In performing music, a sequence requires enrollment in Music Theory as well as the group activity represented by the
student’s area of expertise.
INTRODUCTION TO                                knowledge by rehearsing and performing        encourages students to improve on their
THEATER                                        pieces from the standard and                  chosen instrument, and is intended to
1 Credit - Level II                            contemporary band repertoire. This class      prepare the student to continue in the
                                               also incorporates elements of music theory    high school program.
    A survey of the various aspects of the
                                               and history, and seeks to develop within
world of theater, including such topics as
                                               each student a broad appreciation for the     CHAMBER SINGERS
the history of drama and theater in
                                               art of making music.                          1 Honors Credit - Level IV
Western civilization; acting; scenic design;
stage lighting; costume; make-up; theater                                                        This course is designed to provide
organization and management; problems          ORCHESTRA *                                   advanced choral students with an
of theatrical production; and criticism.       1 Credit - Level II                           opportunity for in-depth study of vocal
This course may be used to fulfill the         or 1 Honors Credit - Level IV                 repertoire through singing, and to enable
graduation requirement in the arts.                This orchestra course is for              students to explore advanced choral
                                               intermediate string students. The course      literature through performance in a vocally
ACTING ENSEMBLE                                will allow students to acquire the skills,    balanced ensemble. Personnel for the
1 Credit - Level II                            habits, and techniques necessary for          ensemble is dependent upon vocal balance.
   A study of the actor in an ensemble         effective musical expression. Students will   Prerequisite: Students are selected by
group. Performance projects, to be             participate in ensemble performances,         audition. Minimum average of 90% in
presented in chamber settings, will be         gaining insight into the principals of        Concert Chorus or Treble Choir
developed. Students with special interest      artistic playing. Public performance is a
may pursue this course through an              course requirement as well as small-group     TREBLE CHOIR *
emphasis on directing. Prerequisite:           lessons which are scheduled on a rotating     1 Credit - Level II
Audition and recommendation                    basis. Prerequisite: Successful               or 1 Honors Credit - Level IV
                                               completion of previous year’s orchestra           Women’s chorus is open to all students
ADVANCED ACTING                                course and permission of instructor.          grades 9-12 by audition. Programs are
ENSEMBLE                                                                                     chosen from the best in classical and
1 Credit - Level II                            SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA *                          contemporary choral literature. Basic skills
    This advanced acting class focuses on      1 Honors Credit - Level IV                    in the areas of vocal production, music,
individual work and audition pieces.               Symphony Orchestra students will          reading, intonation, part singing and
Students will explore a variety of             develop advanced playing techniques and       balance are developed. Formal concerts are
performance pieces ranging from classical      skills through the study of representative    held twice a year, in the winter and the
to contemporary theater. Students will         orchestral literature from the major music    spring. The treble choir rehearses daily and
learn to create performance structures and     periods. Requirements include public          students are required to attend one small-
have opportunities to experience theater-      performance, participation in additional      group lesson per week. Lessons are
related careers such as directing, stage       ensembles (trios, quartets, chamber           organized on a rotating basis. Admission is
managing, producing and other technical        orchestra, intermediate orchestra, etc.),     by audition. Prerequisite: audition
careers. Prerequisite: Acting Ensemble,        and small-group lessons which are
audition, and recommendation                   scheduled on a rotating basis.                CONCERT CHORUS *
                                               Prerequisite: Students are selected by        1 Credit - Level II
                                               audition. Students must have a                or 1 Honors credit - Level IV
CONCERT BAND *                                 minimum average of 90 percent in
1 Credit - Level II                                                                              Concert chorus is open to all students
                                               String Orchestra. NYSSMA level 5 or 6.        by audition. Programs are chosen from
 or 1 Honors credit - Level IV
                                                                                             the best in choral literature. These include
    Concert Band is a class offered to         CONCERT BAND 9 *                              a winter concert, a midyear concert
students in grades 10-12 who are
interested in performing on brass,
                                               1 Credit - Level II                           devoted entirely to contemporary music,
woodwind, or percussion instruments.           or 1 Honors Credit - Level IV                 and a spring concert containing a wide
                                                   Freshman Band is a class offered to 9th   variety of songs such as Broadway
The class meets for rehearsal every day for
                                               grade students interested in performing on    musicals, spirituals, madrigals,
one period. Participation in small-group
                                               brass, woodwind, or percussion                experimental, etc. The concert chorus
rotating lessons is required. These groups
                                               instruments. The class meets for rehearsal    rehearses daily and students are required to
meet once per week, and provide deeper
                                               every day for one period. Participation in    attend one small-group lesson per week.
study of such topics as tone production,
                                               small, rotating lesson groups is required.    Lessons are organized on a rotating basis.
note reading, rhythmic accuracy, and
                                               These groups meet once per week and           Admission is by audition.
performance technique. The band
performs several times throughout the          explore such topics as tone production,
school year, including concerts, football      note reading, rhythmic accuracy, and          MUSIC THEORY I
games and parades. Students have the           performance technique. The band               1 Credit - Level II
opportunity to explore more challenging        performs at concerts and parades                  A synthesis of music theory and music
music and to deepen their musical              throughout the school year. This course       literature into a comprehensive music

 course. The curriculum deals with the                                                    major sequence. Course content
 visual and aural analysis of musical         * Honors level is available in Band,        includes advanced applications of
 materials by developing skills in written      Chorus, and Orchestra                     dance techniques, historical knowledge
 harmony, ear training, sightsinging, and     Prerequisites:                              and choreographic methods displayed
 keyboard harmony. There is a one-year                                                    in numerous performances and
 Regents for this course which is required       • NYSSMA rating Level IV-
 for any student wishing to graduate with a        Outstanding or V-VI of 90-100%         workshop projects. Students will
 music sequence. Prerequisite: Student           • Minimum average of 90 percent          prepare for college auditions and
 must be a member of band, orchestra,              during prior year.                     develop their portfolios for dance
 chorus, or have experience on a solo            • Requirements: Full participation       beyond high school. Admission to
 instrument such as piano or guitar                in all phases of the regular           class is by audition.
                                                   program.                               Prerequisite: Dance I
 MUSIC THEORY II                                 • Participation in smaller ensembles
 1 Credit - Level II                               (trios, quartets, etc.)                STAGECRAFT I
    Theory II will include the                   • Independent assignments: (one          1 Credit - Level II
 continued study of harmony and an                 each quarter)                              Serves as an elective, or as 1 unit of a
 explanation of instrumentation, form            • Attendance at two professional         5 unit sequence in Fine Arts or Theatre
 and compositional characteristics                 concerts                               for a Regents Diploma for high school
 through music history. Prerequisite:            • Research paper                         students. Course content includes the
 Music Theory I                                  • Solo performance at NYSSMA             application of design and construction
                                                                                          of all areas of technical theatre including
                                                   level V or VI
                                                                                          lighting, sound, props, costumes, make-
 ADVANCED PLACEMENT                              • Multimedia project with a focus        up and stage management. To
 MUSIC THEORY                                      on creativity.                         implement this knowledge the student
 1 Credit - Level VI                                                                      will have to develop a background of
    AP Music Theory will include the          ARTS ACADEMY                                knowledge regarding historical periods
 continued study of harmony and an            DANCE I                                     of theatre. The student will be required
 explanation of instrumentation, form         2 Credits - Level II                        to develop technical skills required for
 and compositional characteristics               This course will serve as an elective    both preproduction and production
 through music history. This course           or as credits toward a dance major          involvement. The student will develop
 concludes with the AP Music Theory           sequence or as 2 credits (double            a working vocabulary of technical terms.
 exam. Prerequisite: Music Theory I           period) of a 5-unit sequence in Fine        Through the use of video presentations,
                                              Arts for a Regents Diploma for high         artist-in-residence presentations,
                                                                                          technology presentations, performance
 MUSIC                                        school students. Dance satisfies the
                                                                                          visits and practical daily application of
 TECHNOLOGY/RECORDING                         Arts requirement for graduation.
                                                                                          skills the students will acquire
 TECHNOLOGY                                   Course content includes the
                                                                                          knowledge which will enable them to
 1 Credit - Level II                          application of dance technique and          design and run any aspect of technical
     This course will offer students the      historical knowledge to performance         theatre required by any production.
 opportunity to integrate technology          and workshop projects. Ballet, Jazz,        The student will also explore career
 with Music Composition. It will              Modern dance technique, cultural            opportunities in technical theatre.
                                              dances and historical periods of dance
 combine Digital/Audio recording and
                                              will be studied through video               MUSICAL THEATRE
 Midi Programming. Students will
                                              presentations, artist-in-residence          2 Credits - Level II
 explore Sound Engineering, Music
                                              presentations, technology                      Music/Theatre course serves as an
 Production Careers, and relate               presentations, performance visits and
 Synchronization of Music for Video.                                                      elective, or as 2 credits (double period)
                                              practical daily application of skills.      in a Fine Arts or Theatre Sequence for a
 The technology services provided by          Students will study choreography,           Regents diploma for high school
 this class will be available to orchestra,   creating projects reflecting the various    students. Course content includes the
 band, chorus and theory classes.             performances, technical styles and          history of Musical Theatre and its
 Students in these classes will be able to    methods of choreography. The history        impact on society, the development and
 create portfolios for their college          of dance will be explored as it reflects    application of vocal, dance and acting
 auditions. Entire ensembles will be          and affects religious and social            techniques as applied to Musical
 recorded for critical listening and          influences of a particular time period.     Theatre performance, and the
 critique (one of the Standards for the       Career opportunities in the field of        opportunity for students to develop a
 Arts). Recording Technology will             dance will be explored.                     portfolio of audition pieces for college.
 involve interdisciplinary activities such                                                Through regularly scheduled
                                                                                          performances, “Recital”, Musical
 as design for CD covers, original            DANCE II                                    Theatre classes will serve as an Arts
 compositions orchestrated and                2 Credits - Level II                        resource for the general school
 performed, voice-overs, and                     This class serves as an elective or as   population, thereby enabling all
 underscoring for video.                      2 credits (double period) toward a          students to participate as consumers.

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