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									Final Draft 23/1/07

Procedure for Changing Career Pathways 1. Introduction This procedure has been designed to facilitate the re-designation of posts from one career pathway to another where there are no regrading implications. 2. 2.1 Application Process Applications for a change in the designation of a post may be made at any time of the year by a Head of School/Directorate. Any individual wishing to change their career pathway must do so through their Head of School/Directorate. The application will be in the form of an up to date job description reflective of the new career pathway and a covering letter outlining the changes to the role and how it reflects the relevant generic benchmark role for the requested career pathway. Applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Division for consideration. The relevant Human Resources Manager will review the request in light of the information provided and confirm that there are no implications for other Human Resources procedures including probation and promotion before confirming any change. If there are any financial implications associated with the change, the relevant codes and financial approval will be sought from the relevant University division. Provided there are no implications as outlined in 2.3 and 2.4 above, the Human Resources Manager will confirm the change. Successful applications will normally be applied from the first day of the month following submission to the Human Resources Division. The Human Resources Division will write to the Head of School/Directorate to confirm the outcome of the application, in the case of a successful application a new set of terms and conditions confirming the change in career pathway will be enclosed for the Head of School/Directorate to distribute to the member of staff concerned. Appeals Appeal Procedure Requests for appeal against unsuccessful applications should be made in writing to the Director of Human Resources who will consider the appeal and inform the Head of School/Administrative Directorate of the outcome. .







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