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OAIC Genetics Core Supported Projects Due date: January 16, 2007 The Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions is soliciting proposals from faculty members who seek to utilize resources of the Center’s Genetics Core. The OAIC was funded by NIA in 2002 to support the development of interdisciplinary research working groups from across the institution in order to identify causes and develop treatments for the syndrome of frailty in older adults. The Genetics Core was established to provide resources for study design, genotyping and for genetic epidemiological analyses for studies related to the etiology of frailty. Resources available in this Core are specifically targeted to support studies initiated by junior investigators. The Genetics Core can help in the development of hypotheses related to frailty and aging. It will do so by providing infrastructure and human resources necessary to implement new projects in preexisting cohort studies with DNA samples already collected. It also provides resources for those studies with DNA and clinical data in order to help refine phenotypes specific to frailty. Examples of studies that would be eligible for further frailty study development include family and sibling studies with longevity or aging related phenotypes, or large cohort studies with data related to sub-phenotypes of frailty such as muscle strength, inflammation, oxidative stress, mild cognitive impairment, cardiovascular dysfunction, among others, for use in cross-sectional and longitudinal association studies. In addition, proposals seeking to test frailty related hypotheses on mitochondrial function, gene and protein expression, and epigenetics in human and tissues will be considered. Proposals should include hypotheses, specific aims and rationale, requested resources, time-line, and a clear description of the available study samples including phenotypes previously measured, amount and quality of DNA collected and previous genetic studies that have been performed on these samples. Please also refer to the Submission Guidelines on the website (address below). Proposals should be no more than five pages and are due by January 16, 2007. Those deemed meritorious will be followed up by subsequent interviews. Final selection and notification of funding is targeted for March 1, 2007, and funding will begin July 1, 2007. The proposal should be submitted via email to OAIC Administrator, Mr. Brian Buta, at For background information on frailty, please refer to the posted bibliography on the website. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the appropriateness of proposed scientific goals. Please contact any of the Core Directors listed below for further information. Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD, Genetics Core Leader; Dani Fallin, PhD, Genetics Core, Genetic Epidemiology Director; Jeremy Walston, MD, Genetics Core Clinical Director; Website address:

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