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									                                   Letter of Interest (LOI)
                           National Crime Prevention Centre –Alberta
                                       Funding Call 2008

What is a Letter of Interest?

A Letter of Interest (LOI) is a brief outline of an idea for a crime prevention project that your
organization would like to operate in partnership with other groups, agencies and stakeholders in your
community. The LOI template (attached) and the questions it asks is designed to assist applicants in
providing the basic information necessary for reviewers to select which project ideas will be invited for
further development and funding consideration. Please limit the length of your LOI to 2-3 pages, if

What types of projects are eligible for funding consideration?

Funds are being directed to projects which address specific risk factors and/or strengthen protective
factors in the lives of youth, children and/or families experiencing multiple risk factors related to
criminal behavior. Project ideas selected for further development and funding consideration must also
demonstrate that they have community support; respond to demonstrated needs; and are committed to
applying best practices in selecting and evaluating interventions.

What types of organizations are eligible to apply for funding?

Organizations eligible to apply for funding include but are not limited to non-profit organizations; local
municipal governments, volunteer and service organizations, community-based networks and
coalitions; and First Nation governments and aboriginal organizations. Please note that individuals,
Crown corporations and for-profit private sector organizations are not eligible.

What types of expenditures are eligible for funding?

Eligible expenditures must contribute to the stated objectives of the project. Eligible expenditures
include personnel costs; transportation; office and equipment costs; support services; materials and
supplies; and costs related to project evaluation.

Costs not eligible for funding include expenditures related to activities, programs or services that are
normally carried out as part of an organization’s regular operation or responsibilities; duplication of
programs and services already available in the community; hospitality costs; construction, renovation,
or purchase of buildings; or purchase of land, vehicles or other major capital assets.

Please note that NCPC does not cover 100% of project costs. It is expected that organizations and
community partners will contribute to the cost of the project, either through financial support or
donations of materials, supplies, services and volunteer time. As well, organizations must be prepared
to secure other sources of funding for activities that will continue beyond the end of the project.
What other essential information should your LOI contain?
      Evidence that your idea has committed partners (including local government and community
       policing) and strong community support.
      Evidence that there is a need for the project from a crime prevention perspective.
      Clear objectives.
      A reasonable budget and timelines.

If your LOI is selected for further development, when can you expect to get underway?

We will attempt to process your LOI as quickly as possible. If you are invited to go forward with your
project idea, it may take up to five months to further develop and review proposals, obtain an approval
and process a payment. Your LOI should take this into consideration when you are forecasting the start
and end dates of your project. Please note that any project costs incurred prior to receiving a
formal notice of approval will not be eligible for reimbursement from project funds.

Should your project be selected for further development, the information provided in this document
will assist in the preparation of a full funding application consistent with NCPC funding guidelines.
The National Crime Prevention Centre will contact you to let you know whether your letter of intent
has been selected for further development.

Once you have completed the LOI template, please e-mail or send the completed form to your program


Red Deer through Northern Alberta                   Southern Alberta
Edmonton Office                                     Calgary Office
Leylene Mayes                                       Renée Delorme
(780) 495-3947                                      (403) 299-3879
leylene.mayes@ps-sp.gc.ca                           renee.delorme@ps-sp.gc.ca
                                     LOI TEMPLATE

1. Project Title:

2. Sponsoring Organization:

3. Website:

4. Contact Person:


     Mailing Address:

     Telephone Number:

     Fax Number:

     E-mail Address:

5. This LOI is to be considered under the following funding stream. Please check one.

     a. Implementing Model Programs

                    1. NCPC-recommended Best Practice or Promising Model
                       (Please refer to recommended models outlined in the Call for LOI)
                   2. Applicant-proposed Best Practice or Promising Model
                       (Please refer to recommended models outlined in the Call for LOI)
     b. Innovative or New Programs
        (Please note that models will need to be based on evidence and incorporate research
        findings regarding risk factors that underlie offending behaviour among particular

6. Briefly describe the main project idea
   What do you propose to do; what are the goal and objectives; and which risk and protective
   factors will your project impact?

7. Crime issue:
     a. What crime issue will you focus on (refer to Call for LOI)?
     b. Where will your project be located?
     c. Who will your project serve (age, location, how many, gender)?
8. Please explain the extent of your knowledge of the target group and direct experience
   working with them?

9. Please list 3-5 primary risk factors contributing to the crime issue your project will address.
   Refer to risk factors listed in the Call for LOI.

10. What is the evidence to support the need for your project?
   How do you know there is a need for this project and that the crime issue is a problem in your
   community? Do you have any evidence that confirms the presence of the risk factors you
   identified? Please include crime statistics, findings from community needs assessments, or other
   supporting pieces of evidence that speak to the need for this project.

11. Your intervention is based on what promising or best practice model(s)?
   What evidence, research or knowledge supports the effectiveness of the proposed intervention?
   Include support from existing literature. Also refer to attached Best Practices.

12. Outcomes.
   Describe the concrete results you expect to achieve from your project on a short term and a long
   term basis.

13. Evaluation.
   The NCPC is committed to funding projects that will contribute to the development of promising
   or best practices. As such, the evaluation and monitoring component of a project are considered
   essential. It is expected that recommended Letters of Interest that are requested for full
   development will include a detailed evaluation plan. At a minimum, projects are expected to
   conduct a process evaluation. Be advised that the NCPC may also choose to conduct external
   evaluation of the impacts of selected projects.

14. Estimated amount of funds requested per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).
          Duration of project:
          Total cost of project:
          Total amount requested from NCPC:

15. Please indicate your potential partners (including local government and community policing) and
    community support.

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