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Name / description ABC news

Chicago Tribune (web edition)

Comment Very clear and convenient lay-out and organization (very easy to search), very user-friendly, a great number of photos, some videos available, a great variety of different spheres covered (world news, US news, politics, travel, health, money, entertainment etc.) Covers a great number of spheres, gives local, nation, world news. Not so many photos, a bit difficult to search. Gives lots of information about Chicago (apartments, local stores, real estate, cars), gives an opportunity to look for a job, to post a resume. Information about traffic and weather. Lots of video, lots of world news (US edition and international edition) Only the most breaking world news is covered (no videos are available), practically no photos, quite a number of articles on religious topics (Christianity)

CNN Eagle World News (World daily newspaper headlines for the international intelligence community!) Guardian Unlimited (The Guardian) news website for the NBC News family (cable news channel) New York Post The news website of the international multimedia news agency Reuters Online magazine 24-hour British domestic and international television news channel The Australian

Some articles are free, lots of business and economy news, lots of analytical articles. Mostly news of general content, also covers health and entertainment, sports, travel, etc. The interface of the site is not very user-friendly, difficult to search, mostly news of general content (local, nation, world news) The coverage of politics, business news (market data, currency rates, share prices) Mainly focuses on politics of the US. Reviews and articles about music, books and films.

World and local (nation) news, some video materials available, popular content 1

New York Times

The Times USA today A national organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates, and to generate policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system with a strong nonprofit and noncommercial sector. A nonprofit, Brooklynbased magazine that explores the politics and perversions of mass media and American (consumer) culture. An instant access to over 2000 Worldwide Internet TV Channels.

(sports, entertainment, travel) Articles are freely available for one week, older articles are not free. News (international, national, business, technology, health), opinion (editorials, op-ed contributors, readers’ opinion, letters), arts, etc. Jobs, real estate, autos. A great number of video reports (covering a variety of topics). You can subscribe for podcasts - audio and video materials (some of them are free). A very easy access to previous issues; times online TV, focuses mostly on news, comment, (business, sport, life&style, arts&entertainment) Very colourful with lots of photos Reproduction and distribution of original materials on this site for educational and personal use is encouraged

You are to send a check or money order to purchase any issue of the magazine


(a good resource for students and teachers) No matter where you are, you can quickly and efficiently find hundreds of 2 fm

You Tube

online articles, courses and training with our award-winning, easy-to-navigate directory. Most BBC radio stations are now also available online: many channels with music, news, sports, arts, drama, jazz, classical, pop, entertainment. Additionally: BBC World service radio in 43 languages. (a resource for students and teachers) All courses must be paid by credit cards. Registered students can access the FREE Learning to Learn course The Voice of America is among the world’s most trusted sources of news and information. VOA is a multi media broadcasting organization based in Washington, D.C. It provides worldwide news, features, cultural, sports, entertainment, and English learning programs over the radio, television, and the Internet. VOA's radio and television programs as well as its Internet content are available in 44 languages. The international edition of is constantly updated to bring the top news stories from around the world. It is produced by dedicated staff in London and Hong Kong, working with colleagues at CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and with bureaus worldwide. relies heavily on CNN's global team of almost 4,000 news professionals. News and views from The Times and Sunday Times. Free video resource Different types of videos: from music clips, film episodes and TV programmes to travelers videos of sights Free video resource. The structure is the same as Youtube’s HighBeam Research

a magazine and newspaper archive, online library Basic Membership is free. But only Full Membership gives you unlimited access to everything HighBeam has to offer and the opportunity to view the full-text versions of articles. Now 7-day trial for Full Membership is free. Publications are organized by major categories and by alphabet


Sydney Morning Herald The Big Project

Australian newspaper. Good fashion news, book, film and CD reviews. Photos of different awards, ceremonies. Travel Fact sheet of world famous cities Worldwide News In English.UK Regional newspapers. You can read European news in English and in original language Has free showbiz, sport and business news, Britain and worldwide news, accompanied with videos Besides the latest news, there are articles from “The Observer” and “The Observer Magazine” You can find articles published on a particular day Has Telegraph TV live All resources are free. Covers many fields


The Observer

The Independent Daily Telegraph Daily Express Link:

The Sun Daily Mirror Sunday Mirror MegaStar News of The World Daily Mail

Free. Nice (very detailed) division by categories. So it is easier to choose the one you are interested in. Two variants of the newspaper (daily and week-end) All resources are free

Covering news of different spheres. Free access Free tabloid news Yellow press. Free resource Advantages: - quite handy to use 4 (the online version of “Daily Telegraph”) Link with an example: .jhtml?xml=/opinion/2007/09/19/do1901. xml

operable search best politics news and analysis marking some articles with medals either “fact 100% checked” or “not checked” for convenience Drawbacks: - requires registration - quite a big amount of ads Advantages: - very handy and reliable - needs no registration - many sections to facilitate the search - articles are entailed by photos and even videos Drawbacks: - none (to my mind) Advantages: - one of the largest sources on the Net - news allocated by popularity and freshness - needs no registration - special mark for the articles with video and audio files - “World news” and “U.S. news” sections Drawbacks: - Massive ads and huge traffic cost Advantages: - one of the top sources on the Net - news allocated by regions - needs no registration Drawbacks: Ads, traffic cost and loadings Advantages: - a collection of news from more than 4500 sources - provides direct links to the origin - operable search system 5


CNN news Link with an example: t/09/19/israel.gaza/index.html

BBC news Link with an example: 003191.stm Google news Link with an example:

Drawbacks: - no news hosted on Google itself, only collecting from other sources Yahoo! News All types of news from Politics, Business, Technology to Health, Travel. Weather. Free video resources. Online news and headlines from Fox News, including top stories, business, and sports news. Also offers Fox News television schedules, radio schedules. BBC News world and regional coverage, including business, health, sports, and weather. Also includes audio and video from the BBC World Service, e-mail alerts. Breaking news from MSNBC's online news portal, including world, national, business, sports, and entertainment news, as well as information about MSNBC television news. Free. CBS provides breaking world news and commentary. Featuring video and audio coverage of the latest news headlines in the U.S. and around the world. Free video resource. Daily print and online news from USA Today, covering world news, sports, finance, and technology. Free access. Presents information culled from news sources worldwide and arranged automatically. Searchable by keyword or phrase. Daily technology news from CNET, including enterprise, e-business, communications, media, science, and personal technology stories. Journalist, reporter, editor, news presenter, photo journalist, Columnist, visual journalist ... News is any new information or information on current account. 6


BBC news


CBS news

USA Today

Google news

CNET news AOL news BETA

Australian news, finance, sport, entertainment. Free. Breaking news from around the world and in-depth coverage of current issues. Questions page to learn more about AOL News and to see how you can best engage. All News. Press Releases. Feature Stories. Press Reviews. Loans. Embargoed news for accredited journalists only. Login / Register. Broadcast Room. Latest news from, top stories from the Boston Globe, and updated news from AP and Reuters. Get national news on your cell phone. Offers the latest news about the computer industry. Free Downloads.

News & Broadcast

Boston news

ZDNet (where technology means business)

US National Public Radio audio broadcast and text news stories and commetaries. News & Notes. Audio news. MTV News Get the latest Music, Video, Celebrity and Movie News from Sign up for MTV News alerts; we will let you know when news breaks, online at Includes daily highlights, press briefings, and releases, and the UN Journal, a schedule of daily meetings at the UN. Offers business, health, sports, and entertainment news, as well as Arizona classifieds for jobs and real estate.
World News Network Business Week Magazine online Global news in 37 languages from varied sources, weather, coverage of a wide range of interests (from politics to sports, business, arts, health, lifestyle and leisure), free articles and multimedia Top business news, companies’ profiles, market reports, newsmaker videos, useful tips for businessmen, free articles

UN News Service


Science News Online Online Global Political News Magazine World Wide Arts Resources

World science news, archives, free articles, audio files, scientific book reviews, career center International political news, objective analysis of events, interviews, free articles and books, useful links Daily arts news, artists’ portfolios, free art galleries, latest artist exhibitions, free videos, reviews written by curators, gallery owners, appraisors, art professionals, professors and collectors

Washington Post on-line wsweek

Newsweek International

BBC news

Online newspapers listed by countries and alphabetically Advantages:  Articles, audio and video files of the news  Free access to articles not older than 3 month  Precise separation of the news into rubrics Drawbacks:  Mostly American news (only some international news)  1/3 of the site is occupied by advertising Advantages:  Pretty well rubricated  International news  Recorded interviews, video news in high quality  Links to other services of MSNBC  Even rather old articles are available free of charge Drawbacks:  The search engine works incorrectly Advantages:  International news  Available in 33 languages  All kinds of multimedia (audio, video)  No payment for old articles  Practically no ads Drawbacks:  Too much information  8

United Press International

Yahoo! news

Advantages:  International news (no emphasis on American affairs)  Old articles available for free  Available also in Spanish Drawbacks:  No video materials Advantages:  Video and audio  Simple navigation Drawbacks:  Nothing new, mostly a compilation of news provided by other agencies (e.g. Associated Press, Reuters etc.) The Mirror. A hundred percent tabloid. Imortant news flash and fade away, less important appear all at once together with some videos and commercials. That makes moving around and finding anything important a bit inconvenient. The colors used are bloody red and white; to my mind they provoke nervousness. In fact, the priorities here are to fulfill the needs of the majority of people but not to be informative as a source for special audience. The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper mostly presents the information about business, world markets and politics. It is strictly organized, so that the information can be found easily. Originally it was designed for narrow audience but now everybody is welcome although the newspaper is mostly oriented towards its target audience – businessmen – and is loyal to it. The design and the content are similar – serious and well-planned. The Independent. News here are classified according to the geographical characteristic unlike the two above-mentioned examples. Besides, the classification is based on the topic. Each link brings us to the detailed description of the issue; there are no short outlines of the problem discussed in the article as in most cases. This seems to be one of the most classic variants of presenting the news. The Independent pays equal attention to all sides of life and does it accurately, to my mind that deserves admiration. London Evening Standard is a newspaper that highlights the cultural side of 9

life of the British. It is a list of entertainment opportunities of different kind. It is similar to the Russian magazine “Afisha” both in the content and the design. The difference is that, unlike its Russian “brother”, this newspaper doesn’t give opinions about this or that event, restaurant or film. It gives only objective short and informative notes about prices, location etc. The Observer. According to the content and to the stresses made in the newspaper on particular news, this newspaper is designed for middle-class people. It includes both important and entertaining information, and its target audience is wide. Political news, cultural news, sports Political news, cultural news, free articles News, business, opinion, free articles Analytical French newspaper, provides commentary, political news, economic, business, many articles are available to subscribers only. An independent student news source at the university of Illinois, quality news, brought to you by people of approximately your age, friendly interface. If you did not get a chance to get your exile paper copy - you can always find it. British Satellite News British newspapers online
Forbes magazine online business, financial, economic news (markets, entrepreneurs, leadership and etc.); news are divided into three groups (USA, European and Asian news); audio and video materials are available;

- free television news - coverage of worldwide topical events and stories from a British perspective. - one-page access to UK newspapers and British media on the Web. - includes 1001 regional and local newspapers in GB.


for additional info (weather, sport, industry news) registration for Attaché is needed Chicago Tribune, daily newspaper, online nation/world and local news; free articles on different topics (business, politics, sports, traffic and etc.); weather; audio and video reports

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