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									COLLEGE CONFERENCE OF ILLINOIS AND WISCONSIN FOOTBALL SPORTS GUIDE As of July 2008 I. COACHES/MEETINGS A. The fall meeting will be held on the first Tuesday following the last football game in November. The meeting will be a conference call. B. The winter meeting will be held on the Tuesday after the last basketball tournament of the season, with the option of being face-to-face or conference call. II. REGULAR SEASON RULES AND REGULATIONS A. The conference follows the NCAA rules for number of games allowed. B. All day games should have a 1 PM starting time, and night games should start at 6 PM or 7:30 PM. The host school must set any exceptions to this schedule in the spring prior to the fall game. The host school does have the right to schedule night football games prior to November 1, provided they notify the CCIW opponent in the spring prior to the game. At that time, the visiting school has the right to select the starting time of 6 PM or 6:30 PM. Distance of travel will be a factor. It should be noted, however, that all games after the last Sunday in October must start at 1 PM. C. The rules governing all competition will be determined by the CCIW and the NCAA. D. Out-of-season athletically related activities are governed by NCAA regulations. Accordingly, student-athletes and coaches from each school are permitted to participate in five consecutive weeks of conditioning and strength training. No missed class time is permitted. The use of footballs, helmets, pads, blocking sleds or any other form of football related equipment is prohibited. E. The NCAA cleat rule of ½ inch limit will apply. Each school, as well as the officials, is reminded to en force this rule. The penalty for breaking this rule is immediate suspension from that game and one succeeding game. F. All CCIW games will include a 20-minute half-time period. The half time cannot be extended beyond 20 minutes for Homecoming or any other occasion. G. The NCAA pre-game warm up areas rules will be followed until forty minutes before kickoff. During the last forty minutes the warm up areas will be from the 50-yard line to the goal line. H. The coin toss will take place five minutes before kickoff.

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COLLEGE CONFERENCE OF ILLINOIS AND WISCONSIN FOOTBALL SPORTS GUIDE I. The National Anthem will begin three minutes before kickoff and both teams are to be on the field for the singing of the Anthem. J. Football game video tape exchange 1. The exchange schedule shall be as follows: a. The opponent is given a choice of tapes of any three previous games of the current season. Tapes of two games, which include a wide and end zone copy, are to be sent before noon on Monday of the week before the game (12 days before the game) to be delivered before noon on Tuesday (11 days before the game). To be included in the delivery will be game statistics of the two games, a current two-deep roster and the most recent home game program. b. On Sunday (6 days before the game), game tapes, which include tight and end zone copy, of the previous day’s game or another game of choice shall be exchanged by hand at a mutually agreed upon site. To be included in the exchange will be statistics of that game, if available. If not available, the statistics will be faxed on Monday morning to the appropriate coach. 2. Eliminate all live “eyeball’ scouting of conference opponents by representatives of the football program. 3. Each game should be copied on separate tapes. All exchange tapes shall be first-generation copies from the master and tapes that are previously unused. 4. Tapes will be returned to opponent on the day of the game. 5. Two game programs from the last home contest shall accompany the videotapes. It is recommended that all starters be marked on the roster if a starting lineup is not listed in the program. 6. If the second opponent of the season is a CCIW school, the exchange would be one game tape. 7. It is the responsibility of each head coach to educate the photographers to: a. Include all 22 men prior to the snap. Photographers should “zoom” in on running plays and widen on passing plays. b. Have a scoreboard shot after each change of possession and/or score. c. Include all signals by officials. d. Tapes should not be shot or copied in extended play mode.

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COLLEGE CONFERENCE OF ILLINOIS AND WISCONSIN FOOTBALL SPORTS GUIDE e. Shooting of a play shall begin with a huddle before it breaks; “no huddle” and “hurry-up” sequences should be shot in their entirety.

8. If the camera fails during a game or the video comes out blank or not fit for viewing, it is the responsibility of that coach to obtain a copy from his opponent prior to the pre-arranged exchange time. 9. No head coach or staff member shall alter the original game tape with intent to deceive the next opponent. K. No school will scout another team at a practice or scrimmage. L. Start of practice and length of season will be governed by the NCAA rules and regulations. III. CHAMPIONSHIPS A. The conference champion will be determined on the basis of each team’s win/loss record. B. Ties count as one-half game lost in CCIW standings and one-half game won. IV. NCAA QUALIFICATIONS A. CCIW has an automatic qualification for the NCAA Football Championship. B. If the conference ends in a tie or is unable to finish the season due to some type of disaster, the representative will be chosen in the following manner: 1. Head to head competition 2. Best record by tied teams against the next best team or the next best tied teams in conference standings 3. Point differential between tied teams in conference 4. The fewest defensive yards given up versus tied teams in conference 5. Random drawing by CCIW commissioner. V. ALL-CONFERENCE A. The CCIW All-Conference Team shall be elected in the following manner: 1. Each coach recommends his own players and submits this list to the other coaches in the conference via the Sports Information Director one week prior to the fall meeting. The coaches have the opportunity to add or delete players’ names for consideration at the conference meeting. 2. Each coach can vote for any player on the list including his own players.

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3. The all-conference team will be selected with two ballots being cast for a first team and a second team. Total number of selections may not exceed 60 players. If 60 selections are not made, additional nominations up to 60 players will be gathered, with all selected players (after voting) named to the second team. In any given year it should be noted that the coaches have flexibility in regards to the number of players selected but the following guidelines will usually be accepted: a. Offensive 1) 3 Receivers 2) 1 Tight End 3) 3 Running backs 4) 1 Quarterback 5) 5 Lineman b. Defensive 1) 4 Defensive lineman 2) 4 Linebackers 3) 4 Defensive backs c. Place kicker d. Punter e. Return specialists B. The members of the all-conference first team will receive plaques provided by Wilson. Members of the second team will receive certificates. C. Players of the Year: The following guidelines were agreed upon implementing this program: 1. The selection will be made by the coaches at the fall meeting. 2. Each coach will have the option to nominate any first team allconference player. Each coach is not required to nominate one of his own players. 3. The player selected will receive an award plaque similar in design to the one presented to the CCIW Basketball Player of the Year. 4. The offensive player of the year will receive the “Art Keller CCIW Offensive Player of the Year” award while the defensive player of year will receive the “Don Larson CCIW Defensive Player of the Year” award. D. Coach of the Year: Football coaches will select a “Bob Reade Football Coach of the Year” at their regular fall meeting.

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COLLEGE CONFERENCE OF ILLINOIS AND WISCONSIN FOOTBALL SPORTS GUIDE V. HOST SCHOOL/VISITING SCHOOL RESPONSIBILITIES A. The host school administration needs to notify visiting teams of pre-game and halftime space provisions in advance of the game. Each CCIW school shall attempt to provide adequate and appropriate space provisions for visiting teams to utilize two hours prior to game time and at halftime of each conference game. B. The home team will furnish ice for the visiting team before the start of the game. Each team will furnish their own towels. C. There must be a minimum of four balls available for all games with ball boys operating on each side of the field. Ball boys should be provided by the host school. D. Public address announcers should be trained adults who know the officials’ signals. The announcer should be informative, not emotional. E. Home teams must furnish chain and box crews. (The use of responsible adults is preferred.) Uniform should be distinctive in color. Chain and box crews must be on the side of the field opposite the press box. F. The official timer shall be someone other than a student. G. Each coach should encourage his Sports Information Director to provide copies of the game play-by-play to the visiting team if a play-by-play is kept in the press box. H. The field should be divided for pre-game warm-up in an “L” shaped pattern with each school having from the 40-yard line in front of its bench to the end zone. I. The host school should provide a space for the spotter in the press box or appropriate area. J. The host school should provide equal film space for both teams for the filming of the games. K. Each team shall be responsible for their own headsets. L. The host school should provide phones and/or space if at all possible for the visiting teams. Opposing teams should be notified if none is available. M. Each year the conference office will supply CCIW parents’ passes, which will be honored at away CCIW contests. Pass lists are not to be used for admission. N. The host school should provide medical personnel to cover all emergencies.

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O. A medical doctor must be present during every game. P. The host school must make an ambulance available during every game. Q. The home team should provide an optimal playing field (surface). The host school should do all within its power to prepare a playing surface that will allow both teams to maximize their performance. This should address inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow. VI. EQUIPMENT A. The Wilson football will be the official conference ball. B. Clear and accurate diagrams of the field and markings are in the rulebook. Fields should be marked accordingly. VII. OFFICIALS A. All officials are to be assigned by the Conference Assignment Chairman. There will be seven officials per game starting in 2007. B. The Conference Assignment Chairman shall present a list of assignments of officials during the spring preceding the fall season. C. Security (especially at entrance/exit to field) should be provided for the officials. D. Officials’ evaluations should be completed by the coach, who is encouraged to send them to the Conference Assignment Chairman as soon as possible. VIII. CONTRACTS A. There are no signed contracts for any game with another conference school B. Contracts for non-conference opponents are recommended but issued at the discretion of each conference school.

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