating and pro-       the USDA blog. Members of the public are also encouraged to send
tect natural resources.                                             their stories, ideas or videos to KYF2 at knowyourfarmer@usda.gov.
Alongside the KYF2 initiative, a new USDA Web site was              The KYF2 initiative is a result of an inter-agency USDA taskforce
launched: www.usda.gov/knowyourfarmer. The Web site is              working to align existing USDA programs with the needs of local and
intended to promote a national conversation about how to            regional food systems. The initiative will continue to progress and
develop local and regional food systems. Its goal is “to make       grow in the future, to keep up with the latest information and
clear USDA’s available resources so that you can make a             resources available and determine new ways to advance sustain-
change in your community, whether you’re a farmer or a              able local and regional food systems.
rancher, a school administrator, or a local government.” The

                                                            New Recipes in the Recipe Finder!
                            After almost a year of sorting through, analyzing, and costing recipes, the SNAP-Ed Connection
                            was pleased to announce last fall that we added new recipes and now have over 600 healthy ,
                           low-cost, and delicious recipes in the Recipe Finder Database. All of the new recipes come com-
                              plete with a nutrition facts label, a cost estimate and are available in English and Spanish.

Nutrition Assistance Resource Guide and Supplement
The number of Americans receiving food        program. It also contains educational         The Resource Guide and Supplement can
assistance in the form of SNAP benefits is    resources for individuals struggling to       be accessed from the “Eat Right When
at an all time high.1 With the current        make ends meet, such as the Eat Right         Money’s Tight” section of the SNAP-Ed
economic climate, it seems more people        When Money’s Tight Tip Sheet, the SNAP-       Connection Web site. It is also available
than ever are in need of assistance in        Ed Connection Recipe Finder Database,         from the Food and Nutrition Information
obtaining healthy food. Many people are       the MyPyramid Menu Planner, and               Center Web site. The direct links are
seeking information from the Federal          resources from the SNAP-Ed Connection         listed below.
Government on programs that are avail-        Click and Go section, “Manage Your Food
able to help feed themselves and their                                                      Nutrition Assistance Resource Guide
                                              Dollars Wisely.”
families. In response, the SNAP-Ed                                                          http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/pubs/bibs/
Connection has developed a Nutrition         The Nutrition Assistance Resource Guide        gen/nutritionassistance.pdf
Assistance Resource Guide and                is designed for both professionals working
Supplement for the Food and Nutrition        with individuals in need of food and nutri-    Nutrition Assistance Resource Guide
                                             tion assistance and consumers seeking          Supplement
Information Center of the USDA.
                                             assistance in purchasing food. The             http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/pubs/bibs/
The Nutrition Assistance Resource Guide supplement to the Nutrition Assistance              gen/nutritionassistance-supplement.pdf
includes a list of Federal nutrition assis-  Resource Guide is designed for those
                                                                                            1 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
tance programs, basic eligibility guidelines without access to the Internet and
for each program, and resources to                                                          Participation and Costs http://www.fns.usda.gov/
access more information about the            includes a list of contact phone numbers       pd/SNAPsummary.htm. Accessed 2/17/10.
                                             for State and Indian Tribal Organizations.

                                             Upcoming Conference Calendar
                                             Be sure to save the date for these upcoming events!
   Priester National Extension Health Conference                       Social Marketing in Public Health Conference
   Healthy People, Healthy Communities: Reducing                       Milestones in Social Marketing: Past, Present, & Future
   Health Disparities                                                  June 11—14, 2010
   April 20-22, 2010                                                   Clearwater, FL
   Mobile, AL
                                                The SNAP-Ed Connection is a dynamic online resource
                                                center for State and local SNAP-Ed providers. SNAP-Ed
                                                Connection is funded by USDA's Food and Nutrition
                                                Service (FNS) and maintained at the National
                                                Agricultural Library's Food and Nutrition Information
SNAP-Ed Connection                              Center in collaboration with the University of Maryland.
USDA/ARS National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Ave., Room 105                  The SNAP-Ed Connection, previously titled the Food
Beltsville, MD 20705-2351
                                                Stamp Nutrition Connection, was established in 2001,
Phone: 301-504-5414
Fax: 301-504-6409                               by the United States Department of Agriculture's
TTY: 301-504-6856
E-mail: SNAP-Ed@ars.usda.gov                    (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service with the goal of
                                                helping SNAP-Ed providers find the tools and
Connecting SNAP-Ed providers with
                                                information they need to provide quality nutrition
information and education resources.
                                                education for low-income audiences.

Visit us on the Web!                                   USDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer
http://snap.nal.usda.gov                                                and Provider

                   Recipe Highlight: Broccoli Salad
                   As the weather gets warmer, it’s nice to lighten up your cooking and spend less time
                   in the kitchen. This broccoli salad is easy to make, tastes delicious, and perfect for
                   the spring and summer months ahead!

   Serving Size: 1/8 recipe                  Cost: Per Recipe: $ 3.24
   Yield: 8 servings                         Per Serving: $ 0.42
   6 cups chopped broccoli                   Adapted for the SNAP-Ed Connection
   1 cup raisins                             Recipe Finder from:
   1 medium peeled and diced red onion       Healthy Lifestyles 2003
   2 Tablespoons sugar                       In the Kitchen with Chef Stephanie
   8 cooked and crumbled bacon slices        Green
   (optional)                                Arizona Nutrition Network
   2 Tablespoons lemon juice                 Author:
   3/4 cup mayonnaise, lowfat                Arizona Nutrition Network

   1. Combine all ingredients in a medium
   2. Mix well.
   3. Chill for 1 to 2 hours.
   4. Serve.

                                                                                       *Cost and nutrition analysis does not include
                                                                                       optional bacon slices