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					Creating and sustaining healthy communities that promote individual responsibility, economic growth, human dignity and hope for the future

Housing Authority of the City of Austin P.O. Box 6159 Austin, TX 78762-6159
A publication of the

December 2006 Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Henry Flores

Housing Authority of the City of Austin

Volume 16 Number 12


Something to Give Thanks For
Annual Doc and Gayle Young Food Drive provides over 1,000 Thanksgiving meals to HACA residents

Did You Know?
Did you know the annual and five year PHA plans are out for review? Did you know a public hearing will be held Dec. 12 at 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. regarding these plans?

Carl S. Richie, Jr.
Vice Chair

Tyra Duncan-Hall
Second Vice Chair

Charles Bailey
Board Member

Kelly Roth

Our Mission
The Housing Authority of the City of Austin is a public agency whose business is to:

Important Phone Numbers
HACA Administration 24 Hour Resident Hotline Maintenance Work Orders Section 8 Fire/Police Non-Emergency Police Poison Center 477-4488 495-1897 477-8518 477-1314 911 311 800-764-7661

Board Member

Housing Authority Directors James L. Hargrove
President and CEO


. . .

ensure that safe, quality affordable housing opportunities exist for families of low income break the poverty cycle by serving as a catalyst for our residents to become economically self-sufficient create meaningful partnerships to maximize available community resources for our residents efficiently and effectively meet federal, state and local mandates

Isiah Hernandez
Senior Vice President

Thomas Cherian

One Voice
Published by the Housing Authority of the City of Austin Natashia Elstad, Media Relations Specialist Comments, articles and photographs are welcomed for the One Voice newsletter. E-mail submissions to Or by mail to: HACA, Attn: Natashia Elstad P.O. Box 6159

Vice President and CFO

Lisa Garcia
Vice President of Assisted Housing

Veronica W. Macon
Vice President of Community Development

Sylvia Blanco
Vice President of Housing Operations

HACA will pursue entrepreneurial opportunities to address emerging trends and respond to the challenges of the future.

Austin, TX 78762
All submissions must have a name and phone number to be considered. Due to space limitations, the editor reserves the right to reject or edit copy as necessary.

Ron Kowal
Vice President of Housing Development

Michael Cummings
Vice President of Asset Management

Imagine your Thanksgiving Day celebration with no turkey, dressing, potatoes, casseroles or dessert. The picture you envisioned is reality for many Housing Authority of the City of Austin residents. These lowincome families must spend their hard-earned money on basic needs, leaving little to nothing for a Thanksgiving Day feast. The Austin Apartment Association's Annual Doc & Gayle Young Food Drive has assisted the housing authority Kay Cook and Doc Young (founder of the food drive) with addressing this issue for 20 deliver a Thanksgiving Feast to Georgian Manor resident Louisa Aguirre. years. This year, over 1,000 HACA resident families, who would otherwise be unable to enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal, received donated dinners through the Austin Apartment Association's Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. The number of dinner donations to housing authority's residents has more than doubled from 385 dinners three years ago. The AAA food drive delivered food to housing authority residents the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, just in time to prepare a full Thanksgiving meal for their family and friends. "The receiving families are recognized by staff and management as being those with the most need," says HACA Family Self-Sufficiency Specialist Mary Gonzales. "It's very rare in housing to find someone who wanted a turkey but didn't receive one." Valued at approximately $30 per meal, the food packs not only contained a turkey and all items necessary to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but they also included enough food staples such as sugar, flour, beans, rice, potatoes, Austin Apartment Association volunteers unload vegetables and fruit to feed a family Thanksgiving meals at Meadowbrook. of five for several days following Thanksgiving.

Inside Boys and Girls Club Holiday Hours Pg. 2

FREE TUTORING PG. 2 HUD WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU Pg. 3 Citywide Advisory Board Notes Pg. 3

The Draft 2007 Annual Plan and Amended 5-Year Plan for the Housing Authority of the City of Austin will be available for review at the Central Office located at 1124 S. IH-35 Austin, TX 78704 Commencing October 20, 2006 through December 13, 2006 Or

Boys and Girls Club Holiday Hours
December 22, 27, 28 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m January 2, 3, 4, 5 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. HACA public housing residents can purchase memberships for $1 and then all services are free. This includes programs at the: East Club: 900 Neal St. (across from BTW) Austin, TX 78702 Call Latasha at 494-9216 for more information South Club: 303 West Johanna Street Austin, TX 78704 Call Leo at 444-6369 for more information


The Housing Authority will accept written public comments regarding the plan through December 13, 2006. All comments should be addressed to James Hargrove, President/CEO and sent or delivered to the address above. Three public hearings will be held regarding 2007 Annual Plan and Amended 5Year Plan: December 12, 2006 at 11:00 a.m. at the Central Office. December 12, 2006 at 5:30 p.m. at the Central Office. January 5, 2007 at 4:30 p.m. at Thurmond Heights

Join over 8,000 households helped by Community Tax Centers last filing season. Do you know that you can get your taxes prepared for free? Community Tax Centers is an IRS-supported program that offers FREE income tax assistance to Central Texas residents. Our volunteers are trained and certified to help you complete your current and prior year income tax returns. You may qualify for our services if you are: -a single filer who makes up to $25,000 a year -a household that makes up to $50,000 a year* *special considerations are made for households with more than 4 members. Why lose a big part of your own money to INSTANT REFUNDS? Electronically file your tax returns through us at NO CHARGE. And if you're confronted with a verifiable emergency, we can refer you to services that may help speed the delivery of your refund. Get ALL of your refunds at no cost! Do you have a tax issue that needs to be addressed now? Take advantage of our year-round services. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a volunteer trained to handle your complicated tax problems. Call 2-1-1 or log onto for more information.

The Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey is one of four ways that HUD's new Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) will evaluate your housing agency's performance through the new Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS). The survey will measure your satisfaction and experience with your living conditions. Your household may be randomly selected to receive the survey. If you are selected, please take the time to complete it. Resident participation is essential to the survey's success. Your opinion is very important to HUD! If you have any questions about the survey, please call REAC's Customer Service Center at 1 (888) 245-4860. Notice of Resident Meeting The Resident Service and Satisfaction Survey will be discussed at the December and January Citywide Advisory Board Meetings: December 12, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. January 9, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. Both located at 1124 IH-35 South Austin, TX 78704

Citywide Advisory Board Notes


t November's meeting, Linda Cox from the Travis County Health and Human Services presented the board with information about the pandemic flu. Information about the pandemic flu was place in last month’s One Voice newsletter. Resident Council presidents are encouraged to invite Linda Cox to their site to discuss with, educate and prepare residents for a pandemic flu.

From Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services: Flu pandemics can affect a large number of people worldwide with severe illness. They have happened before. They are likely to happen again. No one knows when. Learn about pandemic flu because being prepared can reduce fear and anxiety, and may keep you from getting the flu. The next Citywide Advisory Board meeting will be December 12, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. at HACA’s main administration building.

FREE Tutoring for Middle and High School Students
Under No Child Left Behind, six campuses in AISD must offer free tutoring to students who receive free/reduced lunch priced meals. WHO'S ELIGIBLE? Students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals AND are enrolled in the following schools: o Dobie Middle School o Porter Middle School o Johnston High School o Lanier High School o Travis High School o Reagan High School As a parent, you must choose the tutoring provider from a list of state approved providers, including AISD. The tutoring will be of no cost to the parent. Parents will also work with the provider to set goals for their child, and to set a timetable for improving achievement. To enroll children in the free tutoring, parents must complete an application form. Tutoring can be provided through AISD or by other tutoring services. The following two programs are currently accepting new students:

Energy Conservation Tips
The Planning and Development team is dedicated to making the Housing Authority of the City of Austin a place residents are proud to call home. The following are improvements that are either currently under way or are scheduled for the near future:

Site Erosion & Drainage Improvements-BTW- In design stage for retaining walls and site grading to improve drainage conditions. Site has been surveyed and scope and plan set is in development prior to solicitation. Exterior Repairs & PaintingRosewood & Salina-Currently in design. Playground Improvements-Designs for upgrades to Georgian Manor, Rosewood, Thurmond Heights, Northgate and Santa Rita all underway in combined package. Repair of Carpenter Shop-RosewoodEnclosures of stair wells allow for repair of the interior space for future use by HACA maintenance.

by Energy Manager James Bean

Full Loads Only, Please
Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes. It takes just as much water to wash one handkerchief or cup as it does to wash full loads. When washing by hand, use a wash pan or stopper in the sink.

AISD Tutoring Program Contact: Julie Lyons or Whitney Fowler Phone: (512) 414-3280 (512) 414-2873 Details: after school by AISD teachers

ALTERNATIVES UNLIMITED Contact: LaTonya Pleasant Phone: 314-9294 ext. 2. Details: after-school by AISD teacher incentives include $5/wk if they attend tutoring.

Current Project Status Interior Renovations, Phase III-Salina Full renovation of eight units with ADA features and new cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, central HVAC, windows and more. Contract awarded at September Board meeting. Work underway with approximately 90 days left to complete. Community Room RenovationsChalmers-In process, with approximately 20 days to complete.

If you are interested in these free services for your child, please contact one of the providers listed above, or fill out the application from the web address listed below. Parents can obtain an application form at the AISD website at The deadline listed on the AISD Web site has extended. The completed form should be returned to the principal's office at your child's campus. Call Barbara Jackson, HACA drop out prevention coordinator, at 477-4488 ext. 2145 for more information.


One Voice December 2006

One Voice December 2006