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					KICK IT - 01/2007

The Interactive Football Experience

KICK IT - 01/2007

Can I KICK IT? - Yes, you can!
KICK IT is an interactive game suited for everyone – even challenging football legends such as argentinian striker and two times “Super-Leage” topscorer “Jimmy” Gimenez. KICK IT is ideal for everyone wanting to experience unfiltered and by themselves what makes football so fascinating.


KICK IT - 01/2007

KICK IT - The Interactive Football Experience
Sport and most of all media interest for certain sport events generates a lot of attraction throughout all social levels, and there are few happenings more popular than a football match. So no big surprise, in 2002, as the Champions League game FC Basel vs. Liverpool hit the roof when over one million viewers watched the live submission from SF Television. Around the globe there is only the Olympic Summer games that attract more viewers than the football World Championship; third in this score is the European Football Championship that takes place every fourth year. Thus KICKIT hits the pulse with the upcoming World Championship 2006 in Germany and European Championship 2008 in Switzerland and Austria, respectively. KICK IT offers an opportunity to personally experience football frenzy. You’ll get active support by the live audience and you can match your football skills in a penalty duel with Pascal Zuberbühler, keeper of FC Basel and the Swiss National Team. Football stadiums are adventure areas, as much so for the player on the field as well as for the viewer in the seats. But most football fans very much would like to stand there in the field and the floodlight themselves and have a game against the top players of the world – and hopefully being cheered by the masses. Here is were KICK IT kicks in. Now you can live and experience this dream ...

The penalty itself is by some considered the most unfair invention of football by far. Mexico 1970, FIFA decided that from now on flipping the coin to evaluate the winner after extension time will be changed to penalty shoot-out. Depending on luck is quite clear with the coin decision but a penalty shoot-out can hardly cover up that luck is still the driving force behind the final evaluation. The penalty duel is quite the opposite of the team sport that football is supposed to be, but still it represents the most abstract form football can be; reduced to one shot, deciding upon failure of victory. Even the sport’s superstars sometimes fail at this challenge – somehow a very tormenting side of human existence.

David Beckham at Euro 04 in Portugal – tremendous disappointment over his missed penalty and England’s elimination.


KICK IT - 01/2007

Enter the stadium’s atmosphere for a duel with a top keeper, test the speed of your kick or show off with your hitting abilities – KICK IT offers many different challenges to prove your skills!offers many different challenges to prove your skills! The Penalty Duel
Enter the stadium for a penalty duel with Pascal Zuberbühler, No.1 of the Swiss National Football Team: The visitor is challenged by the keeper for a shot. He’s addressing him directly and so creating a feeling of being right there on the spot. After the kick an immediate and – depending on the shot – positive or rather cheeky response by the keeper will follow. This duel can be played in different modes; it can either be played against the keeper alone or against another player. How many shots each player can take is selectable also.

In this mode the player can guess the speed of his kick in advance, and the try to actually reach this speed as accurately as possible. The difference between guess and actual shot generates the score rank. This mode offers the weaker players a winning chance as well.

Different logos can be projected into the goal and according to hit a prize can be bestowed to the player. Actual rules can be adjusted by the renting party.

High Speed
Here, the most solid kick is what counts. According to actual speed the rank is calculated and the winner established.

Visitor duelling Pascal Zuberbühler.

Kicking at 97 km/h!

The screen offers different possibilities for logo-games as well as films and advertising.


KICK IT - 01/2007

Muba Sportdays 2005
Publicly presented for the first time KICK IT had its premiere at Mustermesse Basel 2005 during the “Sport Days 2005” event 18. – 27. February. The public loved the installation and during the event KICK IT developed into a real magnet attracting huge crowds. After the “best-of-three”-duel against Zuberbühler there followed a Logo-Game; taking part was free of charge and each visitor received a sponsored present according to his or her performance.

Opening Wankdorf
Its second public appearance was in Berne with the Opening of Wankdorf Stadium 30. July – 1. August 2005. Even though high entry charges and the fact that for each “best-of-three” duell against Zuberbühler there was another five Franks to pay, the installation was permanently charged to capacity. Gain was spend to the YB-Juniors. For each duel won there also was a small prize to win, or the player could decide to take part in a main lottery.


KICK IT - 01/2007

Fairs, Sports- or Company-Events – KICK IT will turn it into a dynamic and memorable happening! KICK IT And Your Company
Create Fascination! Fascinate your clients, lure his interest, and arouse emotions. No problem for you with KICK IT! No matter what age, no matter what gender; all visitors are attracted and can be lured away from the every day routine into a sportive adventure. The authentic atmosphere, the singing fans, and the direct addressing from the keeper will put any player on the spot; if even for a moment. Now, he or she is the star, where all the eyes and all the attention is focussed on. The other visitors are cooking up the atmosphere additionally by shouts and comments. Just anticipating the referee’s wistle ... and kick your heart out! A memorable happening – thanks to your event! On The Spot Wanting to feature a certain product and attract interest of your clients? KICK IT can help you here as well in its unique way. No matter if you’re looking for a center piece of attraction for your fair appearance or a platform for your product presentation or maybe an attraction for your roadshow – with KickIt you’ve got the viewers attention for sure. Tailoring To Your Needs Clients can tailor KICK IT to their specific needs according to the firms corporate identity, even the favored goal keeper, the design, the logos, the set-rules and competitions, as well as the films and the advertising can be suitably changed. As you prepare for your event all theses details can be discussed beforehand; costs for theses adaptions will be charged according to expenditure.

KICK IT at your event. The installation offers a lot of fun and challenge respectively and makes your event a memorable experience.


KICK IT - 01/2007

Havning a look at the installation in advance of your event is a must. Here, the prerequisites will be discussed in detail. The installation works indoors as well as outdoors, whereas outdoors a tent construction will be needed and applied.

Goalframe Traverse & Rigging, Eurotruss FD 34 Screen Mounted inside the goal for the projection, 7.5 m x 2.5 m Light grid Surveillance in the goal – works like a referee Projector Luminous LCD-projector using 10’000 Ansi Lumen, flightframe montage Artificial green 3. generation with puzzlesystem, 15 m x 8 m Sensors Precision measurement for amateur and pro sports – as applied in “SuperLeage”-Stades Computer & KickIt software Pre-programmed, the heart of the installation Boards Exchangeable aluminum elements, can be used for advertising, circa 20 m

The installation is exactly according to size of a real penalty area.


KICK IT - 01/2007


Find out more and have a look at our DVD!

Here, you should find a DVD. If not, please get in contact with us and we’ll forward one as soon as possible.


KICK IT - 01/2007

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