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Volume II, Issue 4                                                                                                                April 2010

Stories from the Summit: Kathleen Deyer Bolduc                                                                    Inside this issue:
                                     speaking have made her                 A. My advice is to keep on
                                                                                                                  FROM THE BOOKSHELF     2
                                     nationally recognized in the           wrestling with that angel called
                                     field of disability ministry.          faith, even when you feel like
                                                                                                                  REMARKABLE RESOURCES   3
                                                                            giving up. There will be days
                                     Bolduc’s latest release is
                                                                            you will be tempted to do just
                                     marked by transparency of                                                    UPCOMING EVENTS        4
                                                                            that. Jacob wrestled with an
                                     experience and emotion. All of
                                                                            angel all night long, and had
                                     the raw feelings and tough                                                   OUR MISSION            4
                                                                            his hip damaged in the process.
                                     trials that she candidly shares
                                                                            But it changed his life. It
                                     will give parents of children                                                                       4
                                                                            changed my life. I don’t mind         YOU CAN HELP!
                                     with any diagnosis plenty to
                                                                            walking with a limp if the rest
                                     identify with. The frustrations of
                                                                            of my life is in order,
                                     school and church attendance
                                     are particularly notable,              Q What do you think the future       disability ministry—to that
Nothing seems to touch parents       revealing how very far we still        holds for disability ministry?       day when people with
as much as another who has           have to go in the world of                                                  disabilities are simply an
                                                                            A. This is a hot topic! Praise the
walked a mile in their shoes.        disability.                                                                 integral part of our worship,
                                                                            Lord! One exciting thing I see
Someone who understands the                                                                                      Sunday school, adult
                                     SNAPPIN’ posed these questions         in this field is that the focus is
terminology, the struggles, the                                                                                  education classes, and small
                                     to Bolduc:                             shifting away from “how can
heartaches without need of                                                                                       groups. That’s the day we’ll
                                                                            we minister to people with
explanation seems to instantly       Q. Do you feel like you’re a role                                           know we’ve been faithful to
                                                                            disabilities,” to “how can we
connect with those on a similar      model for other parents?                                                    Jesus’ call to “love the Lord
                                                                            minister alongside people with
journey. And this is what author                                                                                 your God with all your heart,
                                     A. One of my life Scriptures is        disabilities and their families?”
Kathleen Bolduc, MA does in her                                                                                  and with all your soul, and
                                     Jesus’ words to Paul in 2              There is a much greater
new release Autism & Alleluias.                                                                                  with all your strength, and
                                     Corinthians 12:9a—“My grace            emphasis, as there should be,
                                                                                                                 with all your mind; and your
The mother of 3 boys, Bolduc         is sufficient for you, for my          on the gifts that people with
                                                                                                                 neighbor as yourself” (Luke
found herself thrust into the        power is made perfect in               disabilities bring to their
                                                                                                                 10: 27). As Jesus taught, this
world of disability through her      weakness.” I am so aware of            churches. We’re shifting from a
                                                                                                                 is how we inherit eternal life!
son, Joel, who lives with autism     my weaknesses as Joel’s mom            focus on physical
and moderate cognitive               and as an advocate for people          accommodation to attitudinal         Visit to
                                                                                                                  follow Kathleen Bolduc’s blog!
impairment. For the past 24          with disabilities in the church. I’m   accommodation. We all know                 Find this new release at
years of Joel’s life, this amazing   always falling short of the            that attitudes are much harder        !
lady has experienced the             mark. But when I acknowledge           to change than physical
physical, emotional, educational     my weaknesses—my inability to          facilities. But, as more and
and spiritual battles that come      do it all on my own—God’s              more people with disabilities
along with raising a child with      power rushes in and makes the          are welcomed into our
special needs. In 1999 she           impossible, possible. No. I’d          congregations, attitudes are
shared their story in His Name Is    say, look to Jesus as your role        changing. How can they not?
Joel: Searching for God in a         model. He’s the one you should         Our brothers and sisters who
Son’s Disability. Her 2001           be emulating.                          live with disability bring gifts
volume A Place Called                                                       of joy and transparency and
                                     Q. What advice would you give
Acceptance: Ministry with                                                   honesty with them.
                                     to those struggling with their faith
Families of Children with                                                   I’m looking forward to the day
                                     on this special needs journey?
Disabilities along with her public                                          when we don’t have to “do”
                                 From the BOOKSHELF: Reading Disabilities:                                              Beating the Odds
                                 Reading can be a skill we so            the stunning statistics that            THEY HAVE OFFERED TO
                                 often take for granted,                 “More than 70% of 3rd                   DONATE 10% OF THE
                                 except when our children                graders with reading                    PURCHASE OF EACH BOOK
                                 have difficulty with it.                problems continue to struggle           BY SNAPPIN’ PARENTS
                                 Through the far reaching                with reading in high school.            BACK TO THE MINISTRY!
                                 work I do on behalf of                  In despair or anger, many               Simply enter “SNAPPIN’
                                 parents whose children have             give up and drop out of                 MINISTRIES” in the Special
                                 special needs, I am fortunate           school.” Parents that have a            Instructions field when you
                                 to encounter many wonderful             strong desire to see their              choose a payment method at
                                 experts and resources, this             child turn their struggles    
                                 book being one of them.                 around, succeeding as adults            chaseBook.html.
                                                                         will want to get their hands
                                 Beating the Odds is nothing
                                                                         on this book!
                                 short of thorough in discussing
                                                                                                                        5            out of 5
                                 the various factors involved            Even those who don’t find
 “MORE THAN 70%                  with challenges in reading.             reading to be an issue can
                                 Risks that may never have               find a treasure trove of
 OF 3RD GRADERS                  crossed a parent’s mind are             information regarding special
 WITH READING                    pointed out with precision.             education evaluation,
 PROBLEMS                        Steps to take at home, with             monitoring your child’s
                                 the schools and in seeking              progress, solving conflict and
                                 professional evaluation are             working on an IEP. These
 STRUGGLE WITH                   clearly laid out for parents to         insights can transfer to many
 READING IN HIGH                 put to good use in helping              “disabilities” other than               Author Howard Margolis Ed.D.
 SCHOOL. IN                      their children.                         reading.                                (R), is Prof Emeritus of Reading &
                                                                                                                 Spec Ed at the City University of
 DESPAIR OR ANGER,               Early on in the book, the               This is a tool every school
                                                                                                                 NY & holds other award-winning
 MANY GIVE UP AND                authors, Howard Margolis,               and parent who cares should             credentials. Author Gary
                                 Ed.D. and Gary Brannigan,               have on their shelves!                  Brannigan, Ph.D.(L) is a Professor
                                 Ph.D. give great incentive for                                                  of Psychology at the State Univ of
 SCHOOL.”                                                                THE AUTHORS OF THIS
                                 dealing with reading                                                            NY at Plattsburgh, and has
                                                                         BOOK ARE SO DEDICATED                   practiced both Clinical & School
                                 difficulties sooner rather than
                                                                         TO HELPING PARENTS,                     Psychology for over 35 years.
                                 later. They quickly point out

                       VOLUNTEERS are the HEART of our Organization!

                                                       A personal connection forms with students
                                                       during special needs Sunday School.

 A virtual assembly line is organized as baskets are                                               Teamwork leaves participants having fun while
 put together to encourage dads of kids with special                                               serving those who need the compassion that
 needs.                                                                                            SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES offers.

                                  Page 2
Volume II, Issue 4
Remarkable Resources—Wright’s Law Website
One of the questions that      rights can be an overwhelming
seems to come up with          topic, breaks
parents of children who have   information down to
special needs again and        manageable, understandable
again is , “What are my        postings with articles on
legal rights?” That question   specific topics of interest.
can be presented in regards    When visitors click on the 
to schooling, services, public “Topics from A-Z” tab, they
access or medical care. The    will find choices that range    free newsletter, there are       section that shares success
top go-to place for any of     from ADHD and Bullying to       countless other links to free    stories submitted to them.
those questions is the         Section 504 and Transitions.    flyers, free publications,       Continually fighting for your
Wrightslaw Website             This helps parents to zero in   directories, glossaries and      child’s needs to be met    on current concerns without     best school websites. Access     within the schools and the
                               weeding through vast amounts    to information about youth       community at large can be
Getting its name from Adjunct                                  programs and summer camps        exhausting. Wright’s Law
                               of irrelevant information.
Professors of Law Pete and                                     even link into special aid for   equips you with what you
Pam Wright, the site draws     Feel like you actually need a   military families!               need and gives you the
from the vast knowledge        consultation with an attorney                                    boost to keep going on your
possessed by these two who     trained in ADA rights?          The “Yellow Pages for Kids” is
teach a course about special Wright’s law walks you            a directory listing state by
education law at the William through all the steps to          state resources for parents.     Parents would do themselves
and Mary Law School. Co-       eliminate first, before         Looking for a therapist? This    a terrific favor by visiting
authors of several books       spending the money on a         tool has them listed. Want to    this website prior to a 504
themselves, the site offers    lawyer.                         know about state government      or IEP meeting. Knowing
numerous books, CDs and                                        programs? They’re listed         what your child’s rights are
                               Regional training programs as   here. Providers are given        and getting an idea of what
DVDs on this area of focus.
                               well as an online multi-media   high incentive to make their     can be accomplished will
Boasting thousands of articles
                               training provide more           listing available to you on      prevent you from allowing
on dozens of topics, visitors
                               extensive equipping for those   Wright’s Law because it’s free   the school take control of
can click on either an
                               who seek expertise in           to them! This provides parents   the situation in ways that
advocacy library or law
                               advocacy and law. Support       with a wider array of listed     are less than suitable to you.
library with free, printable
                               groups can work through the     resources in one place.          Far too many school districts
                               programming together or the                                      try to do the least amount
While all of this may sound    24/7 availability allows         If you are a parent who
                                                                                                possible to comply with the
nice, the average parent with working through at your own      needs the encouragement of
                                                                                                law. Equipped, informed
a child who has special needs pace via the CD-Rom              another person who has faced
                                                                                                parents make the best
does not possess a law         program.                        the same struggle as you, this
                                                                                                advocates for their children.
degree. Since special                                          site actually has a separate
                               Aside from offering their own                                    This site will make you just
education advocacy and                                                                          that!

                                                                                      Page 3
380 Yosemite Rd.                   Mission Statement:
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
                                   Our pursuit is to continuously support and encourage those living with the daily challenge of
Phone: 262-567-1277                parenting a special needs child, so that the genuine love and hope of Jesus will be experienced
E-mail:           and shared in their everyday lives.

Upcoming Events—Some dates of particular interest from our Calendar on the SNAPPIN’ website
Friday, April 9, 2010, 6-8:30 PM, Fun         Saturday & Sunday, April 17 & 18,                   Sunday, April 25, 2010, 1-3 PM,
Friday for ages 10 & up, The YMCA at          2010, 10 AM—5 PM, Metroparent                       FAMILY BOWLING PARTY, Fracaro’s
Pabst Farms, The theme is “Makahiki           Magazine’s KidsFest, State Fair Park,               Lanes, Waukesha, WI. Cost $4 per
Luau”, Enjoy an evening of arts, crafts,      Milwaukee, WI; 5 stages with                        person, $15 per family Maximum.
gym activities, fun snacks and more.          entertainment, rides, climbing wall, and            Includes: Pizza, soda, shoes & 2 games
Contact              hands-on learning. Over 100                         of bowling. Contact Sharon Seegers at
for more information or to register.          exhibitors. Come enjoy food & fun for               262-893-7384 or 262-691-3572 by
                                              children of all ages and ability levels.            phone or e-mail
Saturday, April 10, 2010, 1-4 PM
                                                  by April 17th to attend!
Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI,
Monthly Respite Care Program.                                                                     Thursday & Friday, April 29 & 30,
Providing special needs children & their      Friday & Saturday, April 23 & 24,                   2010, CIRCLES OF LIFE CONFERENCE.
siblings with a safe and enjoyable            2010, ACCESSIBILITY SUMMIT, McLean                  Registration Deadline April 2, 2010.
place to play games, enjoy activities         Bible Church, Tyson’s Corner, VA; One               Holiday Inn, Stevens Point, WI. Includes
and benefit from peer support, parents        of the nation’s largest disability ministry         workshops, family fun night, SibShops
enjoy a much-needed break for the             conferences, featuring Dr. Benjamin                 and more. Visit
afternoon. For More Information &             Carson & Singer Renee Bondi; 36            for more
Consent Forms, please visit                   dynamic workshops & over 70                         information or to register.       exhibitors. For more information visit

                                  You Can Help!
                                  SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES is a 501(c)     Luxury items like lotions, soaps,        Do your children drink juice
                                  (3) non-profit corporation funded   candles and chocolates are used for      pouches like Capri Sun or a
                                  by the support and donation of      gift baskets to bless mothers of         generic equivalent? As part of
                                  churches and individuals around     special needs children.                  the Drink Pouch Brigade, the
                                  the country. Here are some ways                                              ministry earns 2 cents for every
                                  you can help:                       Mail us your partially-used gift cards   pouch turned in. Save yours in a
                                                                      to participate in our program with       clear zip-seal type bag and get
                                  Direct tax-deductible donations     Gift Card Donor at http://               them to us!
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                                  MINISTRIES, mailed to our           WI_SnappinMinistries.cfm. Shop this      On certain occasions, SNAPPIN’
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                                  stores are fully tax-deductible     on this site will also bless our         your purchase is tax-deductible.
                                  and go directly to families in      organization.

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