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									How to enable High Definition on your Unmodded Xbox (PAL) - Spud Note: This is not a hack for playing copied games, you need a mod-chip for that. This is simply a tutorial on how to enable High Definition. Requirements:  Original copy of MechAssault or Splinter Cell  An Xbox Memory Card or an Xbox Action Replay or Mega-X-Key device.  Also you may need a friend with a modded Xbox if you don’t have the Xbox Action Replay or Mega-X-Key device. Like myself   A High Definition compatible TV, Plasma Screen or Projector  An Advanced High Definition AV pack, Original Microsoft or 3rd Party. Basically what you need is an original copy of MechAssault or Splinter Cell (not the 'Classics' version). Some non ‘Classic’ versions also do not work so you need to find the right version of the disc. You can tell by looking at the code engraved on the readable side of the game disc. (see below) MechAssault Splinter Cell

(Zoom in to see the codes. If you are using Microsoft Word to view this doc then just highlight the pic and choose 500% in the zoom dropdown box found up top. The codes in these pics are also typed out below.) MECHASSAULT CODE: MS02301L SPLINTER CELL CODE: US0121OE-L1 1E (Regarding Splinter Cell I’m not sure if this is the only code that works. It’s just the version I own which has been tested and works fine) Using the GameSave File What you need is a Memory Card and the means to place the GameSave files from your PC to the Xbox Memory Card. One way is to purchase something like the Mega-X-Key or Xbox Action Replay. These are devices specially made for people who want to download other people’s Save Games or Cheats and use them on their own Xbox. Another way is to buy an Xbox Controller-to-USB cable from eBay (or make one). With the right Windows drivers this turns your Xbox Controller (Duke or S) into PC Controller. It also turns the Memory Card slots on the controller into what Windows calls a MASS STORAGE DEVICE (USB). Then you can access a Memory Card plugged into your controller from the PC using the free software that comes with Mega-X-Key or Xbox Action Replay. In saying that I have tried this method and have not yet been successful. Another way (which I found easiest) would be to find a friend who already has a Modded Xbox and get him/her to transfer (via FTP) the GameSave hack to the saves directory on his Xbox and then copy it across to your own Memory Card via the main Xbox Dashboard (the green menu that comes up when you start your Xbox without a disc in it), just like you would copy any other GameSave from your Memory Card to the Xbox hdd with an unmodded Xbox.

Note: apparently the original Xbox Memory Unit does not work however I cannot verify that. Getting the GameSave on your Unmodded Xbox Before copying the hacked GameSave to your Xbox you need to delete any GameSaves that are already on the Xbox hdd. Meaning GameSaves for MechAssault and Splinter Cell only, not every other GameSave on your Xbox. This can all be done via the Xbox Dashboard. Then you can begin copying your new ‘hacked’ GameSave across to your Xbox hdd. Once this is done you are good to go.

Again you can zoom in on this pic as well. For MechAssault insert disc and load the game. Once in the main menu click on ‘Campaign’ and then select ‘Run Linux’. If you’ve done everything correctly you should see the EvolutionX dashboard and you have successfully modded your Xbox without a modchip! Congratulations!! For Splinter Cell load up the game, choose "Start Game", select the profile "LINUX" Choose "Check Points" (not "Levels". It causes the screen to turn white and freeze) If you’ve done everything correctly you should see the EvolutionX dashboard and you have successfully modded your Xbox without a modchip! Congratulations!! High Definition Now it’s time to enable High Definition! Again please note you must have a TV, Plasma Screen or Projector that is High Definition compatible for this to work. You also need the Advanced High Definition AV pack, original M$ or 3rd Party. First you need to load up your new EvolutionX dashboard. Once in navigate to the Apps section and select ‘Enigmah Video Mode Switchdisc’. Use the B button to change the video mode to NTSC. If your having trouble watch me do it with my Splinter Cell GameSave here. Now turn off your Xbox and turn it back on again without a disc in it. You should now be viewing the Xbox Dashboard in NTSC video mode. All you need to do now is navigate to Video settings under ‘Settings’ and turn on 480p, 720p and 1080i.

(zoom-able) That’s it your done! You now have a High Definition Xbox, congratulations! If you have the latest version of the Xbox Dashboard (5960 or above) then you can view the Xbox Dashboard in 480p by simply holding down the two rear triggers and the two thumb stick buttons all together at the same time. You can also reverse this by simply holding the same buttons down again.

(zoom-able) Here are some other wonderful things you can do with this exploit: 1. You can setup the FTP server built into the EvolutionX program and start moving files too and from your Xbox and PC. You can use the PC program Xbox-Saves Manager to ftp into your Xbox, find all your Save files from every game you’ve every played on your Xbox! And even better you can grab saves online from other users who have completed the games or enabled cheat codes and things like that! 2. You can run the brilliant program Xbox Media Center which turns your Xbox into one very awesome Media Box. It will play almost any Music, Picture or Movie file including MP3, JPEG, WMV, MPEG, AVI, DivX and Xvid! You can even browse your PC network and run files over the network! It even has its own Weather Station believe it or not! Also if you have the Xbox DVD remote control you can navigate through Media Center with it!

(zoom-able) 3. You can also run emulators (programs that emulate older gaming consoles like SNES, N64, Commodore 64, PSX etc.) Now head on over to the AussieXbox forums and tell us what you love best about your new High Definition Xbox! Credit goes to nonny for showing me how to do this first. And thanks to AussieXbox for letting us rant so much about this!

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