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					Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998


                                             Syed Naseem
ORGANIZING COMMITTEE                         Labour Program HRDC
                                             Donna Balkan
Gwenn Hughes                                 Canadian Human Rights Commission
Manager, Workplace Equity Policy             (CHRC)
Labour Program                               Attilio Barcados
Human Resources Development                  Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)
Canada (HRDC)
                                             Jeanne Cook
Abdou Saouab                                 Health Canada
Labour Program HRDC
                                             Deb Finn
Kim Oliver                                   Industry Canada
Labour Program HRDC
                                             Vangelis Nikias
Marie Laporte-Stark                          Canadian National Institute for the
Labour Program HRDC                          Blind (CNIB)
Lindsay Beattie                              Lucie Pilon
Labour Program HRDC                          Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Claire Monette                               Tom Proszowski
Labour Program HRDC                          Canadian Bankers Association
Maxine Leduc                                 Michel Regnaud
Labour Program HRDC                          Office for Disability Issues HRDC
                                             Nancy Rosenberg
                                             Canadian Union of Public Employees
                                             Yves Séguin
                                             Public Service Commission (PSC)
Adbou Saouab (Chair)                         Doreen Tripp
Labour Program HRDC                          Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
Kim Oliver                                   Joan Westland
Labour Program HRDC                          Canadian Council on Rehabilitation
                                             and Work

National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities                  1
                           Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

                                                  Don Halechko
    SPEAKERS AND                                  Manitoba League of Persons with
    FACILITATORS                                  Disabilities
                                                  Professor Muriel G. Westmorland
    Hon. Andy Scott                               Associate Dean, Health Sciences
    Solicitor General of Canada                   and Director, School of
                                                  Rehabilitation Science McMaster
    Hon. Lise Thibault                            University
    Lieutenant Governor of Québec
                                                  Wolfgang Zimmermann
    Patick Watson, O.C.                           Executive Director National Institute
    Journalist, Chairperson of Abilities          of Disability Management and
    Foundation                                    Research
    Hon. Lawrence MacAulay                        Joan Westland
    Minister of Labour                            Executive Director Canadian Council
    Michelle Falardeau-Ramsay                     on Rehabilitation and Work
    Chief Commissioner CHRC                       Ginette Stewart
    Kay Stanley                                   Commissioner Public Service
    Assistant Secretary Employment                Commission of Canada
    Equity Division,                              Nancy Riche
    Human Resources Branch - TBS                  Executive Vice-President Canadian
    David Lepofsky, C.M., LL.B., LL.M.,           Labour Congress
    Counsel in the Crown Law Office,              Dr. Marcia Rioux
    Ministry of the Attorney General of           President Roeher Institute
                                                  Bill Chandler
    William Pentney                               Economist Department of Finance
    General Counsel CHRC
                                                  Marjorie Baldwin, Ph.D
    Nicole Senécal                                Associate Professor, Department of
    Assistant Deputy Minister, Labour             Economics East Carolina University
    HRDC Programs Canadian Imperial
    Bank of Commerce (CIBC)                       Dorothy Rekman
                                                  Manager, Strategic Initiatives Royal
    Gail Fawcett, Ph.D                            Bank of Canada
    Research Associate Centre for
    International Statistics Canadian             Eric Boyd
    Council on Social Development                 Managing Director Canadian
                                                  Paraplegic Association

2                       National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities
Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

Alar Prost
President Innovera Integrated                PARTICIPANT LIST
Solutions Inc.
Earl Miller                                  Wenda Abel
Director of Diversity Bank of Nova           Executive Director Training
Scotia                                       Coordinating Group for Persons with
Yves Poisson                                 Disabilities
Director General, Strategic Policy and       Margaret Adams
Partnerships, Labour Program HRDC            D Perr Pol 4-2 Department of
Laurie Beachell                              National Defence (DND)
National Coordinator Council of              Robert Allard
Canadians with Disabilities                  Official Languages Division Treasury
Penni Richmond                               Board Secretariat
Director, Women‘s and Human Rights           Louise Amyot
Department, CLC                              Employment Equity Assistant
Chris Stark                                  Statistics Canada
Manager, Monitoring and Liaison              Nancy Amyot
Canadian Transportation Agency               Labour Information Dissemination
Cam Crawford                                 Officer HRDC
Vice-President Roeher Institute              Rolfe Antonowitsch
Jon Breen                                    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Executive Director Challenge                 Gena Arena-Thorne
                                             Human Resources Advisor Office of
                                             the Commissioner of Official
                                             Sharlyn Ayotte
                                             President T-Base Research and
                                             Development Inc.
                                             Diana Baines
                                             DCPS 7-2-3 DND
                                             David Baker
                                             Legal Counsel Council of Canadians
                                             with Disabilities

National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities                   3
                          Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

    Lydia Bardak                               Geoff Brennan
    Executive Director N.W.T. Council for      Legislative Consultant Labour
    Disabled Persons                           Standards Policy and Legislation -
    Barb Barnet
    Rehabilitation Counsellor Workers’         Edward D. Bridge
    Compensation Board - N.W.T.                Manager, Employee Relations Toronto
                                               Dominion Bank
    Claudette Barré
    Director, Policy and Legislation - TBS     Marie Briscoe
                                               Program Officer, Employment Equity
    Laurie Beachell
                                               Recruitment - PSC
    National Coordinator Council of
    Canadians with Disabilities                Brian Brodersen
                                               Assistant Editor Workplace Diversity
    Brian Beaver
    Senior Compliance Review Officer,
    Canadian Human Rights Commission-          Grace Brown
    CHRC                                       Senior Compliance officer CHRC
    Calvin Bernard                             Jean-Paul Brunet
    Senior Policy Advisor Ministry of          Chief, Employment Equity / Human
    Citizenship, Culture and Recreation        Resource Planning Statistics Canada
    Bev Boehm
    Executive Director Saskatchewan            David Burry
    Voice of People with Disabilities          Storage and Retrieval Clerk
                                               Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    Chantal Bois
    Coordinator of Public Information          Laurie Burton
    CHRC                                       Group Coordinator, Employment
                                               Equity, DND
    Maureen Borland
    Employment Consultant Advanced             Terry Byrne
    Education and Labour                       Director, Employment Equity, PSC
    Shirley Boucher                            Monique Carroll
    Manager, Employment Equity Canada          Employment Equity Rep. for
    Post Corporation                           Employees with Disabilities Revenue
    Eric Boyd
    Managing Director Canadian                 Steve Carroll
    Paraplegic Association                     National Employment Coordinator

4                      National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities
Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

Canadian Association of Independent          Denis Cloutier
Living Centres                               Employment Equity Policy Advisor
                                             Transport Canada
Susan Carter
Associate Director Canadian Council          Diane Cloutier
on Social Development                        Human Resources Manager
                                             DGIMOSD - DND
Rae Celotti
Program Coordinator Disabled                 Sandra Choquette
Persons Work Strategy                        Compliance Officer, Employment
                                             Equity CHRC
Elaine Chapelle
Executive Director Premier’s Council         Ray Cohen
on the Status of Persons with                Publisher / Editor-in-Chief Abilities
Disabilities                                 Magazine
Lisa Charette                                Adélard Comeau
Compliance Review Officer CHRC               Conseiller du Portefeuille p.i. Équité
                                             en emploi Anciens Combattants
Claire Chartrand
HR Planning and EE Consultant
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada             John Connolly
                                             Director, Federal-Provincial and Client
Deborah Chenery
                                             Relations - Labour/HRDC
Executive Director Canadian Mental
Health Association, Alberta South            Ian Cooper
Region                                       Superintendent Hudson Bay Mining
                                             and Smelting Co., Limited
Rena Chenoy
Diversity and Workplace Programs -           Eleanor Cottreau
IBM                                          Director Employment Services and
                                             ResearchCanadian Council of the
Nicole Chénier-Cullen
Director, Employment Equity - CHRC
                                             Joe Dale
Jim Cincotta
                                             Senior Consultant Centre for
Project Coordinator Learning
                                             Management of Community Services
Disabilities Association of Canada
                                             Michel De Césaré
Charlotte Cloutier
                                             Représentant régional du Québec,
Director, Interdepartmental
                                             Commission Canadienne des Droits
Coordination Canadian Heritage
                                             de la Personne

National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities                      5
                           Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

    Enrico del Castello                        Michèle Gagné
    Director, Research and Development         Employment Equity Advisor Transport
    Diversity Management - PSC                 Canada
    Maria Derfino                              Ghislaine Gagnon
    Director Bell Canada                       Human Resources Officer PSC
    Patricia Derrick                           Deborah Gardner
    Information and Coordination Officer       Director Project Work
    Office for Disability Issues - HRDC
                                               Lise Gauthier
    Betty Dion                                 A/D CivES - AO DND
    President Betty Dion Enterprises Ltd.
                                               Guy Gauvreau
    Michel Duchesne                            Information Technology DND
    Conseiller de secteur Anciens
                                               Neil Gavigan
    Combattants Canada
                                               Director, Labour Standards and
    Lynnea Duncan                              Workplace Equity Labour - HRDC
    Employment Equity Advisor National
                                               Hélène Gendron
    Research Council
                                               Senior Manager, Employment Equity
    Suzanne Dussault-Letellier                 CBC/Radio Canada
    Coordonnatrice, équité en emploi PSC
                                               Catherine Geoffroy
    Lois Louise Emburg                         Présidente, Directrice générale
    Employment Equity Coordinator O.C.         TECSO Inc.
                                               Karen Ginsberg
    Peter Field                                Director General, Learning and
    Policy Officer, Diversity PSC              Diversity PSC
    Luci Fortier                               Lianne Glendinning
    Employment Equity Officer Revenue          Manager, Kingston BSC TD Bank
                                               Camille Godbout
    Carolyn Fowler                             Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    Labour Standards and Workplace
                                               Harvey Goldberg
    Equity Division HRDC
                                               Deputy Director, Policy and Liaison
    Phillip Francis                            Branch CHRC
    Manager, Corporate Diversity Rogers
                                               Rachel Grant
                                               Employment Consultant Advanced
                                               Education and Labour

6                      National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities
Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

Mariana Grinblat                             Arvin Jellis
Labour Affairs Officer HRDC - Metro          Senior Economist Agriculture and
York                                         Agri-Food Canada
Claudette Gudbranson                         Frank Jonasen
Information Officer Learning                 Director Office for Disability Issues
Disabilities Association of Canada
                                             Ann Kall
Nancy Hansen                                 Programs Consultant HRDC
Program Manager Statistics Canada
                                             Cynthia Kearns-O‘Hara
Laurie Harley
                                             Wendy Kent
Director, Diversity and Workplace
                                             Vocational Coordinator Canadian
Programs IBM
                                             Mental Health Association -
Eric Hébert                                  Fredericton/ Oromocto Region
Architectural Technologist National
                                             Meeka Kilabuk
Capital Commission
                                             Commissioner Nunavut
William A. Hoch                              Implementation Commission
National Executive Director Easter
                                             Kathy Kingsbury
Seal / March of Dimes National
                                             Data Analyst, Employment Equity
Peter Hooey
                                             Michel Judy Klamph
Human Resource Advisor DBRS 3
                                             Director of Programs Corbrook
                                             Ed Kondracki
David Hubbard
                                             Manager, Diversity Scotiabank
Director, Finance and Management
Services Atlantic Canada                     Danielle Lacoste
Opportunities Agency                         Chief of Operations, Employment
                                             Equity CHRC
Michael Huck
CCD Council Member CCD                       Agnès A. Lahale
                                             Administration Officer National
Donna Hunt
Committee Member Disabled Persons
Work Strategy                                Paul Lamoureux
                                             CFIOG / DITSEC DND
Pat Israel
Researcher Canadian Broadcasting             Renée Langlois
Corporation                                  Senior Project Manager Statistics

National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities                    7
                         Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

    Marie Laporte-Stark                       Jaime Marasigan
    Policy Analyst, Workplace Equity          Requirements Officer Transport
    Policy Labour, HRDC                       Canada
    Claire Laroche DND                        Pierre Martel
                                              Special Advisor, Legislation and
    Pierre Laroche
                                              Policy, Employment Equity TBS
    Julie Laurin
                                              Marilyn Martin
    Human Resources Planning Officer
                                              Employment Equity Coordinator Nortel
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
                                              Katherine Miller
    Nancy Leamen
                                              Library Development Officer National
    Director, Human Resources Policy
                                              Library of Canada
    Canadian Bankers Association
                                              Elizabeth Moore
    Bernita Lee
                                              Manager, Administration Atlantic
    Access and Equity Consultant City of
                                              Canada Opportunities Agency
                                              Linda Muir
    Michel Lefebvre
                                              CAW Employment Equity
    Compliance Review Officer,
                                              Representative Nortel
    Employment Equity - CHRC
                                              Lina McCoy
    Renée Liboiron
                                              Program Officer, Diversity Citizenship
    Directeur, Technologie, Santé et
                                              and Immigration
    Sécurité Conseil du Patronat du
    Québec                                    Jim McDonald
                                              Manager, Diversity and Strategic
    Sabine Luedtke
                                              Initiatives Treasury Board
    Researcher CHRC
                                              Shirley McGugan
    Charles Macdonald
                                              Speech - Language Pathologist
    Executive Director Disabled Persons
    Commission                                Christian McIntyre
                                              Agent de projet Commission de la
    Virginia MacLatchy
                                              Fonction Publique
    Compliance Review Officer,
    Employment Equity - CHRC                  Carol McLellan
                                              Senior Staffing Officer Transport
    Lorrie Maracle
    Human Resources Advisor Nortel

8                     National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities
Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

Sharon McMahon                               Maj. Guy Parent
Program Officer - Disability Health          D Pers Pol 4-5 Canadian Forces, DND
                                             Simon Parkin
Gary McPherson                               Employee Relations Specialist
Chairperson Premier‘s Council on the         Andersen Consulting
Status of Persons with Disabilities
                                             Stewart B. Patrick
Micheline Nehmé                              National Chair, National Advisory
Analyst, Labour Market Analysis and          Committee for Persons with
Strategy PSC                                 Disabilities to the Solicitor General
                                             Correctional Service of Canada
Louise Norman
Diversity Coordinator Canadian               Terry Peach
Heritage                                     Manager, Organization and Staffing
                                             G.E. Canada
Michael O‘Brien Manger, Corporate
Health Programs National Research            Michelle Perreault
Council                                      Manager, Employment Equity - Air
Shannon O‘Meara
Employment Equity Coodinator G.M.            Rhys Phillips
of Canada, Diesel Division                   Chief of Policy and Legislation,
                                             Employment Equity - CHRC
Shafik Obrai
Executive Producer CBC TV                    Donna Pierson
                                             Senior Advisor, Employment Equity
Edith Olson
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
                                             Catherine Platt
Shelley Ostep
                                             Human Resources Advisor D CivES
Employment Equity Coordinator
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
                                             Pat Pokorny
Joy Overtveld
                                             President United Way of South
Program Officer, Legislation and
Policy TBS
                                             Tricia Pokorny
Michael Paliga
                                             Special Needs Coordinator Casino
Compliance Supervisor, Employment
Equity CHRC

National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities                    9
                           Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

     Cathy Proctor                              Steve Sleigh
     Human Resources Program Officer            DCLS - 3 DND
                                                Angela Slobodian
     Pnina Ptasznik                             Nurse Nortel
     Staff Relations Advisor HRDC
                                                Diane Snowball
     Wendy Quinlan-Gagnon DND                   Employment Equity Coordinator
                                                Statistics Canada
     Judy Redmond
     City of Winnipeg                           Mary-Helen Spence
                                                Project Director Equal Opportunity,
     Adi Rettoun
                                                Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and
     Supported Employment Coordinator
     New Hope Community,
                                                Wendy Steinberg
     Ann Richer-Doyle
                                                Project Manager Canadian Mental
     Employment Equity Advisor Public
                                                Health Association - National Office
     Works and Government Services
                                                Linda Studholme
     Renée Rivard
                                                National Director, Rehabilitation
     Regional Director Canadian Society
                                                Canadian National Institute for the
     for the Deaf
     Pam Robertson
                                                Susan Tanner
                                                A/DVR Diversity PSC
     Stéphane Rodier
                                                Valerie Taraska
     M.A. student Université du Québec à
                                                Office of the Solicitor General of
     Susannah Rowley
                                                Carole Théberge
     Senior Policy Analyst, Workplace
                                                Counsel Criminal Law Policy Section
     Equity Policy Labour, HRDC
                                                Department of Justice
     Rob Rush
                                                Yves Therrien
     Materials Management Specialist
                                                Compliance Review Officer CHRC
                                                Bruce Thistle
     Alan Shain
                                                Director Air Civilian Management
     Program Manager Statistics Canada
                                                Services DND
     Jayne Simms-Dalmotas
     Senior Communications Advisor,
     External Relations PSC

10                      National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities
Post Conference Summary of Proceedings • January 25-27, 1998

Leigh Thompson
Coordinator, Employment Services,
Canadian Mental Health Association -
Vancouver/ Burnaby Branch
Bernard Touesnard
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Barb Townsend-Batten
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Annette Traynor
Assistant Policy Analyst CHRC
Shelagh Tuddenham
Compliance Review Officer,
Employment Equity CHRC
Maria Vosahlo
Director, Services for Students with
Disabilities University of Alberta
Traci Walters
National Director Canadian
Association of Independent Living
Marilyn Warf
P.U.S.H. Northwest
Anna Watts
Human Resources Officer Transport
Mary-Ann Webber
Director, Household Surveys Division
Statistics Canada
Susanne Whalen
Human Resources Advisor Statistics
Jim Zito
Human Resources Advisor Fisheries
and Oceans

National Workplace Equity Symposium for Persons with Disabilities   11