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									DRAFT OSDE Form 15 Instructions

DRAFT Oklahoma State Department of Education, Special Education Services Summary of Performance (SOP), Form 15 Instructions
The following guide can be used to assist districts in meeting the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 requirements for students whose special education eligibility terminates due to graduation or exceeding the age eligibility requirements. Under these new provisions, the districts shall provide the student a summary of the student’s academic achievement and functional performance, (including information on students who are English language learners) which includes recommendations on how to assist the student in meeting desired postsecondary outcomes, while also addressing the student’s primary language. The Oklahoma Summary of Performance (OK-SOP) may be used as a working document throughout a student’s high school career to enable students, parents, school staff, and other service providers to annually prepare for the transition sections of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the final exit SOP. However, the SOP must be provided prior to a student leaving high school.

How to Use the OK-SOP
Special education teachers will facilitate their students’ use of the OK-SOP prior to their freshman year IEP meeting and then annually (if using it in the IEP process). The final OK-SOP will be given to students upon graduation or exiting due to exceeding the age eligibility requirements. Section 1 My Summary of Performance My Post-school Goals for One Year After Exiting High School Students will complete Section 1 using available academic and transition assessment results prior to their IEP meeting and then before their exit IEP meeting. This section should reflect the students’ interests, strengths, and preferences for post-school goals to attain within one year of leaving high school. School staff and other service providers should indicate any recommendations that will assist students in achieving these goals. Section 2 My Perceptions of My Disability Students will complete Section 2 by describing their primary and secondary disabilities, how they feel their disability affects their performance, what supports are helpful, what supports are not helpful, and any accommodations that were helpful while in high school that may continue to facilitate success. Section 3 School’s Perspective on My Disability School staff and other service providers will complete Section 3 during students’ junior year of high school. Staff will describe how the students’ disabilities affect their performance and what accommodations have been and may continue to be helpful. Staff should not only list the accommodation but also describe how it was used, in what situations, and to what degree. Section 4 School-Produced Summary of My Academic Achievement and Functional Performance School staff and other service providers will complete Section 4 and will review this section annually to determine assessment needs to facilitate attainment of transition goals. 1

DRAFT OSDE Form 15 Instructions Professionals should attach copies of the most recent assessment reports as they relate to relevant areas addressed in this Section. Recommended Student Use of the Oklahoma Summary of Performance  During students’ final years of high school, the OK-SOP will be completed in its entirety. Students will present to their IEP teams (to the greatest extent possible) their SOP during their exit IEP meetings.  During high school years, students will use the information learned from the SOP to add to their IEP meeting discussions and to help plan ongoing class and program selection (e.g., work study, CareerTech, etc.).  During the last year in high school (or after exiting high school), students may write a letter (see attached sample) to send in conjunction with their SOP to adult service providers, including colleges or university disability service offices, state office of vocational rehabilitation, technology centers, employers, independent living centers, etc. This may help students disclose their disability and openly discuss and advocate their needs.  Students may consider using information from the SOP to discuss job site accommodations with their employers. If the student’s disability prevents him or her from being involved in completing the OK-SOP and discussing the results at the IEP meeting, educators or other providers may need to seek information from parents, guardians, or other caregivers to complete the SOP. However, input from the student, to whatever extent possible, should be acknowledged and incorporated into the SOP.

DEFINITIONS Accommodations = a support or service that is provided to help a student equally access the general education curriculum or subject matter. An accommodation does not change the content of what is being taught or the expectation that the student meet a performance standard applied for all students. Modifications = a change to the general education curriculum or other material being taught, which alters the standards or expectations for students with disabilities. Instruction can be modified so that the material is presented differently and/or the expectations of what the student will master are changed. Assistive Technology (AT) = any device that helps a student with a disability function in a given environment. AT can include simple/low tech solutions such as laminated pictures for communication, removable highlighter tapes, Velcro and other various voice output devices. Supports = Connections or coordination with outside agencies, personnel or other services or supports used in high school.


DRAFT OSDE Form 15 Instructions

Sample Letter to Accompany Summary of Performance


My Postsecondary Service Provider (Student’s name) (Date letter is written and sent) My Public School Summary of Performance Report

Attached you will find my public school Summary of Performance (SOP). I developed this summary with help from my parents, teachers, and other service providers. It contains the following sections.

1. My post-school goals for one year after leaving high school. 2. My perceptions of my disability, supports that work best for me, and accommodations that may
be addressed in post-school settings.

3. The school’s perspective on my disability and recommendations for supports and
accommodations from high school professionals.

4. A summary of my high school academic achievement and functional performance.
Each section contains information that is important for my success. Please review the information carefully. I will be happy to schedule a time to visit with you about any of the information in my Summary of Performance Thank you for your time. Sincerely, John Doe 123 School Road Enid, OK 73000 (405) 555-1111 student@mail.com


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