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FruityLoops Studio has come a long way since its first release as version 1.0, when it was midi only and never really released. Based upon the FruityLoops technology, it has got a major update in both looks and features – Image Line Software’s (the company behind the program) focus on making it the best price/quality virtual studio available on PC today. My goal is to test out this theory, so I removed the previous programs that I used for music production – Reason, ReCycle, Acid and Sound Forge. As a side note, it was interesting to read that Image Line Software provides their high quality music applications through online Internet distribution. In an effort to fight software piracy, which is hurting the industry, Image-Line has the unique approach in offering their on-line customers Life Time Free updates. Even a greater reason to actually purchase and register the software! For beginners who are new to the program (and even those who want to get a run do wn of the new features), it is worth giving the manual a quick browse. However, it’s not meant to be a reference for everything FL Studio can do. For further information I suggest you visit, for a comprehensive overview of the program and its features. After installation (which includes over 4000 royalty free samples, plus 12000 more for registered users), give the demo songs a play, as they certainly give you an idea as to what this program is capable of. In the meantime, I’ll try and give you some insight as to what FL Studio is about. Having being brought up with tracker programs all my life, my experience with the FruityLoops series had mainly been based around the concept that it was predominantly a sample-oriented program. How things have progressed with the art of music production, with FL Studio now supporting channels that contain sounds made in real time by software synthesizers (or as they are known in FL Studio – Generators). Every channel that you use contains a Generator of your choice, which could either be a sample, a synthesizer plugin, or some other type of sound generator in combination with the effects in each individual channel. It is this combination that gives FL Studio users an extra boost! Some of the cool generators available are:

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TS404 – Similar to the classic TB-303 machine, and a great tool for creating synth and bass lines. BeepMap – Takes a bitmap image file and turns it into a sound. This is the same kind of synth that Aphex Twin used to embed an image of himself in a track that shows up when the track is put through a spectrum analyzer). Dashboard – Allows you to create your own MIDI and Internal controller interfaces. Fruity DrumSynth Live – A drum synthesizer plugin that lets you define drum hits and control them via a keyboard. Fruity Granulizer – Helps you get cool, choppy sounds out of your samples, like when the “Funk Soul Bruvva” sample slows down in Fatboy Slim’s “Rockefeller Skank”. Fruity Slicer – Allows you to slice up a beat and then play back individual drum hits using the keyboard. Ideal for making cool breaks (previously I would use ReCycle to create these kinds of beats). SimSynth Live – A fully functional digital synthesizer. Great for creating phat-sounding analog sounds for dance tracks. FL Slayer – A realistic electric guitar simulation, enabling you to recreate the complete electric guitar sound.

One final generator that I had to mention, which is one of the coolest features of FL Studio is Speech! That’s right, you can have a conversation using the built in support for speech synthesis. Create short phrases, slice them up, and make it sing by putting the number of semitones you want the pitch to rise on each word – rocking! These are just some of the many generators that make FL Studio the awesome program that it is. But wait, there’s more! With the new Fruity Wrapper component, you can now add any VSTi or DXi plugin synthesizer you download or buy. Because it is also based on open standards, FL Studio can play any sample file (wav, simsynth, drumsynth) or any Fruity/VSTi/DXi/BUZZ sound Generator or Effect you feed it and export your work to WAV, MP3, MIDI or its own Fruity file format. In addition, FL Studio itself can be used as VSTi/DXi or ReWire plugin into other host applications ( Cubase, Logic, Orion, etc). Also having a build-in full-featured sequencer, advanced MIDI, 64-tracks advanced Mixer, Audio Tracks and Wave Editor, FL Studio has certainly become a tempting tool for me to use for future music production. Push your creative forces to new heights!

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