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									The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

1: What was the name of the garden where Adam 6: What was the name of Abraham's nephew? and Eve lived? Lot Garden of Eden Joseph Garden of Gethsemane Moses Garden of Babylon Shem Garden of Paradise 7: What was the name of Isaac's wife? 2: Which creature tricked Eve into eating of the forbidden fruit? Sarah Hannah Monkey Rebekah Rabbit Naomi Serpent Spider 8: What object featured in Jacob's dream at Bethel? 3: Who was the first child born? Ladder Cain Well Abel Wall Seth Chariot Noah 9: Who did Joseph's brothers sell him to? 4: From what disaster did the Ark save Noah? Egyptians Fire and Brimstone Ishmaelites Earthquake Philistines Plague Shechemites Flood 10: How did the angel of the Lord appear to 5: What was the name of the tower that the Moses? people were building when God confused their language? In a dream From within a burning bush Tower of God By a well Tower of Dagon As a bright light in the sky Tower of Babel Tower of Siloam

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

11: What was the first plague upon Egpyt? Frogs Death of the first born Locusts Water into blood 12: What was the name of the sea that the Israelites escaped through? Dead Sea Sea of Galilee Red Sea Black Sea 13: How did Moses make the bitter waters of Marah drinkable? Threw a piece of wood into the water Struck the water with his staff Dipped his hand in the water Waved his hand over the water 14: How did Moses assure victory against the Amalekites?

16: What was the name of the ark where the commandments were to be kept? Ark of the People Ark of the Pentateuch Ark of the Covenant Ark of the Tabernacle 17: What golden animal did the Israelites make as an idol? Golden Eagle Golden Lamb Golden Calf Golden Serpent 18: How many spies did Moses send out to explore the land of Canaan? 2 5 10 12

19: What animal spoke to Balaam? Laid down his staff in the direction of Amalek Held up his hands Built an altar to God Stood upon a rock 15: How many commandments did God give to Moses on Mount Sinai? 5 10 20 50 Donkey Camel Sheep Raven 20: Who was the successor to Moses? Abraham Joshua Samuel Samson

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

21: What was the name of the woman who hid the spies at Jericho? Esther Rahab Ruth Rachel 22: How was the city of Jericho destroyed? Fire from heaven Earthquake Walls fell down Tidal wave 23: What order did Joshua give to God?

26: What did Samson later find in the lion that he killed? Milk Honey Water Bread 27: Which judge vowed his daughter to the Lord as a burnt offering? Samson Gideon Ehud Jephthah 28: Who did Ruth marry?

Make the sun and moon stand still Make darkness cover the land Open the ground and swallow the enemies Make the river flood and drown the enemy camp 24: With what object did Jael kill Sisera?

Solomon Boaz Othniel David 29: Who was the first king of Israel?

Sword Knife Rock Tent peg 25: What object did Gideon place on the ground to receive a sign from God? Fleece Robe Bread Branch

Saul David Solomon Samuel 30: With what did David kill Goliath? Sword Stone Spear Arrow

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

31: What gift did Solomon ask of God? Wisdom Wives Money Forgiveness 32: What was Solomon famous for building?

36: What punishment was given to Gehazi for his greed? Stoned to death Made leprous Sent into exile He was made dumb 37: How much of Elijah's spirit did Elisha receive?

Altar Ship Palace Temple 33: Who brought Elijah bread and meat to eat during the drought? Priests Shepherds Ravens Angels 34: What test did Elijah set the prophets of Baal, but failed, proving their god to be false? Lighting a fire Walking on water Raising the dead Healing the sick 35: Which King took possession of Naboth's vineyard? Ahab Cyrus Zechariah Josiah

Double Half Equal None 38: What object did Elisha cause to float? Rock Ship's anchor Sword Axe head 39: Where were the Jews taken captive to when Jerusalem was destroyed? Syria Babylon Nineveh Ur 40: What was the new name given to Daniel while in captivity? Shadrach Meshach Belteshazzar Abednego

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

41: What did Daniel do for Nebuchadnezzar that no-one else was able to do? Play the harp Interpret his dreams Decipher the writing on the wall Heal his son from leprosy

46: Who was king when the temple was finally rebuilt? Darius Artaxerxes Sheshbazzar Cyrus

42: Which of these words did not appear in writing 47: What service did Nehemiah perform for King on the wall? Artaxerxes? Tekel Upharsin Lama Mene 43: Daniel had a dream about four things. What were they? Cities Beasts Rivers Chariots 44: Which king decreed that the Jews could return to their land to rebuild the temple? Darius Artaxerxes Sheshbazzar Cyrus 45: Which of these prophets helped encourage the completion of the temple rebuild after a delay? Hosea Joel Haggai Habakkuk Baker Cupbearer Guard Chef 48: Which of the following was not a 'friend' of Job? Zophar Nahath Eliphaz Bildad 49: "The Lord is my Shepherd", is the opening line to which Psalm? Psalm 1 Psalm 23 Psalm 50 Psalm 119 50: Which city did Jonah try to run to instead of going to Nineveh as God had commanded? Jerusalem Damascus Tarshish Babylon

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

51: How long was Jonah stuck inside the great fish? 1 day 3 days 1 week 1 month

56: What happened to Jesus on the 8th day of his life? He was baptised He was circumcised He was taken back to Nazareth He was given presents

52: Zacharias and Elizabeth were told by an 57: At the age of 12, Jesus was left behind in angel that they would have a son. What was he to Jerusalem. Where did his parents find him? be called? In the temple Jesus In a tent John By a well Matthew In the marketplace Luke 58: What form did the Holy Spirit take at the 53: What punishment was Zacharias given for not baptism of Jesus? believing the angel? Lamb He was made blind Eagle He was made lame Dove He was made dumb Unicorn He was made a leper 59: Who were the first two disciples to be called? 54: Who decreed that a census of the entire Roman world should be taken at the time of James and John Jesus' birth? Simon and Andrew Matthew and Thomas Tiberias Philip and Bartholomew Augustus Nero 60: What miracle did Jesus perform at the Claudius marriage in Cana? 55: In which city was Jesus born? Nazareth Jerusalem Bethlehem Galilee Feeding of 5000 Raising of Lazarus The withered fig tree Water into wine

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

61: Which disciple was a tax collector? Matthew Judas James Andrew 62: Complete the Beatitude: "Blessed are the meek..." For theirs is the kingdom of heaven For they shall be called the children of God For they shall inherit the earth For they shall see God 63: According to the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, "a city that is on a hill cannot be..." what? Overthrown by enemies Supplied with water Hidden Flooded

66: What miracle did Jesus perform just before healing Legion of his unclean spirit? Calming of the storm Feeding of the 4,000 Raised Lazarus Walking on water 67: At the feeding of the 5,000, what food did they have? 5 loaves and 4 fishes 7 loaves and 2 fishes 4 loaves and 5 fishes 5 loaves and 2 fishes 68: When Jesus walked on water, which sea was it? Sea of Galilee Dead Sea Red Sea The Great Sea

64: What is the next line of the Lord's prayer after 69: Which of these disciples was not present at "Give us this day our daily bread..." ? the transfiguration? Thy will be done on earth as in heaven Hallowed be thy name And lead us not into temptation And forgive us our debts Peter Thomas James John

65: In the parable of the sower, what happened to 70: In the parable of the Good Samaritan, who the seed that fell by the way side? was the second man to pass by the robbed man? Washed away Eaten by birds Grew, but withered Choked by weeds Levite Samaritan Priest Innkeeper

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

71: What job did the Prodigal Son end up taking after he had spent his inheritance? Dishwasher Pig feeder Street cleaner Stable boy 72: Where did Jesus find Zaccheus, the tax collector? In the temple On a donkey Up a tree In a boat 73: What did Jesus send disciples to fetch on his triumphal entry into Jerusalem? Water Donkey Money Coat 74: In the parable of the ten virgins, what were they waiting for? Christmas Midnight Bridegroom Supper

76: Which disciple was to deny Jesus three times? Matthew Andrew Peter James 77: Which garden did Jesus go to pray in before his arrest? Eden Babylon Galilee Gethsemane 78: What was the name of the servant who had his ear cut off at the arrest of Jesus? Didymus Malchus Barnabas Ananias 79: Which prisoner did the crowd call for to be released when Pilate asked them? Bartholomew Barabbas Titus Judas

75: What payment did Judas accept for betraying 80: What was the name of the place where Jesus Jesus? Christ was crucified? Silver Gold Cattle Pearls Gethsemane Machpelah Golgotha Gerasa

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

81: On what day of the week was Christ resurrected? 1st 3rd 6th 7th 82: Who did Mary suppose Jesus to be at first after the resurrection? Roman soldier Gardener Milkman Farmer 83: What did Thomas want to see before he would believe that Jesus had been raised? The tomb clothes The nail imprints The thorn imprints The spear wound 84: Which group of people stood and watched Jesus as he ascended into heaven? Samaritans Nazarites Pharisees Galileans

86: What did Peter and John heal the man of at the temple gate called Beautiful? Blindness Dumbness Lameness Unclean spirits 87: Who did God send to restore Paul's sight? Jesus Ananias Bartholomew Timothy 88: What did Paul do immediately after receiving his sight back? He preached in the synagogues He was baptised He changed his name to Paul He set off on his first missionary journey 89: Who did Paul take with him on his first missionary journey? Timothy Silas Barnabas Philip

90: What event occured to help release Paul and 85: On what day did the apostles receive the Holy Silas from prison? Spirit? Earthquake Passover Whirlwind Pentecost Riot Day of Atonement Flood Purim

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

91: What happened to the prison keeper after finding all the doors open and the prisoners unchained? He was thrown into prison He was brought before the governor He killed himself He believed and was baptised 92: Who went to sleep during one of Paul's sermons and fell out of the window? Tychicus Tabitha Eutychus Sapphira 93: How does Paul tell us to work out our own salvation? With fear and trembling By reading our Bible often In hope and charity By obeying Paul's words 94: Who had a slave named Onesimus? Paul Jude Titus Philemon

96: Who was the author of Revelation? Paul Jesus John Luke 97: Which of these is one of the seven churches in Revelation? Ephesus Galatia Thessalonica Philippi 98: What animal is associated with the first four of the seven seals? Sheep Goat Horse Dragon 99: The fifth trumpet in Revelation is a plague which was also a plague upon Egpyt in Exodus. Which one? Death of the firstborn Darkness Locusts Hail

95: Melchizidek was a high priest, but also king of 100: In Revelation, what is the number of a man? where? 7 Babylon 42 Judah 153 Salem 666 Egypt

The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

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The Really Big Fun Bible Quiz!

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