importance of education by Movesucka


									Lesson 1: Identifying the importance of education Objectives: L1 – 7: Recognize days of the week and months of the year L1 – 26: Make or change an appointment L1 – 27: Read an appointment card L2 – 6: Recognize, name and write common occupations. L2 – 17: Ask questions on the job. (Ask appropriate questions in seeking educational advice or assistance.) L4 – 8: Communicate impressions, emotions, likes and dislikes L5 – 9: Use the telephone to contact offices for related information. L6 – 1: Demonstrate comprehension during a conversation through appropriate responses. Vocabulary Using OPD Pages 2-3, present the basic vocabulary of the educational environment. Computer Use OPD computer program to practice the basic education environment vocabulary. Note: Making the classroom less unfamiliar could improve the likelihood of attending a school setting for EL classes and continuing education. Activities/Conversation: Practice classroom environment vocabulary. Classroom objects: A. Is this your book? B. No, it isn’t. I think it is Maria’s. Note: This would be a good time to teach possessive pronouns as well as possessive nouns. Ex. This is my book. This is Maria’s book.

Classroom commands: A. Did you hear what the teacher said? B. She said, “Open your book.” Classroom awareness: A. I can’t find my book. B. Oh, I see it over there by the window. The importance of education. I want to have a better education. A: What would you like to be able to do? B: I would like to become (a/an) teacher A: You will need to go to school. What kind of school will you need to attend? B: I would need to go to a college or university.(school) A: Where is there a school like that? B: I can go to WWCC or UW. A: When could you go to school? B: I could begin in the fall. Using job titles from OPD pages 136-137, identify those that appeal to the students and outlines requirements. Use a game – Make occupation name tags that can be put on people’s back and then by asking questions from other class members they can guess the occupation. Use questions such as: 1. Can a man do this job? Can a woman do this job? 2. Do I have to have a college education? 3. Can I learn to do this job while working? 4. Will I have to work outside? 5. Will I need special tools? Which ones?

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