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					set up 'under construction for stuff throughout site' - generators part Need a right menu now: move featured profile first, then sponsored links is under it, then put the poll module which I saw in admin panel under it (  (poll is near the bottom on her right menu..make one like the one she has and fix it into the admin panel, the one that’s on revolver now takes up the whole index-main part..i want it to be on the new file index-right and small like the one that girl has)..then back on the left menu, I need 2 new menu’ called Graphics and the other called Music the admin panel change the layout menu to say content..and then do this..change category to “Manage Layout Category”, change manage layout to “Manage Layouts”, add “Manage Graphic Category”, add “Manage Graphics”, add “Manage Music Skin Category”, and add “Manage Music Skins”..make sure they go in that order so the admin panel doesn’t become will only show one per line because they are big and will take a whole make that show one per line…under the graphic put the get code link for it(doesn’t need a preview because basically the whole graphic will show not a preview of it; max size is 450px)…for music skins, show two per line (max size width is 295px so it should work) preview is needed because it’ll show the whole pic already, so get code will only go under it..DONT FORGET TO INCLUDE index-right on index.tpl so that it stays going through the whole site
Music Skins: pattern, celeb, color, fashion Graphics: comment graphics(pic nd normal), page graphics, nd quote graphics

fix front end css: the whole signup and member/VIP panel needs to be fixed! when I email users/vips that needs to be changed to front end also and make the advertisement work! the advertisement is just like the top preview ad rotation you set just call that should still pick a random ad from the array and show the ad in the email after it says 'Advertisement' on home page change the top menu where it has all those OnMouseOver javascript pics at…take all that off..instead make that just one full the right menu stuff first because you’ll need to know the total width of the after you make the long round pic..leave it in the same spot..but now make a ticker able to go through setup a div tag and make the pic a background..then adjust the height and width so that the ticker stays inside the pic and stays in the middle(not too far up or too far down)…ticker will be made in admin panel under “News Ticker Management”..make the ticker go at a readable speed..not too fast, but not too slow admin panel just put textbox there to import the marquee text..the ticker will show the date then the text(s) imported -e.g. Put back link on a top frame will be 100% width of page and please turn borders on so that users will notice where the layout frame is. make the footer "smart" - the body should never cover the footer, maybe fix it so that it has always has a <br> away from the body part of template..i guess you can measure the length of the index-left and index-main..then adjust it so that the footer has either a <br> after the left menu or the main part friend train part permissions on it

the train uses sql so be careful about how you are linking the stuff into the admin panel! need job file like that - in admin panel: feedback > job applications - options are: delete, reply - delete is simple, reply will ask accept or deny - if accept send message to user saying they will be working for us soon and be on the lookout for an admin to contact you - if deny, send a message saying, "Unfortunatly do to the high level of skills, we were unable to accept your application at this time. If you need or want the specific reason why, please reply back to the message stating so." - dont forget we need a badwords file! use the job file i made for 'contact us' - if user not signed on. say must be sign on for that feature and go to login page. - after login go to help profile compose message link - i seen this on yahoo mail. url looked like: - the contact us stuff will be sent to a section in admin panel called feedback..under feedback will be user contact and job applications - all files will be saved their like layouts and payment reports are. so basically messages go to admin panel then from admin panel you can respond to the user - do not want to contact by email, only want to be on site. put somethin on layout import like for layouts that go with a have a drop down box: Music Associated? then you pick yes or no...if yes another box will come up..then u put like imeem url of the song there..nd when ppl preview the layout, it'll play in the background and under about me it'll say, "Currently playing song name by song artest" the song will be a link to get to the music code page for the song. tie in all links favorite each layout user must be signed in member profiles setup for users and in admin - take out that whole free, visitor, silver, gold permission stuff..jus do visitor, user, vip..users and vip get to favorite cost $10 a month..they will get to request 2 personal layouts, 4 picture designs, and be featured profile for peak hours!..need something setup to count the request..and put in admin panel the ability to take a request away if the code did not take it off.. - Edit Profile in User Panel includes content sections. take that off! - User Stats: when searching users there's 3 things wrong. the picture part, we dont even have anything to let users upload pics so put that in and fix that, view profile doesn't work, and sending each other messages doesn't work either. so in user and vip panel we need to set up a message system..when you do that, you have to allow users to block people they dont want to talk to..also, in admin panel it allow allows admins to change password..i want to be able to see and view all user/vip passwords.. - VIP Panel is different from Member(User) Panel because VIP are allowed to request stuff and users can not. homepage layout part

- only 8 pics print out with section name under it and randomize through each of the sections When paying for advertising it will give info and preview of each type, page will look like this: Advertising Setup --------------------------------Info about what ad they have chosen Preview of that type of ad Please click Decline or Accept to move onto the next step. - If Decline then return to start of advertisements. - If Accept then continue to next step of the selected ad. - After completion of the first ad, suggest they buy another type of ad because it will bring their site more publicity. --------------------------------Drop down box of Type of Ad(after selecting the first level it will have sub-levels that come from it): 1) Sponsored Links: after accept ask for site name, url beginning with http://, and link text - preview(on link exchange it will create a link so I can log clicks, without exchange it will just do their URL): <a href="URL STUFF HERE">TEXT GO HERE</a> - link exchange - info: You are given 20 characters for the text part of link. This type of ad cost is based on the amount of clicks that come in/out of Revolver Layouts - just pay for link - info: You are given 20 characters for the text part of link. This type of ad cost is $2 (USD) a day. 2) Top Banner: after accept ask for site name, url beginning with http://, and a 610x138 pixel image - preview(url will not track clicks, just import the link given): a pic that is 610x138 pixels, blank with preview written on it - info: You need a 610x138 pixel image. The cost per banner is $6 (USD) a day. 3) Featured Site: after accept ask for site name, url beginning with http://, and a 640x240 pixel image - preview: a pic that is 640x240 pixels, blank with preview written on it - info: You need a 640x240 pixel image. The cost per banner is $8 (USD) a day. 4) Featured Profile: after accept ask for a picture of 160x110 pixels, name(15 characters or less), and a link. - preview(url will not track clicks, just import the link given): PIC THAT IS 160x110 PIXELS, BLANK WITH PREVIEW WRITTEN ON IT YOUR NAME <a href=" HERE">ADD TO FRIENDS</a> - info: You need a 160x110 pixel image, name(15 characters or less), and a link. The cost per profile is $6 (USD) a day. 5) Left Preview: ask for url beginning with http://, 300x250 pixel image - preview: a pic that is 300x250 pixels, blank with preview written on it - info: You need a 300x250 pixel image and a link. The cost per banner is $10 (USD) a day. 6) Top Preview: ask for url beginning with http://, 780x90 pixel image - preview: a pic that is 780x90 pixels, blank with preview written on it - info: You need a 780x90 pixel image and a link. The cost per banner is $15 (USD) a day. **Note: - When entering characters don't forget that need to be counted down so the customer will know

how many characters they have left. - Images will need to be approved by me first before going into site. - For text being shown, it needs to be checked by the bad words file. If it is a curse word, reject the payment. - If everything is clear and does NOT need me to check it, import the ad. - This is only for auto ad setup for customers, I should still be able to manage ads from admin panel and have permission to deny/delete/add any ad I want. NEED TO HURRY AND GET THIS BANNER STUFF DONE SO I CAN UPLOAD STUFF AND SMALL CSS/LINK FIXES CAN HAPPEN. THEN WE CAN ALL HAVE A PARTY. ----------------------------------------------------search bar: in import layout ask for tags..then the search code will have dropdown to search through: layouts, graphics, music skins, or all. credit add one then direct to homepage..echo the variable in admin panel under stats: 'Number of Views through Credit:' layouts order newest-oldest(default) not oldest-newest, allow layouts to be pushed up or shifted down, when importing ask to go in front or back put a permission in admin panel to disable admins from the delete links example: delete layout..jus one checkbox will disable ALL section deletes track how many views each layout get and section. print out similiar layouts, graphics, comment boxes, music, etc. links on get code when the mouse goes over a link in the admin panel...display the content in a like if u put ur mouse over manage'll say import layout, edit layout, delete layout --------------------------------Hide Sections Generator: Scrolling Sign Generator: Layout Snatcher (print out About Me , I'd Like to Meet , Interest , Music , Movies , Television , Books , Heroes) - make a myspace account then add the application at: Glitter Generator: - that is good enough for me, I want that one! Falling Objects Generator: Scrape User Generator: - great time to check out the application on myspace again Photo Decorator: Glitter Animater: Flash Word Generator: Something to make train better: print out user id thumbnail on myspace (on the myspace app i sent earlier)