2009-2010 School Advisory Council Training Worksheet Answers by uzr27298


									                              2009-2010 School Advisory Council
                                 Training Worksheet Answers

     1. School Advisory Councils are mandated by Florida State Legislature. (inside cover)

     2. 51% of the Council must be persons not employed by the school district. (pg 2)

     3. SAC represents the socio-economical makeup of the Student /School Community population. (inside cover)

     4. The principal is a member of the SAC and has 1 vote. (inside cover)

     5. I was elected to the SAC on _________________________________________.

     6. Two reports that SAC members use to determine School Improvement Plan goals and objectives are School
     Grade and AYP. (pg 7)

     7. The four subjects used to calculate your school grade are Reading , Math, Writing and. Science. (pg 7)

     8. The principal facilitates an election process that creates a balanced SAC. (pg 3)

     9. The School Board approves School Advisory Council memberships and School Improvement Plans. (pg 6)

     10. A majority of the listed members constitutes a quorum and must be present for a vote to be taken. (pg 4)

     11. Members are required to receive 3 days advance notice in writing on any agenda item that will come up for
     a vote. (pg 4)

     12. Members are replaced if they miss 2 consecutive meetings without an excuse. (pg 4)

     13. SAC members must vote on District Discretionary Lottery Funds, School Recognition Funds and Five Star
     Schools. (pg 5)

     14. SAC members receive a(an) agenda and meeting minutes prior to each meeting. (pg 9)

     15. Minutes and the School Improvement Plan are kept for public access. (pg 11)

     16. The public can speak to the SAC if they submit a written request to the chair and principal 7 days prior to
     the meeting. (pg 10)

     17. The membership of a School Advisory Council must reflect the ethnic, racial and social economic
     characteristics of the student population. (pg 2)

     18. Members should expect to be given 2 weeks advance notice of SAC meetings. (pg 9)

     19. Members may not participate in any private communication about issues that are coming up for a vote. (pg

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