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									Being an Effective SEO within your Organization Tony Adam
November 11th, 2008

About Tony Adam - How I got here?
• SEO Manager @ Yahoo! • My Background:
– Technology Consulting, Sales, BizDev, etc. – SEO Evangelism

– Program/Project Management

• Where you’ll find me:


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How do you start being effective?!
• Get an understanding for the People you work with and interact with. • Find out who the business stakeholders are in your organization. • Know what projects are in progress and if there is any opportunity to create SEO Projects.


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Take a moment…

It is extremely important to understand the “Company Culture”


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How do you learn the “Company Culture”
• Are you in an organization that moves quickly? Slowly? • What are the personality types? How do you interact with them? • Who can you approach to move your agenda? • Be patient and grow thick skin.


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Build Relationships and Partnerships
• Create relationships with the right people.
– At Yahoo!, we call these people our “SEO BFF’s.”

• Partner horizontally with anyone and everyone.
– I’ve found working with Standards teams are your best in.

• Make Friends
– Hang out with people – Have “Dates”

– Drive By’s!


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Be Everywhere and Get Integrated
• Integrate into Processes:
– Planning & Strategy (get on the release calendar) – Design & Development (Review Meetings, Guidelines, etc.) – QA (Ensure things are built correctly) – Go to Market (Blogging, Social Media, PR, etc.)

• Leads & Review Meetings are VERY important!


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Set and Manage Expectations
• What do you plan on achieving and can it be quantified? • When are you planning on getting it done by? • Be clear about the expectations. • Pick your battles wisely.


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Creating SEO Guidelines
• Build SEO Guidelines into Product Development:
– Content & Copy – User Experience & Design – Engineering/Development – General Guidelines…

• Review Product Specs


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Broaden Your Audience…Reach Everyone
• Train the entire organization on SEO • Push out SEO Knowledge through:
– Internal Blogs – Internal Wiki

– Newsletters

• Setup Office Hours
– “SEO Hours”

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Be Passionate and Evangelize SEO
• Be passionate, bring tons of energy & get people excited about SEO. • Get SEO into every conversation possible. • Find people that will be your “Mini SEO Evangelists” within your Organization • Talk about Success Stories

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The Quick and Dirty Key Takeaways
• Understand the Company Culture • Build Relationships and Partnerships • Get Integrated into Processes and Manage Expectations • Create SEO Guidelines • Train and push knowledge to everyone possible • Show your passionate and get people excited
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Tony Adam

SEO Manager at Yahoo! Where to find me:
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