FORM 7--- Application for The Letter of Official Invitation - DOC by mkn16206


									                                           Application for Visa
                                            Deadline: March 20, 2010

      Yes. We would like to require the following services. And for ________ persons applying for their
           visas to China. Total cost in Euro: ____________;

      No. We do not require the following services.

Foreign attendants are required to have an invitation letter from the Chinese Authority for applying visa
for the PRC sponsored events. The invitation letter can be issued by International Cooperation
Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China with the rate of EURO 30 per person or company
(including 5 people). If this service is wanted, please fill in the following form and send us it with total
invitation fee by the deadline. Official letters of invitation can be provided until March 20, 2010 and will
be sent by fax only. Express deliveries by DHL, FEDEX or other forwarding agent can be granted only
to recipients who will pay all shipment charges. Or we may fail to issue the letter to you on time.

 Company Name:                                                              Fax No.:
 Company Address:
 Business Scope:
 Estimated Arrival date in China:                            Duration of Stay in China:
 No.        Full Names of Applicants            Sex     Nationality         Position         Passport Number

Note: if more than 5 persons please copy the form or use extra paper.
Payment is made by T/T to:
  BNF's Name: Beijing Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
  BNF's A/C No.: 11- 080138040000029
  BNF's Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing Branch                 SWIFT Code: ABOCCNBJ010
  Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank AG., Frankfurt, Germany              SWIFT Code: DEUTDEFF
  Note: 1.If the payment is made by bank transfer, please indicate clearly: visa fee and Company Name.
         2.The fee of bank remittance must be borne by the exhibitor.

 Company Name:

 Name of Person In Charge:

 Tel:                                   Fax:                              DATE:

 Please send the above form by email or fax To:
 Contact: Ms. Marry Ma
 Beijing Regalland Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
 Tel:0086-10-64416542 Fax:0086-10-64412631

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