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					International Finance

Experience. Expertise. Execution.

A Global Perspective

For more than two decades, FGIC has helped issuers raise cost-efficient capital to ensure their continued growth and prosperity. As the capital markets have expanded globally, so has FGIC.

From our offices in London and New York, we offer credit enhancement solutions to a broad range of markets, including international infrastructure, international securitizations and international utilities. The FGIC triple-A guaranty affords issuers more cost-effective access to both domestic and cross-border capital by attracting a broader class of investors and creating liquidity for their paper in the market. Our credit derivatives products enable FGIC to provide credit protection on a wide variety of assets and allow us to offer tailored triple-A rated swap products to our clients.

Delivering Value
Our unconditional and irrevocable guaranty of timely payment of principal and interest delivers value to all key participants in the international financial marketplace: • Issuers can obtain capital more efficiently, reduce their financing costs and gain enhanced access to the capital markets. • Investors obtain increased marketability and liquidity, and continuous surveillance. • Investment bankers and other intermediaries can structure and execute transactions more efficiently and effectively. Our international underwriting teams offer extensive credit enhancement expertise and industry knowledge of a broad range of global markets. We work in partnership with issuers and investment bankers to develop innovative solutions for their complex transactions. By combining FGIC’s dynamic approach to underwriting with the extensive expertise of our credit, legal, and risk management professionals, we deliver first-rate execution on a global basis.

Credit enhancement for a broad range of sectors:




The FGIC Advantage
FINANCIAL STRENGTH. In today’s global capital markets, issuers need – and investors demand – a financial guarantor with exceptional financial strength. FGIC’s financial position is rated Aaa/AAA/AAA, the highest ratings assigned by Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, respectively. Our disciplined underwriting, strong balance sheet and solid profitability have helped build a reputation for having the safest insured book of business in the industry and have led to strong investor demand for FGIC-insured bonds. EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTION. FGIC’s underwriting team is highly experienced in the industry, with in-depth knowledge of international markets. They’ve held senior positions at investment banks, commercial banks, other financial guarantors as well as governments and accounting firms. They also have experience across a wide variety of asset classes, including PFI, infrastructure, corporate assets, consumer assets, CDOs and derivatives products. Equally as important, all of our professionals are committed to providing highly responsive and efficient service.

Built on Strength
FGIC’s unsurpassed financial guaranty is built on a rigorous underwriting process, experienced global underwriting teams who work in partnership with customers to develop innovative financing solutions, outstanding legal and risk management support, an industry-leading technology platform, and an enduring commitment to maintaining our financial strength.

Financial Guaranty Insurance Company
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