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									A-Z List of Journals
       Off-Campus Access
A-Z List:
Off-Campus Access
   Access to databases retrieved by a search of
    the A-Z List of Full-Text Journals requires
    that the patron be recognized as a legitimate
       On Campus this is seamless managed by IP
       Off-campus you must provide information that
        identifies you as a legitimate user
   This will show you how to be recognized as a
    legitimate off-campus user
A-Z List Off-campus Access
   There are two ways to have access to
    databases in the A-Z List off-campus:
       Authentication through the KCMA Proxy
        Server which provides access to all library
       Authentication through OhioLINK which
        provides access to some OhioLINK resources
   If you try to access a database through the
    A-Z List off-campus without authentication,
    a login screen will display because you are
    not properly authenticated.
     A-Z List Access
via the KCMA Proxy Server
Access via the Proxy Server

                   Start at the library website and
                   click Off-Campus Access.
Access via the Proxy Server

                    On the Off-Campus Access
                    page click the link for the
                    KCMA Proxy Server. Follow
                    the instructions for
                    connecting to the Proxy
Access via the Proxy Server

               Once the Proxy Server menu
               displays, click the A-Z List of Full-
               text Journals link.
Access via the Proxy Server

                The A-Z List search screen will
                display and you will have
                seamless off-campus access to all
   A-Z List Access
Via OhioLINK Authentication
OhioLINK Authentication
 Access to many of the databases is
  provided by OhioLINK
 The OhioLINK Get Authenticated
  process provides seamless access to
  some, but not all of the databases
  retrieved by the A-Z List
 Get Authenticated prior to searching
  the A-Z List
Non-OhioLINK Databases
   OhioLINK Authentication does not provide
    access to:
       Some Ebscohost databases
       ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health
       KCMA Journal Subscriptions
   You will have to log onto the Proxy Server
    to access these resources off-campus
    through the A-Z List.
OhioLINK Authentication

                  To get authenticated via
                  OhioLINK, start at the library
                  home page.
                  Click Find Articles.
OhioLINK Authentication

                  On the Find Articles page, click
                  Get Authenticated
OhioLINK Authentication

                   An Institution Selection
                   Form will display.
                   Click the arrow to open
                   the menu of institutions.
OhioLINK Authentication

                    A menu of institutions
                    will display.
                    Locate Wright State
                    University in the list.
OhioLINK Authentication

                    Next open the dropdown
                    menu of branches and
                    select Kettering College
                    of Medical Arts.
OhioLINK Authentication

                     Once you have selected
                     the institution and
                     branch, click Submit.
OhioLINK Authentication

                    An authentication form
                    will display.
                    Enter your name and ID
                    number, then click
ID Numbers
   Students use their 5+4 number
       Last 5 digits of the student ID# followed
        by the last 4 digits of the SSN

   Faculty and staff use the last five
    digits of their employee ID #
OhioLINK Authentication

               A Shibboleth authentication
               screen should display.
               If a different message
               displays, contact the library.
               Once you are authenticated
               you are ready to search the A-
               Z List.
Accessing the A-Z List

             Click the x at the top right of the
             authentication screen to close it.
OhioLINK Authentication

                   Click the A-Z List link on the
                   Find Articles page.
OhioLINK Authentication

                The A-Z List search screen will display.
                Remember: this will only allow access to
                some of the OhioLINK resources.
Questions or Problems

If you have problems or questions,
  please contact the library @ 937-

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