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									Title III Learning Experience
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Point Manual for Students/Enhancement for Supermarket Smarts
Grade Level: Manual 5-12/Enhancement 9-12

LE Title: Power

Author(s): Cheryll Phippen

School : Parishville Hopkinton Central School School Address: Parishville, New York, 13672

Topic/Subject Area: Manual, All subject Areas Enhancement for Social Studies

School Phone/Fax: 315-265-4642

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Purpose or Focus of Experience
Students will construct a power point based on information they have collected as part of the Supermarket Sweeps (See Title 3)

Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Standard 2: Information Systems: Students will access, generate, process, and transfer information using appropriate technologies. Standard 5: Technology: Students will apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, use and evaluate products and systems to satisfy human and environmental needs.

English Language Arts
Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding: Students will listen, speak, read, and write for information and understanding. As listeners and readers, students will collect data, facts, and ideas; discover relationships, concepts, and generalizations; and use knowledge generated from oral, written, and electronically produced texts. As speakers and writers, they will use oral and written language that follows the accepted conventions of the English language to acquire, interpret, apply, and transmit information.

How can I construct a visual to accent an oral presentation?

Declarative content knowledge

students will identify slide, transition, effect, text students will organize information they have gathered Procedural students will design and produce a power point to include pertinent facts obtained about shopping or topic of choice.

(Chronologically ordered description of all teacher & student activities and interactions.)

3-5 45 minute periods after information has been gathered

Technology: Power Point Presentation Software Projection Device may be needed when Presentation is viewed Students MUST collect and organize all information before a Power Point Presentation is created.

Student Manual for Power Point
Power Point is a tool that can be used to create a presentation. The Power Point program allows the user to make slides that can have both a text, graphics and connect this slide with other slides, thus producing a slide show. This document will familiarize the student with terms and give direction for the student to produce their own presentation with little or no intervention from a teacher. Menu Bar is the bar at the top of the desktop. Work area is the active space on the slide where text is being typed or a graphic is being placed. Work area is the space you are working in. Scroll Bar is usually found to the right of a direction. You may change the effects on the slide by moving the cursor in the scroll bar. Transition is the effect you will see when going from one slide to the next. Build refers to how text is incorporated into the slide Balloon Help is when you place the cursor over a button the compute will assist you by identifying the purpose of the button. Get Ready, Get Set Go ...... Start by opening the Power Point Program, you will find it under Microsoft Office. If the tip of the day pops up click on OK. Now you are ready to begin your presentation. Once you have started your program take time to “save as” and give the program a name.

Step 1
You will see a slide that resembles the following. Here you must make a selection. The first 3 choices will provide you with an automatic pre-created format. Since this is your presentation and you will want to individualize it, I would suggest you click in Blank Presentation. This will allow you to choose the slide type that fits best in your presentation.

Step 2
The following slide will appear. Here you will be asked to select the slide you will want for your first page. Note the first slide is highlighted. Generally this is best for the opening slide. Click on this slide and click on OK. This will open your slide and create a work area for your first slide.

If the slide type you need does is not in this window you may use the scroll bar and scroll down to additional slides (see picture below). Select the slide that best fits your needs. To select the slide click on that slide and then click on the Button marked OK. This procedure will insert the selected slide into your slide show.

Step 3
Once the slide has been selected you may add text to it. To make an area active click on the area with your cursor. This will allow you to type text into the area. If you wish to move this work area on your slide, position the cursor on the outside boarder (not over a dot) click and drag the active work area to any position on your slide.

Step 4
To add another slide: select Insert on the menu bar and click and drag to “New Slide”. You will return to the auto lay out form (step 2). Select the slide you wish to insert into your slide show by clicking on the slide and clicking on the button OK

When you wish to view your slide show, go to view on the menu bar and drag to slide show. Let go and you will automatically see your slide show. By now you should understand how slides are added to your slide show. In Step 5 you will learn how to build text in a slide. This build command allows you to input information one line at a time when viewing your presentation.

Step 5
In your final project you may wish to discuss one topic at a time and have just that word or group of words enter a slide at one time. (See example below)

Original Slide you produced:

Slides would be shown in the following order in your presentation: Each word or set of words would be viewed after the mouse is clicked. This would give you the option of discussion the terms before the next term was displayed

Mouse Click Mouse click 1

What would be viewed on screen

Mouse click 2

Mouse click 3

Mouse click 4

To Insert slide on which you can Build Text
To add a slide on which you can Build Text: select Insert on the menu bar and click and drag to “New Slide”. You will return to the auto lay out form (step 2).

Select the slide that is highlighted in the picture below, clicking on the slide and clicking on the button OK


Type in the text you wish to include on the slide. When you Build Text you direct the text you type to enter the slide at different times with a click of the mouse. To do this go to the menu bar and select Tools and drag to Build.

A window similar to the following will pop up. Now you will be able to select the different effects you can use on your text by clicking on the  under Effect and dragging to the desired effect. Click on OK.

After you have created all your slides and have previewed your slides it is time to add Transitions. Transitions have 2 parts. Part one is the speed in which the slide will go to the next slide. Part 2 of the transition is the effect you will see when going to the next slide. To add a Transition have the slide open. (visible). Go to tools on the menu bar and drag to transition, let go.

The following window will open. Select the effect by clicking on the  to the right under Effect. Drag to the desired effect. You will see be able to view a demonstration of the effect you have selected in this window. The dog will change to a key or vice versa using your selected effect. Now select the speed you wish to use by clicking in the bubble to the left of slow, medium or fast, now click on the button OK. Transitions should be added to each of your individual slides.

To add animation
To add animation of words or pictures click on Slide show, drag to custom Animation, click.

The following window will appear.

In this window you must click in the box to the left of what you wish animated. For example if you wish the title animated you would click in the box to the left of title. If you wished Text 2 animated you would also click in that left hand box.

After you have determined what you wish to animate, click on ordering and timing . Determining the Ordering of the animation (which item would appear first and which item would appear second by Clicking on the Move arrows. After you have done this decide on how you wish the animation to appear. Two choices are available, on mouse click, (as appears in the diagram) or automatically. You must select one of these options.

Next decide on the effects of the animation. . To select the desired animation, click on the arrow to the right of each box under Entry animation and sound. Read each text box in this window. You may make any change to any of the mentioned options by clicking on the arrow and clanging the effect. Remember to click on OK to save any changes you make to the animation.

Background Color
Sometimes it adds interest to add a background color to your slide. To add a background color click on Format on the menu bar and drag to Slide Background. Here you will be able to select a background color for your slide.

Sometimes an attractive patterned background is desirable on your slides. To add an attractive patterned background select Format on the menu bare and click and drag to Presentation Template. Now select On Screen & 35mm slides. This will take you to the following screen.


On this screen if you use the scroll bar and scroll down you may find a very unique background for your slide. To insert this background into your slide show click on Apply.

Short Cuts
At the bottom of your power point program you will see the following symbols. These are short cut buttons that will direct you to the following: ( in order of occurrence) Individual slide view, outline of slides, slide sorter view, note page view, and slide show.

To add graphics
Once all your slides have been made and placed in your slide show you are ready to add graphics. Graphics may be selected from the Internet, the clipboard, clipart collection, or scanned. Once you have found the graphic you wish to include on your slide, copy the image. This will place the image in your computers memory. Go to the selected slide and paste the image.

To Delete Text Box
Click on the text box to make the text box active. Click on the border around the text box. Boxes should appear on the boarder. To delete this text box strike your delete key on the keyboard. The text box is gone. To delete graphics: click on the graphic to make it active. Next strike your delete key. This will delete your graphic.

A few things to remember:
     When you open the program you should save as soon as possible. Whenever you are in the program and have added or changed a slide, you should save your work. Avoid clutter on your slide. More is not necessary better. When selecting color combinations use care. On a light background light text will not show up well Dark backgrounds tend to distract from the presentation. Do not use fonts smaller than 18. Small fonts will be hard to save Do keep a consistency “look” to the presentation.


2 power point sites you may wish to check out are:   VERY IMPORTANT NOTES:

Depending on the version of Power Point the tool bar may be slightly different. However, if you familiarize yourself with each tool you will be able to select the appropriate tool for the appropriate job. To familiarize yourself with the tool bar, click on each individual tool and view the pop out menu. Also, the directions in this power point manual are for a basic presentation. They can assist the student to make a first time presentation. Many manuals are written for more advanced presentations, if you are interested you may consult other manuals for a more in-depth study.


Rubrics Requirements Developed a Power Point Presentation with a minimum of 5 slides Points Points 15 (each slide is worth 3 points) Points Earned

Added pertinent information about topic Included background color

Included Colored Text

Included Graphics from 2 sources Included animation of text

Points 40(Facts included based on predetermined assignment) Points 5 (included a design or color on each slid, 1 point each slide Points 5 (Graphics should be on a minimum of 2 slides, Graphics should not detract for information, should enhance information) Points 5 (must include title and name of author) Points 5 (should include animation of text on a minimum of 3 slides) Points 5 (Include your name and the topic name) Points 5 (list all places where information is obtained) Points 5 (Completed on time and neat) Points 5 Spell Checked

Included a title Slide Included a Works Cited page Presented Power Point Presentation to class Slide show Spelling

Slide Show Grammar

Points 5 Grammatically correct

Coupons are a valuable tool to decrease the cost of the grocery bill. Some stores double coupons while other stores do not accept any form of coupons. As part of the shopping trip the student should “cut coupons” from the news paper and be encouraged to visit one of the following sites and select any usable coupon (coupon that could lower the cost of a food item on their grocery list.)to determine if coupons do lower the cost of the grocery bill. Construct the following graph: Title of Graph: Impact of Coupons total cost of food products total cost of food products after _______

coupons were used total value of coupons used total store value of coupons used (amount saved)

_______ _______ _______

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5. See coupons that you can download, print, and use in many of your favorite stores. Save big on gifts, food, baby items, clothing, cosmetics, and more. Ideas for Projects
At the end of this unit have the students construct a brochure on Shopping Hints. Place this brochure in super markets to assist the customer in making quality decisions when shopping. Make sure to get the permission of the store owner or operator before placing the brochures in the store. Plan a budget and meal plan for a week. Assist in the preparation of a meal for a Soup Kitchen or Meals on wheels. Plan a Nutritious Snack for a Senior Citizen or nursing home. Prepare and serve the snack. Teacher Note: All of the above projects will led to better Citizen awareness and involvement. Following the activity discuss volunteer work and citizen involvement in communities.


3 to 5 45 minute class periods to produce

Software: Power Point All Graphics for this project came from Power Point Digital Camera may be useful

(Include samples of student work showing different levels of performance.)

Last semester, after Supermarket Sweeps had been taught, I realized one of the requirements was a Power Point Presentation created by the student. Students were sent to the computer room with little or no knowledge on how to construct a Power Point Presentation. With the guidelines for this Title 3 project, I knew it was my chance to revise an already great unit. I decided to create a manual that would assist the student in the production of their Power Point Presentation. This manual has been used successfully in 2 classes. Both our Social Studies teacher and English teacher had their classes use this manual. In both cases students were asked to gather and organize facts before they started to work on the power point. At the end of the class students were asked to give constructive criticism on the manual, ideas on how to improve the manual and make it more helpful. After each class improvements were made. In addition to the Power Point Manual I have suggested the introduction of coupons to the original Supermarket Sweeps Unit. Coupons are a valuable tool used to decrease the cost at super markets. Included in this revisions are a variety of suggestions on how to obtain coupons. A graphing project to demonstrate the value. Over all, this project in completion has been a benefit to both our students and teachers. I hope you will find benefit in this unit.

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