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The Chief General Manager, Gujarat Telecom Circle, Navrangpura - Ahmedabad.

Earlier Ref.Letter No: (1) SNEA/Guj/07-08/06 b 20007 dated 19/06/2007.
(2) SNEA/Guj/06-07/01 a 2007 dated 08/01/2007. Subject: Issues and suggestion for expedite & simplify procedure in our day to day working pertaining to highly essential areas of (1) Marketing AND B.D & IT, (2) CMTS and IMPCS Letter No: SNEA/Guj/07-08/07a07 dated 25/07/2007.

Respected sir,
As per our tradition we are continuously stressing & providing various inputs for the development and growth of BSNL compare to other private operators. The most important issues in this environment are as under.

(1) Issues of CMTS. And IMPCS :( In addition to Reference letter no.2 at above)

(1A) For “Excel Anant” customers, no mechanism is prevailing for intimation to user on expiry of validity by

sending SMS. Moreover for activate such deactivated user the existing recharge voucher is yet to implement since launch. This is made operational at an earliest (1B) While making the agreement with vender for the downloading of caller tunes and ring tones, the clause of providing such service at free of cost to our service connection may be exercised as in practice with the vendors of CLI base internet service (vide letter no. 64-16 /03-Internet Part- I Dated 22 / 07 / 2004 signed by (ADG-INTERNET), which are also operational under revenue share. (1C) As discussed in our last meeting with Hon’ble CGMT Gujarat, for better /optimum utilization of available resources e.g. staff, vehicle, equipment etc for effectively maintaining our Mobile and OFC network. At SSA level the team of ofc maintenance and mobile BTS maintenance may be brought under the control of one DE with full flexibility. In this regard necessary instruction may be issued. (1D) “Credit limit” facility is not available at present. As related server at IN Pune is not operational since launch. Now this is high time to pursue it with concern. As there is demand from CUG users for some specific type of service. Such type of various facilities that are being offered by other operator must be monitored and all such must be made operational in our system as soon as possible.

observed that despite payment by the “Cellone” users the amount of paid bills is repeatedly Reflecting in next bills. More over CSC in charge are not in position to correct / adjust due to none Availability of necessary terminals. Hence in synchronization with SSA & centrally working system both issues are needed to be solved by appropriate Solutions. (1F) It is learnt many items e.g. Engine Alternators for BTS, Lap topes, printers provided by ITI are available unused .hence all such inventory must be taken to our custody and utilized as early as possible within warranty period.

(1E) It

improving performance of Mobile “call center” , coverage related problems, it is essential to strengthen the concern section by deploying staff with rearrangements within CMTS/IMPCS is most essential. At the same time it is also to be ensure that “regar” are deployed in each SSA.AND all existing BTS must be examined and optimization drive is to be conducted regularly. (2) Issues of Marketing.
(1F) For (2A) As per present environment to attract and keep intact the lower, medium, higher class of users we must

define the strategy at an earliest. Hence we propose that “tariff migration vouchers for opting lower tariff ” And special “SMS-PACKAGE Vouchers” along with recharge vouchers by enhancement in validity e.g. Rs 75 validity one month, Rs 300 validity three month, Rs 500 validity six month, Rs 1000 validity one year . etc need to be introduced. (2B) Plan offered to GOG may be made applicable to our BSNL EMPLOYEES for use of their family members/ relatives (up to maximum 10 to 15) even located at different SSAs by for forming one common CUG at Circle level. More over at Present the group of more then 10 users located at different SSAs, are not provided CUG under “Basant Bahar” in absence of specific guide line. Thus for both type of cases it is require to frame certain guide line e.g. After all necessary verification of Main user, he/she may be provided certificate (on some Performa finalized at centrally) by commercial officers mobile of concern SSA, thus further he/she may be Allow to certify the group/ other CUG users either located at same SSA or at different SSAs, thus on produced of that after completion of verification formalities users in that particular CUG may be activated. Etc and all these to be circulated at an earliest. (2B) In present competitive environment we will have to work with single window concept at each CSC of all SSAs. In this regard we suggest that uniform decisions should be implemented in respect of following.  Centralized functioning of commercial & TR (Account billing) activity should be decentralized along with empowering the CSC in charge. Accordingly maximum clerical staff working there must be diverted to all CSCs as per their area choice and they must be empowered up to some extent by DOTSOFT pass word so that users coming to CSCs are not asked to go to Commercial officer or Account officer(TR) seating some were else.  In addition to the CSC Incharge sitting at CSC AOTR/JAOTR also should sit at CSC premises where ever possible to settle the concern grivence.  Working hour of CSCs for all activity including cash/Cheque receipt must be enhanced to 8=00 A.M. To 8=00 PM. Moreover in event of consecutive of two days holiday e.g. Saturday Sunday or Sunday Monday, it is to be decided that except Sunday some staff should be arranged to run CSC activity between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (2C) It is learnt that 20=00 Rs insurance charge is canceled on Rural WLL and on implementation of

new patch for Rural WLL billing, due to which Rs 10000=00 deposit as per earlier guideline is charging .and this is leading towards surrenders of connections. Thus this is to be taken up at BSNL H.Q. for restoration of present 20=00 Rs insurance charge. Meanwhile an instruction in consultation with Circle IT is to be given to all SSA for “not to implement” new patch.

(2D) Users are in an impression that they have to pay deposit in advance. Thus they are avoiding booking of

Bfone for “TNF” area. So we are practically unaware about actual requirement of O/D network and related planning. So a catchy advertises highlighting important features e.g. Registration at 00=00 Rs, Revised ARD, and ARD recovery in 6 installment in bills etc may be published and uniformly implemented in consultation with Circle IT in all SSAs. More over as mentioned in 2C & 2D for implementation of all new plans, schemes and related patches it is to be ensure that. Uniform guide line prepared by co-ordination of IT and marketing may be circulated at an earliest to all SSAs. (2E) Looking to present trend of surrendering of B-Fone, it is very high time to review it with consulting to H.Q.In this regard we suggest that Rent should be decided in only three categories, on the basic of District (SSA) H.Q., Taluka place or Nagarpalika town, villages or Gram Panchayat place. Irrespective of population and our exchange capacity. E.g. Rs 100=00(I/C & O/G Sulabh), Rs 75=00 (50 call free), Rs 50=00 (40 call free) (2F) Up to possible extent marketing fund is to be de-centralized. And mass printing of material is to be minimized as per real need, with ensuring timely reaching and utilized at SSA level.

(3) Issues of B.D & IT:

(3A) As mentioned in 2C & 2D for implementation of all new plans, schemes and related patches it is to be

ensure that. Uniform guide line prepared by co-ordination of IT and marketing may be circulated at an earliest to all SSAs. (3B) To minimize the excess billing complaint and related complication taking broad-band usage we suggest that by consulting to H.Q. and Bangalore noke, it is to be introduced that by default on connecting of B.B. in first page the present status of used and balance KBPS/MB may be displayed as existing in Data one & bsnl mail. And credit limit concept may be introduced. (3c)Learning by the experience of LKLB, we should try to receive requests of plan change, billing related various inquiry etc.from the customers as far as possible on IVRS.Later on as per CLI, Creation of mass OBs as done in LKLB can be followed unique. At SSAs level. This Service will save our lot of energy on many fronts with full flexibility to users to opt plan without visiting our premises. More over for confirmation of implementation of user’s request, we may develop the system in such away so that particular category may be linked with specific assigned tone test number. So that on completion of such job from, the concern users will get tone test on dialing the relevant confirmation (tone test) message (tone). Same way in future we may also devolve only one toll free number service (IVRS based) as developed by Indian Railways for handling all kind of users call for various services and various type of issues and requirement of opt & cancellation of various facilities. Hence necessary instruction in consultation with finance, marketing and IT (for Dot-Soft activity) must be circulated to all SSAs for uniform implementations. For more customers friendly working and necessary advertisement containg require information to users must be published. (3D) Now as per BSNL H.Q. instructions Pune IT base HR package implementation is mandatory for all Circles.hence it to be ensure the success full & earliest implementation of the same. Thus ERP base HR package need not to be continued now onward to avoid duplication of expenditure, working hours, and manpower. Accordingly all necessary action may be initiated.

(3E) To avoid hardship in providing, activating, and extending any facility as demanded by users of any CUG

group, for uniform implementation in all SSAs. In line of H.Q. instruction the simplified procedure including roll and duty of Nodal officer may be circulated. So that all the need of users along with formalities can be expedite to improve our image. And there by increase our sale.

(4) Issue pertains to Civil –Electrical.

For developing more transparency and there by minimizing the prevailing irregularities. We suggest that all the sanctioned estimate containg scope of work, quantity, rates etc. and detail of actual expenditure/ bills must be given to actual users i.e. In charge SDE/DE under whose jurdiction work is carried out. More over his any kind of suggestion is to be taken care. We are hopeful that our suggestion will be taken true spiritedly by your good to avoid further loss to the company. Thanking you Yours sincerely, (B.G.Patel) Circle Secretary SNEA (I)-Gujarat.

Copy to: (1) Respected G. M. (Marketing) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for information & all necessary action please. (2) Respected G. M. (B.D. & IT) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for information & all necessary action please. (3) Respected G. M. (IMPCS & CMTS.) O/o CGMT-Gujarat for inf. & all necessary action please.

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