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                                       CACFP OVERHEAD COST WORKSHEET

 When programs within an organization share services, CACFP may be charged a reasonable share based
 on a formula approved by the state agency. Allocated costs often include a pool of administrative and
 accounting functions, rent, utilities, trash removal, and etc, which cannot be assigned specifically to one
 program. The two steps below will help to determine allowable CACFP overhead costs.

 1) To determine the percent of space used by CACFP in your building.

 ________ Square feet used for CACFP ÷ ________ Total square feet in building = ________ Percent used to calculate the
                                                                                         overhead costs for CACFP.

 2) To allocate different overhead costs to CACFP, complete the formulas below.

 Category          Cost per Month       X 12 = Annual Cost       CACFP % from above =           CACFP Share



 Trash Removal


                                                                 TOTAL OVERHEAD                 $
                                                                 COST ALLOCATION
                                                                 (Enter on budget—line 9)

                                  SUBMIT THIS WORKSHEET WITH YOUR BUDGET

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