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									Supernatural Stories
001.94 DON Donkin, Andrew 133 PUG Pugalenthii 133 PUG Pugalenthii 133 PUG Pugalenthii 133.1 DOW Dowswell, Paul & Allan, Tony 133.1 WES West, David Allen, Judy Arrigan, Mary Ashton, Charles Blake, Quentin Bowler, Tim Bowvayne Dickinson, Peter Edwards, Rebecca Fienberg, Anna Fleischman, Paul Forrestal, Elaine Gershon, Gina Godwin, Sam Hopkins, Cathy Ibbotson, Eva Jacques, Brian Jakab, E.A.M. Jinks, Catherine Johnson, Pete Jones, Diana Wynne Kennemore, Tim Langrish, Katherine Lerangis, Peter Mahy, Margaret Mappin, Strephyn Masters, Anthony Ghost After Ghost [Short Stories] Ghost Stories [Short Stories] The Restless Dead [Short Stories] Southern Blood [Short Stories] Spooky Spine Chillers Vampires: Nightmares – True Ghost Stories Hospitals: Nightmares – True Ghost Stories Voodoo: Nightmares – True Ghost Stories True Ghost Stories Ghosts and Poltergeists The Burning Lord Of The Dance Grimstone’s Ghost Time Ghost The Witches Walking With the Dead Mythbusters The Tears Of The Salamander Touch And Go The River Sai The Witch In The Lake Graven Images Stone Circle Camp Creepy Time Tremors: Tunnel Of Fear Dead Dudes Which Witch? The Haunting Of Hiram Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales The Halloween Party Eloise: A Ghost Story Eglantine: A Ghost Story The Frighteners The Time Of The Ghost The Pinhoe Egg Circle Of Doom Troll Blood Last Stop The Riddle Of The Frozen Phantom Kiss Of Blood Possessed

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McNish, Cliff Moore, Stephen Morecambe, Gary Murray, Peter J. Nash, Bruce Ogden, Charles Potter, Tessa Pulman, Felicity Reiche, Dietlof Rubinstein, Gillian Scott, Hugh Scott, Michael Stine, R.L. Stone, Mathew Taylor, G.P. Westall, Robert Wright, Betty Ren

Poltergeist Breathe: a Ghost Story Dead Edward The Return Of The Count Bonebreaker Haunted Kids Pet’s Revenge Rare Beasts Dark Waters Ghost Boy Ghost Ship Under The Cat’s Eye A Ghost Waiting The Alchemyst Mostly Ghostly Rewind Shadowmancer The Curse of Salamander Street The Stones Of Muncaster Cathedral The Call and Other Stories The Moonlight Man

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