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Birth Local site Founders Purpose Traffic Unique visitors Growth Stats 2003 in Louisville Chuck Burke, Keith Ringer and Rob Totten, with graphic designer Mike Breidenbach To build community and promote local culture through unique city portals 35.7 million page views in March 123,000 last month Four new sites started this year: Lexington, Cincinnati, Nashville, St. Louis Membership on new sites, all launched in the past 90 days: Lexington - 1,768; Cincinnati - 1,137; Nashville 346; St. Louis - 224 (Louisville membership - 31,595)

1995 in San Francisco Craig Newmark, who now works as a customer-service rep; Jim Buckmaster is chief executive officer Provide local community classifieds and forums 2 billion page views in March 7.5 million last month 104 cities in 21 countries added since 2000 Louisville (started in January) postings last week were around 100 in jobs, 213 for sale, 204 personals and 100 housing, compared to San Francisco Bay Area’s 17,200 jobs, 106,200 for sale, 60,000 personals and 32,500 housing Free to users; revenue generated by charging for help wanted ads in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles; eBay is a 25 percent shareholder Best Local Website in San Francisco (at least eight times), Miami and New York from regional publications; named one of the “50 Coolest Web Sites” by Time Magazine last year; more than 30 other national and regional honors. “missed connections”: We talked about bananas at Kroger: It was about 2:15 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 28. You were wearing a blue sweater and jeans. I was wearing yellow and black and had long hair. You are beautiful … (if you’re not married) … e-mail me. I want to get to know you. - Posted by a Louisville man Feb. 28 about Holiday Manor Kroger encounter the same day “rants and raves”: Come ON, Peeps! So, I am a native Louisville girl, transplanted to the City of Angels. You can imagine my delight when I discovered the Craig’s List had come to the ‘Ville! People, get writing! I want the insight, and it is so much fun! Do it ... do it for Louisville, do it for your school … Manual, Ballard, Male, Waggener, PRP, Eastern, UofL, Bellarmine ... whatever ... Do it for your favorite restaurant. JUST DO IT! - Posted March 17 from Los Angeles


Free to users; revenue from advertising and sponsorship; contract with JobNews Web site Best Local Website 2003 and 2004, LEO Reader’s Choice Awards


From the site/ postings:

“serious discussion” forum, “What Does Louisville Need?” thread, April 18 (select comments): 1:32 p.m. - A House of Blues in 4th Street Live, and a movie theater upstairs where Premiere Fitness was supposed to go (above Lucky Strike). A strip where local artists and entertainers can set up little booths any day to sell their wares to tourists. The Belvedere would’ve been great for this years ago. It needs to be within walking distance of the downtown hotels, bars and eateries. 1:34 - I’d be happy with an IHOP and a few 7-11’s. 1:35 - Why do people want 7-11’s so bad? Is it their Slushies or something? I’d kill for an IHOP. Glad the Cheesecake Factory is coming. 1:40 - Actually one thing I wish we had, were supposed to have, and would be the ONE thing to get me back down to 4th street would be an ESPNzone.