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					RESOURCES for nonprofit job hunting and career building. Excerpted from The Nonprofit Career Guide by Shelly Cryer (Fieldstone Alliance, 2008) The following job searching resources can assist in implementing the strategies discussed in the book. Though some overlap exists, the resources are organized into six categories: • nonprofit jobs websites • nonprofit career books and jobs directories • periodicals focused on the nonprofit sector • resources for more information This list of resources is not exhaustive. It features select tools that are either directly relevant to a nonprofit sector job seeker or are particularly informative about the nonprofit sector. Job seekers will need to do their own research specific to the field, type of job, and organizations that they are interested in. Nonprofit Jobs Web Sites A growing number of web sites specialize in nonprofit sector jobs and careers. A few are listed here, and sample subsector-specific jobs sites are noted in Chapter 2. Spend time with these and similar sites. Determine which seem to be the most appropriate for you and yield promising results in test searches that you conduct. In addition, conduct research on-line to develop your own list of city-specific, issue-specific, and job-function-specific jobs web sites that you should monitor, as well as national job sites that are not nonprofit specific but that represent well nonprofit sector employment opportunities. And of course, monitor the web sites of individual organizations on your target list, so you are aware of new positions as soon as they are posted. Bridgestar Commongood Careers Action Without Borders/ Nonprofit Career Network Nonprofit Job Market Nonprofit Oyster

Opportunity Knocks Society for Nonprofit Organizations OneWorld United States Work4aGoodCause Work for Nonprofits Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Many of the sites above also provide great information on the nonprofit sector and careers in it, in addition to job postings. In addition, many of the leading comprehensive jobs sites (such as,,, and many others) now have fairly substantial nonprofit sector representation. Nonprofit Career Books and Jobs Directories Countless resources are dedicated to the job hunt and career counseling. The following books are specific to careers in the nonprofit sector. If you want to add to your library beyond this nonprofit career guide, be sure to review a book at a library before purchasing. Although only titles released since 2000 are included in this list, you still will find some of the resources outdated. Others function more like directories than guidebooks and may be of limited use to your search. Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact by Cheryl Dorsey and Lara Galinsky (Echoing Green, 2006) Careers in Nonprofits and Government Agencies by Wetfeet Editors (WetFeet, 2006) Career Opportunities in the Nonprofit Sector by Jennifer Bobrow Burns (Checkmark Books, 2006) Change Your Career: Transitioning to the Nonprofit Sector by Laura Gassner Otting (Kaplan Publishing, 2007)

From Making a Profit to Making a Difference: How to Launch Your New Career in Nonprofits by Richard M. King (Planning/Communications, 2000) A Guide to Careers in Community Development By Paul C. Brophy and Alice Shabecoff (Island Press, 2001) The Harvard Business School Guide to Careers in the Nonprofit Sector by Stephanie Lowell (Harvard College, 2000) The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers by Meg Busse and Steven Pascal-Joiner (Action Without Borders, 2007) 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for by Leslie Hamilton and Robert Tragert (ARCO, 2000) 150 Best Jobs for a Better World by JIST Editor (JIST, 2008) Search: Winning Strategies to Get Your Next Job in the Nonprofit World by Larry Slesinger (Peimonte Press, 2004) In addition, if you think you need particular help with networking, resume writing, or interviewing, abundant resources specific to those areas are available. Periodicals Focused on the Nonprofit Sector The following periodicals are a sample of publications that focus on the nonprofit sector. Some lean more towards the academic, others the practical. Read these resources in your local library (or online, when available). As importantly, identify the periodicals that cover your issue area of interest and determine which you should subscribe while job searching and beyond. And of course always read a national and your local newspaper daily, especially when making a career move. You are hoping to have many informational meetings and need to be up-to-date on the news of the day. The Chronicle of Philanthropy Nonprofit Management and Leadership Nonprofit Online News The NonProfit Times

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly Nonprofit World Resources for More Information To learn more about the nonprofit sector and specific organizations in it, check out these resources. Alliance for Nonprofit Management Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Guidestar Independent Sector National Council of Nonprofit Associations Nonprofit Sector Workforce Coalition To get a more in depth understanding of the nonprofit sector, explore books on the subject by such authors as David Hammack, Paul Light, Steven Ott, and Lester Salamon. And be sure to spend time with The Nonprofit Almanac 2008 (The Urban Institute Press).