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									                                            City of Wichita

                      Request For Proposals (RFP) – FP930009
                                           January 28, 2009

                        THE PROPERTY
              515 S. WATER ST, WICHITA, KANSAS

The City of Wichita is seeking business proposals from for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations
and individuals for use of the Wichita Boathouse property at 515 S. Water Street. Detailed information
                       and proposal requirements are presented in this document.
The building that has been referred to as the Wichita Boathouse (Boathouse) for the past 15 years is
located on the edge of a major downtown redevelopment area known as WaterWalk. When the
boundaries for this public-private partnership were defined, they specifically excluded “Lot 78 River
Addition”, where the Boathouse is located, from being part of the WaterWalk development. However,
the City is responsible for all public improvements serving the WaterWalk development, and some
improvements have had a major impact on the Boathouse site. The construction of a new street removed
the annex that included restrooms and utility connections. As a result, the Boathouse was mothballed in
2005 according to the Federal Guidelines for Mothballing Historic Buildings, and it has been sitting
vacant for about 3 ½ years. The City of Wichita is now seeking proposals for the use of the property.

As part of this RFP process, the City is willing to consider all types of proposals including those that
would update and reuse the existing building, those that would extensively modify the existing building,
and those that would replace the building with a new structure. A wide variety of uses will also be
considered. However, the City reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal based on what the City
Council feels is in the best interest of the City. The City also reserves the right to approve or disapprove
the aesthetic design of all exterior modifications to the facility and/or the site, including the design of a
new replacement structure. While the City is willing to consider either the sale or lease of the building,
the City will not consider selling the land included as the Boathouse property. A complete listing of
Proposal Requirements and Conditions are located in Sections VIII & IX of these specifications.

Although the Boathouse property is specifically excluded from the WaterWalk redevelopment area, its
relationship to WaterWalk creates both opportunities and limitations that must be understood to better
gauge the value of the property for potential new uses. (Ref. WaterWalk Site Plan, Attachment A)
Below are key points in this relationship:

   1. The City owns all the property in the WaterWalk redevelopment area. The WaterWalk
      Developers lease the land on which their new buildings sit for 99 years at $1/year. All land
      between the buildings is reserved for public use, and the City is responsible for developing all
      public improvements and public amenities on that land.

   2. When the City platted WaterWalk Phase 2 Addition, the Boathouse property was included within
      Lot 1 of that WaterWalk Phase 2 Addition.

   3. The WaterWalk development and the Boathouse property are included in a Planned Unit
      Development (PUD #19) and are zoned CBD. As such, the use and development regulations of
      the Central Business District (CBD) govern the PUD except as modified by the listed
      Development Standards which include architectural controls, signage standards and a listing of
      prohibited uses. (Ref. WaterWalk PUD, Attachment B, for specific details)

   4. The Boathouse property, in addition to portions of the WaterWalk development, are in the
      Wichita NDP Urban Renewal Area which identifies the use of the property as
       “Commercial/Central Business District,” the redevelopment of which is subject to the urban
       Renewal Plan.

   5. A parking garage and surface lots southeast of Dewey and Wichita Streets, about 1-1½ blocks
      from the Boathouse, provide about 500 stalls of free public parking. An additional 350 stalls of
      public parking are located in the WaterWalk Place garage, which is about 2 blocks to the east.
      The Hyatt garage, about 1 block to the north, provides paid public parking on a space available
      basis. There is limited on-street parking within the WaterWalk development. There is no plan
      for additional parking to be constructed in WaterWalk at this time.

   6. The Wichita City Council has given final approval to the WaterWalk Master Plan for all Public
      Improvements between Wichita Street and Main Street. However, the Public Improvements
      planned for the area surrounding the south and west sides of the Boathouse property have been
      given only tentative approval pending the City’s final decision regarding the Boathouse property
      that will result from this RFP process. A detailed description of what has been proposed for the
      Public Improvements near the Boathouse are included in Sections VI & VII of these


Located on the east bank of the Arkansas River, the building is a two-story rectangular brick structure
with cast-in-place concrete interior columns and brick masonry exterior walls. There is also a single
story masonry addition to the south. The floors are concrete, and they have been overlaid with
hardwood flooring in the public areas. The roof structure is wood framing over steel trusses. Both
floors are primarily large open spaces with a limited number of conventional sheetrock walls defining
smaller rooms on the perimeter. Windows in the public areas look out to the east, north and west.

A full-length concrete porch has been added to the first floor on the east, north and west sides of the
building. A wood framed porch has been added to the east, north and west sides of the second floor that
matches the porch on the first floor, and the roof has been extended to cover the second floor porch on
all three sides. The addition of white wood columns, wood trim, and wood balustrades on both the first
and second floor porches have created a beautiful and somewhat romantic effect reminiscent of the
verandas from an earlier time.

The total gross area of the building is 13,930 SF, and the large porches that wrap the two floors add
another 6954 SF. Although a survey will have to establish the exact area of the Boathouse site, it is
believed to be approximately 26,500 SF. (Ref. Boathouse Description, Attachment C, for floor plans, a
detailed description and photographs.)

In addition to the Boathouse building, the site also includes a beautiful ocean-racing sailboat, named the
Jayhawk, that is owned and will be retained by the City who will be responsible for its maintenance.
The boat cannot be removed from the Boathouse property, unless the City is given permission to do so
by its doner, Mr. Bill Koch, and the granting of that permission should not be assumed. However the
City does have the right to relocate the Jayhawk on the Boathouse property if necessary.

The original rectangular brick two-story building that is now the Boathouse was completed in 1927.
(Ref. Photograph, Attachment D) It served as an office and warehouse facility for various companies
until 1983 when it was converted into a Senior Services Center, and the additions were added to the
south and east. The City of Wichita acquired the property in 1991.

The Arkansas River Foundation was an organization of private citizens who wanted to create public
activity on the river in downtown Wichita. In 1992, they approached the City about being allowed to
remodel the Senior Services Center into a boathouse. Their concept was to keep the original brick
structure, but to revise the interior and to add extensive balconies and other features to the plain exterior
that were reminiscent of the old Riverside Boathouse that was demolished in the 1960’s. They also
planned to construct a boat storage and launching facility near the water, but those plans were
abandoned. Larry Reynolds was the architect.

Bill Koch offered a substantial financial contribution to assist the Foundation with the cost of
remodeling the building into its current appearance. He also offered to donate the Jayhawk, which was
one of the boats from his successful America’s Cup team, to the Foundation for display on the condition
that it could not be sold, transferred or removed from the site. On 1/26/93, the City Council approved
the resolution affirming the Ark River Foundation’s concept. They entered into a 20-year lease for the
property at $1/year. Rainbow Construction was selected as the General Contractor, and the project was
completed at a cost of about one million dollars.

The Ark River Foundation opened the Boathouse to the public in April 1994, and three years later, in
1997, they approached the City about taking over the facility. The City ultimately agreed to terminate
the lease and take over the property, and the City also agreed to accept the Jayhawk under the terms Mr.
Koch had originally required of the Foundation. On 2/27/98, the Foundation formally surrendered its
lease to the City. Later the Foundation was dissolved. The City then performed about $200,000 of
maintenance, repairs and modifications to the building.

The City operated the Boathouse as a Visitor’s Center, maritime museum and banquet facility from 1998
until the building was closed due to WaterWalk street construction in 2005. The building was
mothballed, and only minor maintenance has been performed as needed since then, most of which was
due to vandalism.


In 2008, the City contracted with the local architectural firm of McCluggage Van Sickle & Perry (MVP)
to identify the scope of work and probable construction costs associated with bringing the Boathouse
back to a proper condition for use in hosting catered events, i.e. wedding receptions, business meetings,
banquets, etc. Of course, the scope of work and the construction costs will vary if the building is to be
reworked to a different level of finish or for a different intended use.

After an extensive evaluation of the facility, MVP reported an estimated cost to prepare the building for
the stated use, including a 15% contingency and A/E fees at 10%, totaling $1,413,386. Contractors who
have reviewed the report have stated that, based on their experience, a total cost of $1 million to $1.2
million may be more accurate. (Ref. Boathouse Refurbishing Feasibility Study, Attachment E)

The area of WaterWalk adjacent to the Boathouse property on the south side is currently bare earth
extending from Water Street to the riverbank. When envisioning potential uses for the Boathouse
property, it is important to understand what Public Improvements the City is considering for this area in
2010. (Ref. Proposed Master Plan and Sketch, Attachment F) Implementation of the Master Plan in its
current form will require the City to relocate the Jayhawk, which, depending on its proposed new
location, may involve possible legal issues that are not fully resolved.

The WaterWalk improvements illustrated in Attachment F have only been given tentative approval by
the City Council with the proviso that no funds can be expended in the area until a separate authorization
is issued by the Council at a later date. The City Council has reserved the right to reconsider the Master
Plan for this area once a final decision on the use of the Boathouse property has been confirmed. This is
being done to insure that the Public Improvements on the WaterWalk property are compatible with
whatever improvements are planned for the Boathouse property. Also, the timing of construction work
on the WaterWalk property may have to be coordinated with whatever construction activities may be
happening on the Boathouse property.

The primary feature of the proposed Master Plan for the area south and west of the Boathouse is a large
pool of water, about 170 feet long (N-S) and 40 feet wide (E-W), located at a height about midway
between the elevation of the sidewalk on the west side of the building and the elevation of the River
Walk below. This pool will only be about 1 foot deep, and it will house a 110 foot long “Waltzing
Waters” computerized fountain with choreographed lights and music.

On the east side of the fountain pond will be a raised stage surrounded by a viewing plaza about 50 feet
deep and 150 feet wide. This plaza will be about 8 feet below the sidewalk level adjacent to the
Boathouse, so the Boathouse property will overlook the plaza, the Waltzing Waters fountain, and the
Arkansas River beyond. Between Wichita Street and the viewing plaza, on the south side of the
Boathouse, will be a beautifully paved walking surface intermingled with trees, water features, planting
beds and other landscaping that gently slopes from the street toward the plaza. From the viewing plaza,
people will be able to go down to the River Walk at either end of the fountain.

As stated above, all the details described in this section are tentative until City Council makes a final
determination regarding the Boathouse property and has given final approval to this portion of the
Master Plan. Changes to the Master Plan are still possible. However, the City has purchased the
Waltzing Waters fountain, taken delivery of the components, and is currently storing them in Wichita.


The final decision as to what will become of the Boathouse will be made by the City Council based on
whatever they believe to be in the best interest of Wichita and its citizens. Therefore, it may be
important for anyone preparing a response to this RFP to be aware of some of the dynamics potentially
involving that facility. Then it will be up to those respondents to decide if any of these dynamics are
worth considering in their proposal. The information is being presented only so that everyone will have
the same level of awareness. There is no way of knowing which, if any, of these issues will become
factors for the Council in accepting or rejecting any proposals that are received.
Listed below are some of the factors related to the Boathouse which may or may not be worthy of
consideration in preparing a proposal in response to this RFP:

   1. The Boathouse in its current form, including the Jayhawk on display close by, has become
      somewhat of an architectural icon for a significant number of people in Wichita, and still others
      have fond memories of weddings and other functions they attended there. For these people,
      “Save the Boathouse” is their rallying cry.

   2. City Government exists to provide public services, but the services provided in any year cannot
      exceed the revenue received. The City of Wichita is bound by State law to live within its
      income, and the annual income is never large enough to provide for all the services the public
      desires. Therefore priorities must be established and choices made, and in a time of economic
      slow-down, the choices become even more difficult. As with most government units, budgets
      for public safety tend to become a higher priority, and budgets for infrastructure and facility
      maintenance tend to become a lower priority. Any request for City funds dedicated to the repair
      and maintenance of the Boathouse will have to compete with other City needs in the budgeting

   3. The City has made a large financial commitment to improving the River Corridor from the work
      already completed at the Keeper of the Plains to work yet to be started north of Kellogg. It has
      also made a large commitment to the WaterWalk public-private partnership, the City’s portion of
      which is scheduled to be completed in 2010. The purpose of these commitments is to improve
      Wichita’s quality of life and stimulate economic development in the downtown area through
      attracting more people, more activities and more private investment. The one place where these
      two large financial commitments come together is on the east bank of the Arkansas River
      adjacent to the Boathouse property, creating an extra incentive for it to be used in a way that
      contributes to the overall goals.

   4. The City’s investment in the River Corridor and WaterWalk projects is being largely financed by
      bonds that will be repaid through increased property taxes paid on improved properties (Tax
      Increment Financing) and by increased sales tax revenues collected by new businesses (Star
      Bonds). Therefore, it will be a financial advantage to the City if whatever use is made of the
      Boathouse property is such that the property is placed on the tax rolls and it is producing taxable


       The City prefers that all proposals be based on the Property (Building, Land and Site
       Improvements) being in “as-is” condition. A possible exception is the $65,000 insurance
       settlement for hail damage to the Boathouse roof which the City has received. If the successful
       proposal includes saving the Boathouse building, the City will contribute these insurance funds
       to the project. Should a proposal be submitted requesting the City to provide additional financial
       participation, that proposed participation must be clearly defined in the proposal. There is no
       assurance of additional City funds being available.
       The Boathouse building is available for purchase or lease. However, the Boathouse land is
       available for lease only. The City will not consider selling the land.
     The City will consider proposals of all types including those that would reuse the building with
     minimal modifications, reuse the building with major modifications, enlarge the building within
     the site limits, or replace the existing building with a new structure..
     All proposals must be valid for a minimum of 120 days following the closing date of this RFP.
     All proposers must be prepared to provide details of their participation in similar business
     ventures, both past and present, upon request.
     All proposers are subject to a comprehensive background check.
     The City reserves the right to narrow the proposals to a group of “finalists”, and to invite those
     proposers to make an oral presentation with supporting information to a selection committee if it
     is deemed helpful to the selection process.
     The City reserves the right to utilize any concepts or ideas included in any proposal that is
     submitted, whether or not that proposal is selected.
     Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance of the conditions contained in this RFP and an
     agreement to negotiate a contract for the use stated in the proposal.
     The City reserves the right to make an award on the basis of the greatest benefit to the City and is
     not obligated to select a proposal based on price or any other particular consideration.
     The City reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals. The final decision on all proposals
     will be made by the City Council utilizing whatever criteria and/or process they deem
     All proposals become the property of the City and will not be returned.


  1. Proposer’s name, address, telephone number, and contact person(s).
  2. Type of business entity. (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, etc.)
     a. If partnership, provide names of all partners and their percent ownership
     b. If incorporated, provide type of corporation, where incorporated, names of officers, names of
         Board of Directors, names of all stockholders and their percent ownership.
  3. Brief history of proposer’s business entity as it relates to similar projects.
  4. Names of key people who would be directly involved in this project, their qualifications, and
     their relevant experience on similar projects. If their experience was gained through a different
     business entity, provide the name of that business and a contact person.

  5. Detailed outline of the proposed plans for the property including the following:
         Type of tenancy and management objectives for the tenancy
         Terms of lease for the land
         Terms for purchase or lease for the building
         Financial plan for bringing the property into proper condition for the intended use and the
         timetable for doing so.
         Business plan for operating the property
         Financial plan for maintaining the property
  6. If modifications are planned that would significantly change the appearance of the Boathouse
     building, or if a proposal is submitted that would replace the Boathouse with a new building,
     schematic plans and/or sketches are required sufficient to convey that intent.
  7. Written overview of how this proposal will fit well with the WaterWalk development, benefit the
     downtown revitalization effort, and be in the best interest of the citizens of Wichita.
Submit one (1) original and ten (10) copies of your Proposal in response to this RFP to:
      Purchasing Manager
      455 North Main, 12th Floor,
      Wichita, KS 67202

To be considered, all Proposals must be received by the Purchasing Manager no later than
       12:00 Noon on Thursday, February 19, 2009.


A pre-proposal conference will be held at 2:00 PM on Thursday, February 5, 2009, in the
Boathouse at 515 S. Water St. to review requirements contained in the Request for Proposals,
to answer questions, and to make any necessary changes or clarifications. The Pre-Proposal
Conference will conclude with a tour of the building. Attendance is recommended for anyone
considering submitting a proposal.


Direct all questions to:
       Ed Martin, Project Manager
       City of Wichita
       455 N. Main, 8th Floor
       Wichita, KS 67202

       Tel: 316-268-4397
       Fax. 316-858-7500

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