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A new light in the Pagan Community
(previously known as The CORD Newsletter)

IMBOLC 2003 4thd Edition

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FIREFLY (Illumination). From the tiny firefly, who lights our evenings, we can learn many things. They include illumination, understanding, the life force, continuity, wonder, awe and light and darkness…. Please pass this Newsletter on to friends with common interests

Merry Meet The days are still cold, the nights even colder…yet the calendar tells us it is time to celebrate the first stirrings of Spring! Although we cannot feel the strength of the sun yet, we only have to look as far as the nearest tree to see that there are definite changes happening in the Earth and in all of nature. These changes are subtle and understated, there is none of the „flashy abundance‟ of Ostara but there are definite signs of spring to be found – you just have to take the time to go and look for them. For me – that is essentially the message of Imbolc. The festival is here to prompt us to shake off the winter sluggishness and start going outside to actively look for the first signs of spring. Imbolc is here to give us a promise of warmth to come – with each bud that inches its way out of the tree branch and with each leaf that pushes its way through the cold soil toward the light – we are offered a promise of abundance and a promise that life will be renewed. We light candles to welcome the light and warmth back into our lives and this helps us to re-awaken the mind, body and spirit. This is a great time to start spring cleaning (physically and emotionally) and by doing so we clear out the dull winter energy and make room for the new spring growth. Imbolc is also a good time to re-attune yourselves with the natural world around you – the energy is strong and hard to ignore. Attuning to this wonderful early spring energy is inspiring and uplifting… so open yourself up and welcome the Imbolc energy into your soul! In this Newsletter we have a really special feature…Asia has shared her Goddess with us in the form of three artworks depicting the Maiden, Mother and Crone. We also have an anniversary to celebrate….. In the Imbolc 2002 Newsletter we featured our very first „Networking Page‟. In the year that is has been running it has grown considerably and has reached many more people. Now, we are looking for your stories. If you have advertised or responded to someone on the page – we would love to hear the story of your experience. Sharing experiences helps bring this community closer together so don‟t be shy…send your tale to Warmest Blessings Spiral

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A poem for all those who have passed on and all those who have moved on from my life...

You sleep, pursued by imagined demons. Ideals carry you through crowded streets and the memory of a life before, haunts you. Sometimes a bird of fear beats it's wings inside your chest and anchors you to the comfort of your ever present doubts.

Time Spiral – July 2003
Seconds go by, Then minutes, hours and days… Weeks go by, Then months, seasons and years… Time passes! Isn‟t it supposed to heal as well? How can it be that even now After years have passed There are things that remind me of you? Things that take me back in time To when you were a part of my life.

You dream of a familiar presence, a soul akin to yours, a passion that stirs somewhere, unnoticed and waits... perhaps in vain. Sleep tight, thought-weary traveller, For someday you'll love deeply, dream beyond restraint and laugh in the face of your fears. Asia

Time passes! But your spirit does not pass from me. It remains inside like a silvery ghost Every breath that I take now Has a small part of you in it. And although I am sad because you are not here I rejoice because

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Time passes And you are still with me

Religion is the experience of relating to God


The CORD/FireFly Networking Page has been going for a year now!
Have you ever advertised on the networking page or have you ever contacted anyone through the page? We would love to have your feedback and comments. Send your stories to

A Candlemas Poem
Night of lit white candles darkness turned into light "everything she touches changes" feast of waxing flame fire of heart and hearth fire on the mind flickering of spark quickening of air warming into inspiration thawing in her innocence snow into desire "she shines for all of us she burns within us all" sipral heat of life "she shines for all of us within us all she burns" the fires to create "she shines in all of us she burns us all within" awakening arising is her need "she shines for all of us she burns within us all" Her candle is our only source

-From Diane Stein's book "Casting the Circle"

The Goddess tryptych She‟s been in my thoughts all my life. She was always present on the edges of my dreaming and wore many faces in the waking world. She is my mother, my sister and my grandmother. She looks at me from behind the faces of my lovers and friends. She is a mirror which reflects what is inside me, whether in comfort, judgement or praise. When I‟m emotional, she is the clear voice of reason yet when I‟m reasonable and logical she stirs in me the abandon of a child and the passion of my wild side. Her arms reach out cradle me as well as deal out the punishment. She is everything, yet I don‟t know her at all. It‟s like looking out at the world and not comprehending its cruelty and beauty. These pieces are my way of materialising her, of drawing her down to me. Trying to understand her. She is the virgin huntress, the stirring of passion inside every woman and the freedom to express it. When we ran as girls, when we loved the world and ourselves and dreamed the women we would one day become. She is all that unbridled possibility, that juice that flows in our veins. Hence, in the first image she wears the crown of antlers and holds up the new moon as if to say-I am me and I am perfect…She reminds us that we are made in her image and we have been given the gifts of freedom, beauty and pride. Her fire burns in us, waiting to be released. The years pass and she grows ripe in her womanhood. Her body‟s curves turn round and soft as her mind becomes tuned and sharp. The feminine mystery begins to awaken and with it…creation. In this image, she wears the head of a hare and raises up the full moon. She is in the zenith of her power and she is stronger and wiser that she‟s ever been. All her senses and emotions are in balance and the life force propels her to greatness. She reminds us to appreciate our new-found wisdom and experience and gives us the key to understanding ourselves better. Many moons later she has embraced her new role. She is the keeper of mysteries, the wise old lady, the guardian of knowledge from generations that passed before her. She is getting frail in body but not in spirit. Her passion has turned away from herself to her children and her tribe. She is both the ruler and the servant, the high priestess and the dedicant. The moon wanes and become dark while she prepares to cast of the shell of her body and embrace her spirit self. Here, she teaches us to give of ourselves and dedicate our lives in service to others. This is how I see her…Her presence can be felt in the smallest and the greatest of things and every day I will learn to see get to know her better. Asia

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Books on Wicca and Witchcraft
Scott Cunningham, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Most useful for: Beginning Students, Solitaries Content: Briefly describes Wiccan beliefs and practices: provides basic information on the God and Goddess; gives basic information on how magic works; describes the most common tools; describes how to cast a circle and set up an altar; discusses the eight Wiccan holidays in brief; suggests exercises to do; provides an outline for a self-dedication ritual; tells you how to design your own rituals. Includes a short but complete Book of Shadows, including prayers, invocations to deity, recipes, and correspondences. Commentary: I firmly believe that one can never have too many books--but if you are new to Paganism and can only have one book on Wicca, this is the one. Cunningham provides enough information to enable you to start and continue your practice for some time to come. I know that some consider Cunningham to be too simple-and he is sort of the technical writer of Paganism--but I feel that's a strength, especially for someone who is just starting out. The information contained is complete (and by this I mean only that all the most basic, most necessary information is included) without overwhelming the newcomer, the charges and invocations are beautiful and dignified, and the approach is basically a practical one, a good foundation on which to build ones own practice and belief system. It is, of course, only a starting point, and if you have already been practicing for a while you may not find it particularly useful; likewise, it is aimed at solitaries and the information within may not be appropriate for group work (although since many coven or group-practicing Wiccans also do work on their own, it may be a good resource for that). Very strongly recommended

Scott Cunningham, Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner Most useful for: Intermediate Students, Solitaries Content: Describes slightly more advanced topics than his first book: gives ideas for bringing the gods into your everyday life; discusses effective prayer and daily prayers; provides a template for a self-initiation ritual; discusses magical names; discusses individualizing your path; provides more information on deities, tools, and ritual design and gives an extensive bibliography of other sources; discusses the beliefs of most Wiccans and the rules by which they live; discusses teaching others. Commentary: In this book, Cunningham expands on the information provided in Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner--more detail, more theory, and somewhat more emphasis on Wicca as a religion you can individualize to suit your own needs. As always, Cunningham's direct, to-the-point writing style lends itself to ease of understanding. Overall I don't think it is as strong a work as his first book, only because it really isn't "all you need to know" about moving to the next level--this isn't a bad thing! I personally found his chapters on Diety Concepts and on Ritual Design most useful, but I certainly wanted to find other resources to complement them, and I think that's the case with most of this book--it doesn't stand alone very well. As I say, that's not a bad thing! I found the book valuable and was inspired to go out and seek further information, and that's definitely a good thing. Strongly recommended

"At any moment I could start being a better person - but which

moment should I choose?"

Ashleigh Brilliant


I believe – sent in by Karen I believe :  that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.  that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.  that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.  that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love.  that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.  that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.  that you can keep going, long after you think you can't.  that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.  that either you control your attitude or it controls you.  that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.  that money is a lousy way of keeping score.  that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing and have the best time.  that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down, will be the ones to help you get back up.  that sometimes when I'm angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.  that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.  that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others - sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.  that no matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn't stop for your grief.  that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do.  that you shouldn't be so eager to find out a secret. It could change your life forever.  that two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.  that your life can be changed in a matter of hours by people who don't even know you.  that even when you think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help.  that credentials on the wall do not make you a decent human being.  that the people you care about most in life are taken from you too soon.

An excerpt from the “Sun Bear Medicine Wheel”.

The wonderful mysterious Firefly is the animal totem for Illumination. Watching these magical creatures on a summer evening produces a feeling of awe and wonder, as well as appreciation for the many small beings. Awe and appreciation of all life are important to Illumination. Some Native peoples considered Firefly to be related to the Thunder Beings.


1. Bright-Eyed Novice: You just read this cool book about a religion where there's a Goddess and a God, and they meet outside in nature, instead of some scary old building. They think sex is GOOD not evil, and you want to know where to sign up. Distinguishing Signs: Mispronounces god/dess names, has to think a moment about which is deosil and which is widdershins. Has a shiny new athame (rhymes with "A-frame".) 2. Grand Old Wo/Man: Actually remembers Woodstock (the first one.) Will tell you about the time they dropped acid with Kerry Wendell Thornley - or maybe it was Robert Anton Wilson. Anyway, it was somebody with three names. Or was it three people with one name? Distinguishing Signs: Luxuriant gray locks, listens very intently, knows all the famous Witches' and Pagans you've only read about. 3. Tree Hugging Nature Sprite: Most prized possession: one of Judi Barry's old tree spikes. Simultaneously believes in universal love for humanity AND returning the planet to a pristine, uncorrupted state. Apt to remove clothes and fondle the shrubbery at a moment's notice. Can discuss compost in great detail. Distinguishing Signs: No meat, no fragrance, no leather, no plastic, no smoke, no drugs, no eco-exploitive products, no animal tested cosmetics, no TV, no car, but very tolerant. 4. Anal Retentive Ceremonialist: Book collection actually holds up the ceiling in places. Is studying Greek, Latin and Hebrew all at once. Does "workings" instead of "rituals". All twenty volumes of their magical diaries are all in Enochian. Distinguishing Signs: Won't go anywhere without a book. Is constantly aware of which direction is east. Dresses according to planetary conditions, or whatever was on sale at Wal-Mart. 5. Womyncentric Gynocrat : A man's shadow crossed her altar once and she spent three weeks purifying it. She'll have no wands in her chalice, thank you. No boys allowed in her full-moon club. Can hold forth for hours on the magical properties of menstrual blood. Distinguishing Signs: Tiny axes or curved knives, just right for amputating a penis, are a favored symbol and often hang conveniently from her body parts. When a man approaches she rolls her eyes and stops talking. 6. Corporate Closet Witch: "Hey, boss -- I'd like to take February 2nd as a personal day..." Has an entire chapter of their Book Of Shadows concerned with spells for purifying the workplace. Doesn't mind working on Christmas, especially if there's overtime involved. Quit being overtly Pagan at work since being canned by that born-again boss, but still refuses to say "Merry Christmas." Distinguishing Signs: Can assume a properly smiley work persona at the drop of a hat. Constantly glances around the room anxiously looking for co-workers and their spies. Non-distinctive style of dress, no conspicuous tattoos. 7. Childe Ov Kaos: Can name seventeen industrial goth bands without pausing to think. Knows what a Prince Albert is. Personally feels that if no panicky headlines appear the day after you do a ritual, you screwed up. Painted on their jacket, engraved in their flesh and/or boldly displayed as jewelry is an emblem which resembles a combination of corporate logo and arcane symbol. If you don't know what it means, they'll think you're a dweeb. Distinguishing Signs: Easy to picture as an alternative musician or bike messenger, difficult to visualize as a school teacher or research assistant, impossible to imagine as a TV news anchor or bank officer. Always wears black leather, even when sleeping. 8. Pagan Celebrity: At conventions, stays on the hotel floor that requires a special key for elevator access. Lurks around knots of conversation eavesdropping in order to see if their name is being mentioned. Arrives in helicopter especially for rituals. Starts every sentence with "I". If you ask them how it's going, they hand you a press release. Distinguishing Signs: Always has plenty of books to autograph and will personally sell them to you at a slight discount from cover price. Never seen unaccompanied by beefy amazonian bodyguards and doeeyed hangers-on. Seems vaguely afraid of anyone they don't already know. 9. Scary Devil Worshipper: Would never been caught dead skyclad. Rarely smiles, except in a snide, knowing way which insinuates you are an ignorant peasant worthy of conquest. Secretly enjoys Rush Limbaugh and read The Bell Curve with smug satisfaction. Fascinated with Nazis. Probably has never hurt a fly, but they want you to think they're capable of vast destruction. Distinguishing Signs: Lots of black and red. Men like goatees, women favor heavy black eye liner. At least one inverted pentagram somewhere on their person. If you see several of them getting tanked in a bar, it would be wise to stay far away. 10. Crowley-In-A-Past-Life: Every magical gathering has at least one of these, along with several variants along the lines of Gerald Gardner, Tituba, Morgan LeFey, or somebody who was Atlantean royalty. Many of them were abducted by aliens recently, and have disturbing dreams rich with arcane symbolism that they will tell you all about, in great detail. Distinguishing Signs: Look for the intense gleam in the eyes, the backpack rattling with various psychiatric medications, and the garments that were clearly designed and tailored on another planet. 8

11. Faerie Queen: Is he a she? Is she a he? Are they a couple, or are those two a couple or are all four of them a quadruple? If getting answers to these questions could disturb you, best stay away. If, on the other hand, these kind of questions seem overly judgmental, you might have a real good time... Distinguishing Signs: When you look at this person, does every sex act you've ever experienced in your life seem hopelessly vanilla? If so, congratulations -- you've found a Faerie! 12. High Episcopagan: Do their rituals have a script, a choreographer, a stage manager, an orchestra with chorus and last at least three hours? It's a High Episcopagan! They can memorize pages and pages of Olde English, have more ritual garbs than most people have socks, and consider their main pagan influences to be Gerald Gardner, Judy Garland and Busby Berkeley. Distinguishing Signs: Book of Shadows exceeds five volumes. Knows every note of "Carmina Burana". Don't ask them about that 18th century seed pearl trim on their ritual hat unless you've got an hour to spare. 13. Fundamentapagan: If it's in a book, it must be true. If it's in an old book, it must really be true. If it's in an old book that was handed down from an oral tradition of people who couldn't read or write, then it must really be way true. Gnashes their teeth if anyone shows up at a circle wearing a watch, glasses, or other mechanical assistance. Believes that anyone who lives in a city, eats meat or has a regular job, dare not call themselves a pagan. Distinguishing Signs: Has hissy fits when somebody brings up the old "Crowley ghosted Gardner's books" argument. Goes around correcting everyone's gaelic/old norse/latin/babylonian. 14. Dances With Bunny rabbits: Uses animal symbolism to express nearly all opinions and feelings. Charter member of PETA. Thinks meat eaters should be publicly executed. Has many, many, many pets. Has a spirit animal. Personally owns 927 models, pictures, and other depictions of their spirit animal. Distinguishing Signs: Not counting the pagan his/herself, how many animals can you see when looking at them? If the count surpasses five (including critters found on tattoos, jewelry, garments and undies), you've found a worshipper of beasties. 15. Priest/ess of Political Correctness: Analyzes everything they read or hear for sexist-racist-homophobicimperialist-Eurocentric content without paying attention to what is actually being said. Incredibly boring yet annoyingly self-righteous all at the same time. Distinguishing Signs: Beady hyper-alert little eyes are constantly in motion, waiting for someone to do or say something bad. Has loud and attention attracting hissy fits when confronted with everyday things such as advertising or corporate franchises. Rudimentary sense of humor is rarely activated. 16. Our Lady Of Intense Suffering: Is constantly persecuted. You're probably persecuting her right now, you just don't realize it. Became a Pagan because she decided it was the most persecuted religion of all. Can't enjoy anything because it would be selfish to have any fun when so many are suffering. Distinguishing Signs: Tales of woe. Even less of a sense of humor than #15. Bristles when anyone says the words "masochist" or "whining". 17. I Am Not Spock (at the moment): Knows at least three filks about Cthulhu and at least forty Star Trek jokes. Has found a clever way to create simple furniture from stacks of science fiction paperbacks. Can name ninety different kinds of space ship. Distinguishing Signs: Two fisted drinking style. Probably still lives with parents. Many cryptic buttons, badges, patches and other insignia. Too smart for their own good. 18. Norse Code: Heroic and vikingly, these pagans often get into trouble with festival organizers and park rangers due to their fondness for running around with a huge battle-ax in one hand and a full mead horn in the other. They throw the best parties, but if you're a wimp, you're expressly not invited. Distinguishing Signs: Look for the large, foreboding, biker-like persons wearing runes, with many pounds of amber dangling from their necks. 19. Pentacles, Inc: Pagans have disposable income too, right? So how come they aren't buying my hand forged Venus of Willendorf necklaces -- they come in silver and gold, and each one has a genuine cubic zirconium belly button. Would you like a reading? Will that be Visa or Master Card? Distinguishing Signs: Has business cards featuring little embossed pentagrams. You've never seen so much Egyptian god/dess jewelry on a human being in your whole life. Rarely leaves the dealer's room and can't believe there are so many jewelry sellers present. 20. Monster Truck Pagan: Can grow their own food, build their own house, sew their own clothes, home school their children and brew their own mead. Are looking forward to the bleak, post-apocalyptic world postulated by the environmentalists as they can't wait to run amok through the country, worshipping ancient gods, blowing up strip malls and rutting on the divider line of every interstate. Distinguishing Signs: Resourceful, clever and very well versed in the U. S. Constitution. Eats meat with visible twitches of pleasure. is aware that primitive religions have nothing to do with crystals, Atlantis or unicorns. Can assume a properly smiley work persona at the drop of a hat. Constantly glances around the room anxiously looking for co-workers and their spies. Non-distinctive hair, no conspicuous tattoos. 9



This is really cool – Strega Site with lots of general Witchcraft information. is the official site of occult fiction author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric tradition.

Unitarianism in South Africa
Welcome to Unitarian South Africa - we will not 'bang on your door' only offer information about Unitarianism and different religions and faiths. Our web site is designed for Unitarians and those who are dissatisfied with their existing religion or religious faith and are seeking information about other religious beliefs. For this reason we offer many links to other web sites dealing with beliefs as diverse as Humanism, Wicca and Pantheism as well as Islam, Buddism, Judaism, Greek Gods and Goddesses and Christianity.

*************************************************************************** WICCA SOURCES : providing info on wicca, herbalism, magick, faeries, crystals, charges and redes, free Horacles and horoscopes, FREE PAGAN DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOKS!! **************************************************************************** The Centre For Alternative Studies - "New ways of Seeing and Being" Tel: (+27 11) 675 1364 Fax: (+27 11) 679 1680 visit our website at EMAIL - ***************************************************************************

Crescent Moon South African Pagan resource and meeting place on the net." *************************************************************************** 10

Collage in Magic
Dave Lee

I've been making collages from newscuttings and magazine pictures for some years. What started out as an amusement I came to realise was a fascinating and powerful magical tool. The first collage I made was made for fun it was a kind of advert for Chaos Magic. It incorparated for reasons I don't remember or never made conscious a newsclipping of Jim and Tammy Bakker, the American evangelists, with the words 'pleased about buggings' around them. The week that I first photocopied the collage it was announced on the news that they had been caught up in some corruption scandal. This was my first hint that collage could be a magical method, even when not consciously applied for magical results. After this, I began to experiment with deliberate collage magic. The next one I made was part of a magical working involving a number of other people, and we got a positive result. However, it could have been the other work that was done that connected with the result. I had a feeling that the collage in itself would have failed, for the following reason: it was too deliberate and serious, too heavy handed, compared with the lightness of touch of the earlier ones. So, I began to attempt to recapture that lightness. I found the use of advertising slogans helpful, and headlines from tabloid newspapers, because of their incredible superficiality. An analogous technique is the use of scrapbooks. Many years ago, a magical acquaintance of mine was experimenting with the construction of scrapbooks of pictures which he wanted to be in. His scrapbooks were kept like photograph albums, like a record of a life he had already lived. He achieved a number of positive results with this simple method. An extension of the collage technique is to use song lyrics as triggers for enchantments. A colleague of mine has developed this into a highly effective sorcery technique. It involves choosing a line from a pop song which represents her intent, then hiding the intention by typing out another line from the same song. This line is introduced into letters and collages which are sent to other people. If the recipient knows the song lyrics, the song will start playing in his head, including the key line. There are other levels of subtlety to this procedure which can be added according to the ingenuity of the operator. The power of collages is a subtle, personal art that must be experienced to be appreciated. Try it!

THE ESSENCE OF MAGICK : 'Like attracts like.' Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates."

Hi - my name is Sharli. I am looking to meet some people in the BEDFORDVIEW area or anyone who is at RHODES UNIVERSITY. I am just looking to make some new friends who can share their beliefs and insight with me. Please email Blessed Be Hi my name is Ravil from DURBAN, I wish to hear from other interested in pagan and other occult related sciences. I look very forward to hear from you. Email BB, Ravil I'm a solitary in PORT ELIZABETH - would like to know if there are any other Pagans in PE who are interested in meeting. Have recently started a full moon discussion group for pagan minded people. For more info please contact me on : BB NemesiS Any singles here - we've started a singles list for SA pagans ... if you're interested ingpagans Very few members so far - but posting articles on romance/internet dating/advice and such in the meantime, until the list is better known. BB Arias Hi all, I would like to hear from anyone that is interested in the Age Old Celts. I live in JHB, AUCKLAND PARK. Lynx

The CORD/FireFly Networking Page has been going for a year now!
Have you ever advertised on the networking page or have you ever contacted anyone through the page? We would love to have your feedback and comments. Send your stories to
Hi my name is Isebel from the ROODEPOORT area would like to hear from people interested in Pagan or other related occult My E-mail address Hi and merry meet!! My name is Sihan and I live in PORT ELIZABETH. I am interested in all wiccan/pagan aspects as well as astrology & psychic phenomenon. Another areas of interest is Egyption art.I would like to chat to any like minded people. e-mail adress: Merry Meet My name is Dennis – from FLORIDA (ROODEPOORT) and I am a solitary eclectic witch interested in magic, healing & divination. I would like to hear from other Pagans/Witches. Any pagan‟s out SPRINGS way to please contact me for info on Ouroborian Tradition, lessons and networking - as well as where to get your supplies locally in same area. Flying Wolf 082 671 5557 My name is Penny and I would like to know if there are any fellow Pagans in the ROODEPOORT area? Please mail me at

My name is Nadine and I stay in PRETORIA EAST. It would be great to meet other Wiccans / Pagans or anyone interested in anything relating to these subjects. Please contact me via e-mail at or phone me on 083 666 4209.

Name : Jayson Ravenmoon, 22 yr old Wiccan is seeking to get in touch with others on the same Path in BENONI... I am looking at maybe starting a group of some sort? Please e-mail me at Hello my name is Debby and I live in PIETERMARITZBURG and at the moment. I am a solitary practitioner. I am interested in meeting other pagans/wiccans or other spiritually mindful people. Personally I am very interested in metaphysical healing and am presently doing an honours degree in psychology through Unisa. I am also attending a reiki course at present I would like to incorporate reiki, crystals, colour therapy and the tarot in healing people. Blessed be. I can be contacted @ I am a solitary Wiccan but would love to meet more people who are on a similar path. I'm very interested in 'healing' and am practising Reiki and Crystal Healing. I live in CENTURION, have many other interests, including dancing, music, chatting, and meeting new people. I'm happily divorced and love life. I'm fascinated by astrology - I'm a Libra so the element of Air is special to me, Water is the element for my Chinese sign. Would love to hear from anyone wanting an interesting conversation, so please send an e-mail to :

Spiral’s networking motto… "Everyone who got where he is today had to begin where he was"


TO SHARE, TO LEARN AND TO FEEL A SENSE OF COMMUNITY AND COMPANIONSHIP? We get so many people asking how they can meet other Pagans, how they can join a learning group, how to join a coven…..Since covens and study groups are so difficult to find, why not get something going in your own neighbourhood or get an e-mail conversation happening? Here is our NETWORKING CORNER, for all those who wish to reach out and connect with others of like mind. Whether your aim is to start a meeting, find someone who shares your interests or to find someone to chat to on e-mail or by letter – please use this space. If you want to meet others, why not take the first step…? Send your details (name, area, contact details & area of interest) to with the subject “networking”. We will post these on the Networking Board of the next newsletter!


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The Temple offers: Study Groups in Cape Town, Pretoria & Johannesburg Handfastings and Wiccanings in the name of the Temple Tarot Readings Spiritual Counseling Blessings and Cleansings
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Through our Profiles Page, we hope to introduce you to some interesting Pagan people and bring this community closer together as we get to know each other better. Let us know if there is anyone you would like to „meet‟ on this page or if you would like to be profiled.

This month we meet Arias Indlovu of Afrika From the Ourobourian Temple and Temple of Epona in Cape Town.
Please tell us a bit about yourself and where your interests lie. Like meeting a new friend - well I guess age would be a good start - TWENTY EIGHT is the number I‟m using this year, but I'm sure by April next I will find it lacking a fashion statement, and will replace it with a more trendy TWENTY NINE. hahahaha. My Pagan interests lie in the unoriginal realm of Tarot. I won't claim to be any more exciting than that. Interests? Definitely have to include Flamenco dancing, [OLE!], probably the most fun I have in a week! And then of course I have to say that I'm intensely interested in my work - I work for a Publishing company in Cape Town, and well, to cut a long story short, I love the books, research, oddball clients and all-round craziness that makes it's way through my day! hahahahah How long have you been on the pagan path and can you tell us a bit about your journey? I've been Pagan for 12 years, but hey, who's counting, it's not like it really SAYS anything about me, does it now!? :o) I think I spent most of the time experiencing my personal journey, rather than collecting information for regurgitation. A lot of what is my Path is, is emotional and un-relatable it is close to my heart and is as inseparable as my breath is to my life, and as unobtrusive - that's the way I like it, ask my Pagan Buddies, they'll tell you the same thing. I don't care for wearing my Spirituality on my forehead - rent paid in advance by wrinkles I intend nurturing in a few years time. Do you have a „label‟? What is your chosen path and how did you get there? Ah! Don't you love this one... I've got a few, which one do you wanna hear first? hahahahah Clan Mother? Temple Head? National Administrator? Director? Ouroborian Priestess? Ahhhh, yes, I suppose it says a little about the work I've done in the past, and the extent of my activity in the community at present - I hold each and every one of those titles with honor. I maintain them with the kind support of my Tradition, my Clan and my Elders - after all, without them, the titles would simply be empty words, wouldn't they... I have much love for my Clan - started under a different name in 1999, it has developed into a well oiled machine, that has provided even me, with support when I've needed it. The Temple has provided me with the opportunities presented over the past three years, including being able to finally take my Degrees, yes, you gonna hear it... ONE YEAR AT A TIME. Yup, this kiddo has been steadily working through the Degrees ONE YEAR AT A TIME - no quick fixes here - like I said before, my titles earned, MEAN so much to me. I am co-director of the Temple of Epona, along with Lady Epona Moondancer - creating a legal entity Pagan Church of which we are proud to show our registration number 2002/026791/08! My Path is Generally Pagan. Founded in Wicca (as most of us are), I enjoy wiccan ritual, as well as less structured Pagan Practices. Do you work with a Pagan and mundane name? My Pagan name is Arias Indlovu of AfriKa - "Arias" came to me in meditation in 1997 - has a connection to ancient Galicia (province of Spain), Indlovu I hold in keep, honouring a friend who passed, and "of AfriKa" I added when I finally "got over myself" and realized that home was where my slippers were, kindda a self-realization thing, I guess. Do you have a specific code of ethics or set of principles that you follow? The Wiccan Rede is a good guideline - however I feel that my sense right and wrong are really well balanced, and look to my instincts too. Again, I must say that I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by Pagans who have some excellent advice to give, so I'm never short of a buddy to turn to when in doubt. The Norse Code of Honor is one I keep as well - speaks to my sense of Nobility. Do you practice ritual & if you do, can you tell us a bit about your methods and structures? Yes, I love ritual - It has to be my sense of the Dramatic that draws me to it... the candles, the incense (yes, my name is Arias, and I'm an incense addict) and the calm and other-wordliness that ritual brings. The basic ritual that we use most often as a group, is a combination of general Wiccan circle principles,

and some lovely twists we were gifted with by our friends in Europe... shhhhh not gonna tell hahahahahha Every Sabbat we try to experience the season along the lines of different Pagan Paths - so far so good..... What was your first pagan book? your favourite pagan book and your favourite other book/author? I think it had something to do with Myth and Legend, not necessarily a Pagan book, but hey, it was a start. Currently my favourite book is one given by a dear friend in KZN, the book is "Listening People, Speaking Earth" by Graham Harvey. My favourite other book? Hmmmm… It's between my childhood story book "Magic and Make believe" and the pictorial biography of "Mercedes Molina" Favourite author? hahaha you're gonna laugh at this one - John C Maxwell - motivational author who wrote, among others, Developing the Leader Within you, and Developing the Leaders around you. Truly wonderful tips we can all take to heart.... Can you tell us about any highlights in your pagan path – interesting people / outstanding experiences / sources of inspiration etc? I think perhaps one of the most outstanding experiences in my Path so far has been meeting a High Priest in the Netherlands - such nobility of purpose, such a keen sense of selfless service - all I still say is "wow, I wanna be like that when I grow up" What advice would you give people starting out on the pagan/magickal path? hmmmm - have a sence of humour - life is fun, Paganism is fun - laugh at your mistakes, and yes, laugh at OTHERs' mistakes too - after all it's funny. What vision do you have for yourself and the pagan/esoteric community? I guess we'll just keep on keeping on - I have faith in the community, enough to let it run it's natural course - there is no "better" version of it - this is it guys - stop waiting for the Utopia, and work with the clay as it is. What work do you do in the pagan community? We organize Poker nights, coffee evenings, and games nights - Cape Town Pagans are just so serious, they can't seem to get over themselves long enough to play just one hand of Poker! hahahahhahaha Our Temple does do monthly deliveries to two charities in the Western Cape - and our other Regional Temples do their bit in their regions, since they're autonomous, I can say only that. Tell us about the temple and the facilities it offers….how does it work and who can attend? Ooo. the Serious bit. hahaha Ok. The House of Ouroborus offers a Wicca Course. We prefer that students take the course in person, but do have facilities for correspondence training. We pride ourselves on the level of interaction we have with ALL our members - we go so far as to actually travel to outlying areas to Dedicate and Intiate members. Remember when I said our titles mean a lot to us, well that filters right into the way The House of OUroborus runs too. We have groups in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and UK, and members in Spain, Belgium and the States. Each group is run individually, and it is only the lessons and elevation through the Degrees that are monitored through the Central Administration here in South Africa. Membership to The House of Ouroborus is free, and membership to individual groups are at the discretion of the local group and it's council [see the control freak being flung RIGHT out the window] hahahah Any one interested in attending events held by local groups, can contact me on my email and I will direct your request. Anything else you‟d like to share with the readers? I'd just like to thank Spiral for giving me the opportunity to speak my freeze-dried brain here, and to also thank those involved in producing this newsletter - Readers - you may want to take notes round about now - it's all about service, you know... helping each other - forget about who's wearing the HPs Hat and who's wearing the dirty socks, roll up your sleeves and muck in - the community can only be the better for it. Wassail, Blessed Be, Hailsa, Auf Widersein, Ciao Bella, and all that jazz.. Arias

Over the last few years, I have noticed that Winter is the time of year when I get terribly depressed. Everything just gets too much – my energy levels are at their lowest, I look at everything in my life without much enthusiasm. For someone who is generally pretty cheerful and happy, this hits me really badly. … But then, just when I think I‟ll never get through it, I start looking around me again. I see tiny buds on the tips of the trees. I have a day or two when the wind is blowing warm (-ish) on my skin and I can SMELL the weather is changing. (The fact that we may have a little cold “snap” after this is totally irrelevant!) So with this in mind, I give you my Imbolc feature…it‟s time to get more inspired and start looking forward to Imbolc. Warm and HAPPY blessings for Imbolc, Butterfly IMBOLC AKA‟S: Here are just a few other names that Imbolc is also known as: Imbolc/ Imbolg: "in the belly" in Gaelic Oimelc : In Gaelic “Oimelc” means ewe‟s milk. Candlemas : Christianised name for the festival which is the day of blessing all the candles to be used in the following year(Catholic Church). Oimealg : Druids. Brigit's Day: in honour of the great Irish Goddess Brigit Lupercalia/ Feast of Pan Feast of Torches/Festival of Lights: ORIGINS AND MYTHS: Imbolc is the Sabbat in which the very first stirrings of life after the long, cold Winter months become noticeable once again. It is celebrated on February 2 nd in the Northern Hemisphere, and on August 2nd here in the South. As with all the other Sabbats, this one is celebrated in very many different ways and there are many different versions of the and legend of the Journey of the God and Goddess through the Wheel of the Year. Imbolc marks the recovery of the Goddess after birth of the God. The warmth of the power of the God fertilizes the Earth and so the earliest beginnings of spring occur. It is a festival of the Maiden aspect of the Goddess, for this is her season to prepare for growth and renewal. It is a time to honour her as the Bride of the Sun King, the God- for soon they will unite in sacred marriage This is also a time for us to reflect on our own beginnings, what we want for the year ahead. A time to reflect on the resolutions we made at the solstice. A time to evaluate if we have taken the correct steps to bring those resolutions into fruition. This is a Sabbat of purification, for banishing the darker things in our lives and to become renewed with spirituality.  In Ireland, Brigit‟s Day was chiefly marked by the kindling of sacred fires, since she symbolized the fire of birth and healing, the fire of the forge, and the fire of poetic inspiration. Bonfires were lighted on the beacon tors, and chandlers celebrated their special holiday. Imbolc is also the start of the lambing season and this is where the name “Oimelc” comes from. For St. Lucy's Day in Scandinavian countries, folk have a young girl wear a Candle Wreath on her head for the festival. The Wheel of the Year is now made into a Wreath with candles and displayed as a table centrepiece or altar display. Lupercalia, or the Festival of Pan, has Roman origins. It was fertility festival held at this time, in which the priests of Pan ran through the streets of Rome whacking young women with goatskin thongs to make them fertile. The women seemed to enjoy the attention and often stripped in order to afford better targets. (You gotta hand it to those Romans, they really knew how to party!)

 

DEITIES As with generally all things Pagan, there are a million and one different ways of seeing things. The Deities are no different! Many different Deities are honoured over Imbolc. Most of these will be the young Maiden Goddesses, strong in their aspect with the promise of Youth and Fertility. She is best known as Brigid (though some traditions also recognize her as Aradia or Athena). Handcrafts are often sacrificed to Brigid or dedicated to her as they are started on this day. Its celebration is done with many candles and as usual much feasting. At her shrine, the ancient Irish capitol of Kildare, a group of 19 priestesses (no men allowed) kept a perpetual flame burning in her honor. She was considered a goddess of fire, patroness of smithcraft, poetry and healing (especially the healing touch of midwifery). This tripartite 16

symbolism was occasionally expressed by saying that Brigit had two sisters, also named Brigit. (Incidentally, another form of the name Brigit is Bride, and it is thus She bestows her special patronage on any woman about to be married or handfasted, the woman being called 'bride' in her honor.) The Roman Catholic Church could not very easily call the Great Goddess of Ireland a demon, so they canonized her instead. Henceforth, she would be 'Saint' Brigit, patron SAINT of smithcraft, poetry, and healing. They 'explained' this by telling the Irish peasants that Brigit was 'really' an early Christian missionary sent to the Emerald Isle, and that the miracles she performed there 'misled' the common people into believing that she was a goddess. For some reason, the Irish swallowed this. (There is no limit to what the Irish imagination can convince itself of. For example, they also came to believe that Brigit was the 'foster-mother' of Jesus, giving no thought to the implausibility of Jesus having spent his boyhood in Ireland!) The Catholic Church, never one to refrain from piling holiday upon holiday, also called it the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (It is surprising how many of the old Pagan holidays were converted to Maryan Feasts.) The symbol of the Purification may seem a little obscure to modern readers, but it has to do with the old custom of 'churching women'. It was believed that women were impure for six weeks after giving birth. And since Mary gave birth at the winter solstice, she wouldn't be purified until February 2nd. In Pagan symbolism, this might be re-translated as when the Great Mother once again becomes the Young Maiden Goddess. A lot of tales sift down from history (and the Northern Hemisphere traditions), about a link between Imbolc and Valentines Day. “Valentines Day?” you ask yourself? The following is taken from a Northern website I came across witch draws this comparison and is one I found quite interesting: “Like the other High Holidays or Great Sabbats of the Witches' year, Candlemas is sometimes celebrated on it's alternate date, astrologically determined by the sun's reaching 15-degrees Aquarius, or Candlemas Old Style (in 1988, February 3rd, at 9:03 am CST). Another holiday that gets mixed up in this is Valentine's Day. Ozark folklorist Vance Randolf makes this quite clear by noting that the old-timers used to celebrate Groundhog's Day on February 14th. This same displacement is evident in Eastern Orthodox Christianity as well. Their habit of celebrating the birth of Jesus on January 6th, with a similar post-dated shift in the six-week period that follows it, puts the Feast of the Purification of Mary on February 14th. It is amazing to think that the same confusion and lateral displacement of one of the old folk holidays can be seen from the Russian steppes to the Ozark hills, but such seems to be the case! Incidentally, there is speculation among linguistic scholars that the vary name of 'Valentine' has Pagan origins. It seems that it was customary for French peasants of the Middle Ages to pronounce a 'g' as a 'v'. Consequently, the original term may have been the French 'galantine', which yields the English word 'gallant'. The word originally refers to a dashing young man known for his 'affaires d'amour', a true galaunt. The usual associations of V(G)alantine's Day make much more sense in this light than their vague connection to a legendary 'St. Valentine' can produce. Indeed, the Church has always found it rather difficult to explain this nebulous saint's connection to the secular pleasures of flirtation and courtly love. For modern Witches, Candlemas O.S. may then be seen as the Pagan version of Valentine's Day, with a deemphasis of 'hearts and flowers' and an appropriate re-emphasis of Pagan carnal frivolity. This also re-aligns the holiday with the ancient Roman Lupercalia, a fertility festival held at this time.” TRADITIONS AND LORE Celebrations during this Sabbat, the Festival of Lights, are some of the most beautiful. They tend to include a large amount of candles in addition to the bonfire. There is typically many poems and stories told, in addition to music and art. Our ancestors used this time as recognition for the coming fertility of the earth. Seeds to be used for planting were brought to be blessed and prepared. Great fires were lit on hillsides to welcome the returning sun and to celebrate the "pregnancy" of the earth. One of the nicest folk-customs still practiced in many countries, and especially by Witches in the British Isles and parts of the U.S., is to place a lighted candle in each and every window of the house, beginning at sundown on Imbolc Eve (February 1st North/August1st South), allowing them to continue burning until sunrise. Make sure that such candles are well seated against tipping and guarded from nearby curtains, etc. What a cheery sight it is on this cold, bleak and dreary night to see house after house with candle-lit windows! And, of course, if you are your Coven's chandler, or if you just happen to like making candles, Candlemas Day is THE day for doing it. Some Covens hold candle-making parties and try to make and bless all the candles they'll be using for the whole year on this day. Other customs of the holiday include weaving 'Brigit's crosses' from straw or wheat to hang around the house for protection, performing rites of spiritual cleansing and purification, making 'Brigit's beds' to ensure fertility of mind and spirit (and body, if desired), and making Crowns of Light (i.e. of candles) for the High Priestess to wear for the Imbolc Circle, symbolizing the Wheel of the Year that the Goddess brings back to us at this time.


There are many definitions of Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca, and there are just as many different paths and traditions to explore. We will get more into the different paths later in the course…but in the meanwhile I want us to try and define what it is that makes a pagan or a witch. Paganism and Witchcraft are very diverse and personal religions and you will find that many people adapt the religion to suit their own preferred system of belief…..but within all this diversity, there are certain things that define our basic tenets of belief.  Paganism is a nature based spiritual system….in other words, we have a strong nature and ecological base. We do not worship nature, but rather we worship through nature. We see nature as a manifestation of Deity and we attune ourselves to this force. This alone does not define a pagan, as this nature based attitude could be applied to almost any other religion. But you will find it is a basic premise of all pagan belief systems. Nature represents the whole of divinity and gives us an intimate connection with that force.  Now within nature, you with find a polarity of all energies – there are two sides to almost everything in nature – you could label this the masculine and feminine aspects. Because we see nature as the divine, we also see our divine force as having two aspects – masculine and feminine – God and Goddess. Both are equally important to the existence of the universe and both are equally revered and worshipped within the craft. The fact that we worship both God and Goddess is very much a defining point of paganism and witchcraft.  Pagans and Witches have a personal and intimate relationship with their Gods. There are no dogmas governing our communication with deity, and there are no filters (by way of churches and priests etc) that interpret the messages of the Gods on our behalf.  Another defining trait of Pagans and Witches is that we attune to nature through the „Wheel of the Year‟. Our 8 solar festivals (called Sabbats) are universally accepted as common ground between the many pagan traditions. The sun is seen as the „God‟ energy and Solar festivals are usually „God‟ orientated.  As we attune to the solar cycle and the seasons, we also closely follow the lunar cycle. We perform our worship and practice our craft under the light (or dark) of the moon. The moon is seen to represent the Goddess and depending on the phase of the moon, we associate it to the Maiden Goddess, The Mother or the Crone.  Most (but not all) Witches perform magick. The type of magick that is performed is far from the general Hollywood glamorous image and usually relates to personal growth and betterment. There are laws of karma that dictate boundaries of magickal practice.  Pagans and Witches believe in Karma and what is more commonly known as the „Threefold Law‟. This encourages thoughtful, ethical and responsible actions in all levels of our lives…mundane and spiritual.  Pagans do not believe that ours is the „one true‟ path and do not proselytise….in other words we do not push our religion onto other people and try and convert them. We understand that each person has different spiritual needs and we do our best to respect other religious systems.  Pagans do NOT believe in the „devil‟ (by any name). Most believe that the concept of a „purely evil‟ deity has Christian origins...there is no mention of a devil until the New Testament in the bible. It is interesting to note that those of Jewish faith also do not believe in the concept…and that Christianity stems from Judaism? The „old gods‟ have aspects of both „good‟ and „bad‟ and it was only the idea of an all-good, all loving deity, that necessitated an antagonist. This has been a very brief look at what the Pagan path encourages as a belief system. Paganism is both a religion and a philosophy….it is a spiritual system, an attitude and a way of life. One can be a Pagan, yet never practice ritual, one can be a witch, yet never practice magick. It is your personal choice which elements to incorporate into your belief system.

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"Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Lao-Tse


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