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					THE PORTFOLIO RESUME SERIES Finding a job is tough. There’s a lot of competition for good paying jobs. How can a job seeker set himself apart from others? Whether a first-time job seeker or someone who’s been in the market for a while, a career portfolio can help job seekers present the best to prospective employers and others who may be able to help them in their job search. A portfolio is a collection of information about the job seeker! It should be designed to help present a wealth of skills to prospective employers. In this 2-part video series, the viewer learns about the various components of a career portfolio, which include goals and values, the resume, work samples, letters of recommendation, works in progress, awards, community service, references, and more. Career portfolio expert, Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D., helps viewers better understand which information to include in order to personalize the portfolio. Armed with a solid portfolio, any job seeker will stand out and be able to SHOW prospective employers exactly what sets them apart from other job seekers. One 17 to 21 minutes video each Defining and Developing Your Portfolio: $85.00 Using and Maintaining Your Portfolio: $85.00 Order Both Tapes and SAVE! The Portfolio Resume Series: $165.00 Web Resumes There are cell phones, emails, faxes multi-telephone conferencing, video conferencing . . . the list goes on and on. This is also true in the job search. The resume has undergone several changes in the past ten years. In some cases, a basic cover letter and resume are no longer enough to attract an employer’s attention. This video program takes a look at various resume alternatives and how to best utilize these nontraditional formats to your advantage. Topics covered include Web and Electronic Resumes – deals with the newest wave of resumes to come along. Viewers learn how to effectively put together a resume for the web, how and where to post it, and how to get it noticed. Creative Resumes – What are they? How do you put one together? What occupations lend themselves to this type of resume? Looks at various types of creative resumes such as video and creative writing. Target Resumes – gives viewers information about targeting a specific career and creating a resume specific to this career. Information on how to develop your capabilities, accomplishments, experiences, and other important information directly related to the position you’re seeking. Mid-Life and Re-Entry Resumes – More and more people are discovering they must take charge of their lives. This change is sometimes by choice and sometimes by necessity. Layoffs, technological advances, and job dissatisfaction are all factors that can lead to career changes. In addition, there are more women than ever returning to the work force after taking time off to raise a family. This section deals with how to handle the unique challenges facing these individuals and how to create the most effective resume for them. The program includes interviews with a resume professional, job search counselor, and individuals from the Online Career Center. One 30-minute video $95.00 Cress Productions 545 South Main Street Elburn, IL 60119 (800) 637-2449

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