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					TEAM EITC TRAVEL POLICY Travel is an inherent part of the Team EITC contract. Personnel traveling on authorized business trips will be reimbursed for ordinary and necessary using the Joint Travel Regulation as guidance, including airfare and ground transportation, mileage for personal use of autos, lodging, meals and other incidental expenses according to per diem standards. Travel Request/Approval Process. The traveler’s Director and Program Manager must approve all Team EITC related travel. The travel request form is available via BizPort. Personnel will complete the appropriate form and route through their supervisor to their Director prior to travel. Travel Cost Estimate: Each traveler will obtain estimated costs for travel, housing and per diem prior to each trip and forward this information with his or her travel request. Airline ticket and housing costs can be obtained from L-3 Travel or by using the link provided on the travel request form. Per Diem costs may be obtained from the GSA or Department of State web site – a link is provided on the travel request form for the convenience of the traveler. Claims Processing. Expense reports shall be submitted within 7 days of return from travel. Expense Reports are used for substantiating and approving travel expenses for personnel on business travel and for business related expenses. All original receipts must be attached and the report should be properly approved. Once approved by the traveler’s Director, please mail the expense report and original receipts to Team EITC Travel POC for review (faxed copies are not authorized). After the report has been reviewed, it will be sent to L-3 Titan’s corporate compliance office for processing. Reimbursement will be paid approximately three weeks following submission of an approved expense report to the Team EITC Travel POC. Titan employees are encouraged to complete a direct deposit form for travel to expedite reimbursement. Forms may be obtained from your Administrative Assistant or Director. Subcontract personnel will receive a check mailed to their residence. Incidental Expenses. Although technically not a travel function, incidental expenses – to include approved local travel – are reimbursed through the Team EITC Business Office using the same procedures as Travel Expense Reports using the Team EITC Incidental Expense Report. Team members must provide the date, description of the expense, purpose for which the expense was incurred, and amount. All expenses must be tied to a specific Costpoint Number and approved by the submitters Director prior to forwarding to the Team EITC Business Office. All receipts must be attached. L-3 Travel Profile. All frequent travelers are required to complete the travel profile. For assistance, please contact the Travel Office Profile ID Help Desk by phone at 914-751-4097 or TravelOfficeIDHelp@CorpTravelOffice.com. Travel Policy Travel Agent All Team EITC personnel are required to use the L-3 Travel Office for air, train, lodging and rental car reservations. L-3 Travel may be contacted at 1-888-986-6633 (from US) or 1-914-423-4481 (outside USA-call collect). Cost Saving Alternatives All EITC members must purchase non-refundable airfares. Travel will be via commercial carrier using the least expensive fare that meets scheduling requirements. Personnel are encouraged to make use of cost-saving travel alternatives such as multiple connection flights, advance booking, etc. Payment for Tickets Airfare will be paid for by L-3 Titan and billed directly to the Team EITC contract. L-3 Titan employees who travel frequently are required to obtain a Corporate American Express Club card. Teammates may use either their parent company’s corporate credit card or a personal credit card for all expenses other than airfare. CONUS Travel Team EITC personnel will purchase non-refundable economy class tickets for all CONUS flights through L-3 Travel. Exceptions must be authorized by the program manager. OCONUS Travel USSOCOM policy requires the use of economy class tickets where ever possible. JTR rules apply for any other class of service. Approval from Program Manger is required prior to trip.

Replacement Tickets If a ticket is lost or stolen, the traveler must report it immediately to L-3 Travel. L-3 Travel will file a Lost Ticket Refund Application with the appropriate carrier. Travelers must purchase the least expensive coach fare replacement tickets through L-3 Travel when possible. Per Diem CONUS Per Diem is payable for trips of 12 hours or longer. Travelers will be reimbursed at the established daily per-diem rates for meals and incidental expenses Receipts are not required. Please refer to the following per diem site for CONUS per diem rates: https://secureapp2.hqda.pentagon.mil/perdiem/perdiemrates.html Per-Diem OCONUS Personnel will be reimbursed at the established daily per-diem rates for meals and incidental expenses. Please refer to the following per diem site for CONUS per diem rates: https://secureapp2.hqda.pentagon.mil/perdiem/perdiemrates.html Per-Diem Pro-Rated Personnel will be reimbursed at 75% of the destination per-diem rate on both the first and last days of travel regardless of the departure or return times. Lodging For trips of 12 hours or longer, travelers will be reimbursed for lodging at actual costs up to the established lodging per diem rate plus all applicable taxes. Original receipts are required. Lodging - Over Per Diem If adequate lodging is not available within per-diem rates, travelers must request authorization from the COR (Contracting Officer Representative) for excess lodging rates in order to be reimbursed for actual expenses that are higher than established rates. Travelers will not be reimbursed for excess lodging without COR authorization. Telephone Expenses Communications costs are to be limited. The government will not pay for high speed internet access costs. The government requires that EITC personnel RAS into the government system if available. A call home to advise of safe arrival and a call to advise of change of plans call to family members are reimbursable. Other personal calls are at the traveler’s expense Ground Transportation Personnel traveling alone will be reimbursed for rental of compact cars. Personnel traveling in groups of two or more will be reimbursed for mid-sized cars. Personnel who are transporting equipment to their travel destination or supplies may select an appropriately sized vehicle. Taxi Service Team EITC personnel will be reimbursed for the reasonable use of a taxi service for transportation to and from airports and for transportation while at a travel destination Personally Owned Vehicles Team EITC personnel will be reimbursed for authorized use of their POV for local travel:  Mileage will be computed using Mapquest.com.  Local POV Mileage will be reimbursed at the current U.S. Government established rate. Personnel driving a personal automobile on Team EITC business will be reimbursed for bridge tolls, road tolls and parking. Actual receipts are required for all parking over $25. Travel Insurance All common carrier air, boat, rail or bus tickets purchased through L-3 Travel are automatically protected with $200,000 24-hour accident coverage. Coverage begins when the traveler leaves their residence or place of regular employment and remains in effect until the traveler returns to their residence, or place of regular employment. Baggage insurance of $1,250 for carry-on baggage and $500 for checked baggage is also provided

Personally Owned Vehicles - Damage When authorized to drive a personal car on official business, and while on that business, L-3 Titan personnel who are involved in an accident or sustain other damage for which the traveler and/or insurance carrier must pay, L-3 Titan will reimburse L-3 Titan Employee’s deductible portion of the traveler’s personal automobile insurance up to a maximum of $500. Subcontractors will not be reimbursed by L-3 Titan; contact your parent company. Rental Car Insurance-CONUS L-3 Titan provides L-3 Titan Employee’s base rental car insurance; therefore, all insurance from the rental car company should be denied. Additional insurance accepted is at the traveler’s expense. Subcontractors - Please check with your parent company for specific details. Usually the credit card your company furnishes you provides base car rental insurance. However, you may choose to use your own car insurance policy to cover the rental car. Any insurance accepted is at your own expense. Rental Car Insurance-OCONUS Personnel traveling OCONUS are required to accept additional insurance in the form of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Personal Accident /Injury (PAI). This is a reimbursable expense for OCONUS travelers. Multipurpose Travel When personal and business travels are combined, personnel will be reimbursed for costs that are required for business-related travel only. All other costs will be borne by the traveler. Forms All necessary forms are available on BizPort.
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