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Distinguishing yourself from your peers? Increasing your salary or billing rates? Ensuring the competency of your work force? Building your career? Increase your earning potential?

Get Oracle Certified!
Why Certify? Competition for IT jobs is intense, and employers are looking for ways to distinguish between both current and prospective employees. Oracle Certification provides this distinction by establishing a standard for competence and credibility that is recognized throughout the IT industry. Thousands of Oracle certified IT professionals have testified to the value of the Oracle Certification Program*. Over 90% said that certification has improved their professional credibility. Over 90% agree that being an Oracle Certified Professional has improved their job productivity. 88 % of OCPs agree that they are better qualified to manage more complex issues and projects because they are Oracle trained and certified.
(*Source: The OCP Benefit Survey)

Oracle Certification Program Overview The Oracle Certification Program (OCP) offers three distinct certification levels—Associate, Professional and Master. Each level is a benchmark of expertise that is industry-recognized and applicable for specific job roles. The three levels are organized to suit the needs of entry-level, professional, and senior level IT professionals.

Specialized Skills
Oracle Certified Master

Advanced Skills
Oracle Certified Professional

Oracle Certified Associate

How to Get Oracle Certified? Oracle University and True Admin Australia have partnered through the Workforce Development Program to offer you authorized Oracle training to ready you for Oracle Certification. The workforce development program is a unique program allowing students to attend class after work or on weekends. The structure of courses is designed for working professionals who strive to set themselves apart from the competition.

Be in Demand!
Five reasons to get Certified:
Increase your Credibility Gain Competitive Advantage Improve your Productivity Build your Confidence Advance your Career

What do Oracle Certified Professionals say about Oracle Certification? "Becoming certified has increased my credibility in the industry, and I believe that it has helped me (and my employers) feel confident in the skills they are recruiting for and for me to feel that I can perform my role capably. I would definitely recommend that others become certified, primarily for job security. In the demanding IT market today, if you are not certified you are severely restricting your earning potential and limiting your worth to an employer. Having been in the industry for over 15 years now, I am considering taking the Oracle Certified Masters Program as I think it would be the ultimate exam and really stretch me to the limits. I still love to learn all the new features and enjoy tinkering with the database to see what it can do and what my limitations are. An OCM would not be the end but the beginning of a new phase in my career.” -Richard Hibling, Australia.

"I have gained superior knowledge of Oracle technologies with the help of Oracle certification. It has increased My credibility among my peers and employers and also helped me to achieve higher productivity in my work. I believe that the Oracle Certified Professional accreditation will be the key to staying afloat in a tough economy." -Dharmesh Goradia, Australia.

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OCP – Database Administrator Track
The intensive, hands-on training course is for the delegates wishing to learn Database Administration from the very basic concepts for handling multiple databases in large organizations. The course is aligned with OCP Exams to prepare delegates to complete their Certification as they progress with the course.

Program Highlights
Oracle Authorized Training Center Participation Certificate from Oracle Experienced and Certified Instructors Covers Oracle Versions 9i R2 and 10g R2 Databases Running on Windows and Linux Student Guides from Oracle 40% discount on Oracle Certification Exams, 50% Discount on Self Test Software.

Fee $5000+GST

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