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					Quick Tips for Using Adobe Reader to Read PDF Documents
Adobe Reader supports features that are designed to make it easier to read PDF documents, or have them read to you. Users who are blind can read PDF documents that have been prepared for accessibility.

Blind Users
The JAWS screen reader works well with Adobe Reader. Version 7.0 of Adobe Reader works best, but Version 6.0, and even 5.0 support use with JAWS and Window-Eyes. PDF documents can include headings, which allow easier navigation through the document with JAWS. Pressing Insert+F6 will allow JAWS users to view a brief outline of the document via a dialog that displays the headings. This feature is not supported by Window-Eyes.

Users Who Prefer Larger Text
Text in PDF documents can be enlarged. Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+plus and ctrl+minus to increase or decrease the font size. In addition, there is a feature called “reflow” in Adobe Reader that makes sure that the text doesn’t require horizontal scrolling to read it. Reflow is available under the “View” menu or by pressing Ctrl+4.

Users Who Prefer to Listen to the Text
Adobe Reader can read PDF documents, provided that your computer has speakers or headphones. In the “View” menu the “Read Out Loud” feature is easily started. If the View menu is not available, you can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:  Read this page only: Shift+Ctrl+V  Read to End of Document: Shift+Ctrl+B  Pause: Shift+Ctrl+C  Stop: Shift+Ctrl+E