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									Accountancy Auditing Careers

Within the field of accounting, there are a lot of career choices and
accountancy auditing careers is just one. Auditing is very important and
it is considered as an integral part of business finances. Auditors are
greatly needed to examine, analyze, and verify the business finances.

The Bureau of Labor claims that accountancy auditors are in-demand at
present and in the years to come. Employment of auditors is expected to
increase eventually. If you’re still looking for an accountancy career,
you might want to consider working as a company auditor.

What is an auditor? Auditors are also accountants. However, they
primarily deal with examining and corroborating financial statements. The
various statements are examined closely and the auditors make sure that
everything will ‘add up’. Sometimes, inaccuracies and errors occur. The
task of the auditor is to determine where these inaccuracies or errors
exist. Aside from that, auditors develop certain courses of action to
avoid future errors.

If you think that the task of the auditor is simply scrutinizing
financial statements, you’re quite wrong. Auditors examine the various
company bills and they ensure debit and credit accuracy. Errors are
immediately corrected to avoid financial problems.

Government auditors are different from non-government auditors. You see,
they are the ones who examine from different perspective – the tax
perspective. Some filed tax returns are suspicious and so the task of the
government auditors is to conduct an audit on the individual or business
entity and check if it’s accurate. A very good example is a business who
filed a tax return, claiming that they incurred many expenses.

IRS auditors will then check the said expenses to ensure that it meets
the tax code criteria. If it does not meet the criteria, the company can
be given penalties. Most tax auditors have bad reputations but they
deserve more than that. You see, being a government auditor is among the
top accountancy careers because they make sure that the people are honest
enough to file their tax returns and that the government will not be

An accountancy career is technology driven. Many years ago, auditors work
manually but nowadays, it’s a lot different. Present-day auditors should
know how to work with computers and complicated accounting software or
programs. This is the only way to keep up with technology and to stay
competitive in the market.

If you want to become a company auditor someday, you have to graduate
with a bachelor’s accounting degree. Certifications are oftentimes needed
although some states don’t require it. More job opportunities are open to
those who earned a Master’s degree as well as some certification.

Salary is a very important consideration when choosing a career. Auditors
are earning a yearly salary of about $54,000. Senior auditors receive
higher salaries which can reach as high as $80,000 per year. However, if
you’re a new auditor, you can earn about $35,000 per year. You see,
accountancy careers let you earn big money.

Starting salaries are reasonable and don’t you worry because after a
several years, your salary will definitely increase. If accounting is
your passion, choose an accountancy auditing career. Despite the bad
reputations of auditors, you should still believe in yourself and that
you’re going to have a decent job that let’s you earn reasonable salary.

Who cares what other people say; the important thing is that you’re doing
an excellent job.

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