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									Pumpkin Pals

Kimberlee Fulbright Cooperative Group Lesson Plan Lesson: Math, Ordering by size Essential Question: How can we arrange pumpkins in order with the sizes: giant, large, medium, small, and tiny? Behavioral Objective: Without assistance from the teacher (condition), a pair of students (audience) will be able to work together to correctly place pumpkins in order according to size (behavior) in one of two ways (degree): ascending, and descending order by size (content). QCC Standard: MA.K.21--Places objects in order according to size (height). Materials: Felt story Five Orange Pumpkins. (http://www.hummingbirded.com/halloween_pump_spider.html)
FIVE ORANGE PUMPKINS Once there were 5 orange pumpkins growing in a pumpkin patch. There was a GIANT pumpkin, a LARGE pumpkin, a MEDIUM pumpkin, a SMALL pumpkin and a TINY pumpkin. (Put them on the flannel board one by one.) A man came by and looked at the five pumpkins. He picked up the giant pumpkin. "This will be a fine pumpkin to put in my store window.,” he said. (Remove the GIANT pumpkin.) Soon a woman came by and looked at the four pumpkins still growing in the pumpkin patch. She picked up the large pumpkin. "This will be a fine pumpkin to set on my doorstep,” she said. (Remove large) Next a teacher came by and looked at the three pumpkins still growing in the pumpkin patch. She chose the medium pumpkin. "This will be a fine pumpkin for my classroom!" she said. (Remove medium) Then a baker came by and looked at the two pumpkins still growing in the pumpkin patch. He found the small pumpkin. "This will be just fine for a pumpkin pie!" he said. (Remove small). Finally a little boy dressed in a ghost costume stopped by the pumpkin patch. He saw the

tiny pumpkin that was left. "This is just right to take to my Halloween party!" he said. So he took the pumpkin, painted a face on it and said, "This is my best Jack-o-lantern ever!"

Felt pieces: 1 giant pumpkin, 1 large pumpkin, 1 medium pumpkin, 1 small pumpkin, 1 tiny pumpkin, man, woman, teacher, baker, and boy.  Pumpkin worksheets for class: one giant pumpkin, one large pumpkin, one medium pumpkin, one small pumpkin, and one tiny pumpkin. *tiny pumpkin work sheet from-http://www.preschoolprintables.com/felt/5pumpkins/feltpumpkinbw3.shtml *small pumpkin worksheet from-http://www.thefamilycorner.com/gif/color/halloween/pumpkin.gif *medium pumpkin worksheet from-- http://www.firstschool.ws/t/cp_seasonal/f_largepumpkin.html *large pumpkin worksheet from-http://www.makingfriends.com/pump_wide.htm *giant pumpkin worksheet from-http://www.makingfriends.com/pump_tall.htm       Scarecrow puppet (one of two-Source unknown-copied several years ago from craft book). Crayons and scissors Construction paper Glue Check list will be used and provided

Opening/Attention Getter: I will introduce the children to the Scarecrow puppet who lives in the pumpkin patch. Mr. Scarecrow will talk to the children about sizes (large, medium, giant, tiny, and small). He will tell the children that there are two ways to sort sizes (from littlest to biggest or from biggest to littlest). After he talks about the sizes, he will say good-bye and I will begin the felt story. The children should see in the story that the GIANT pumpkin is first, then the large, then the medium, then the small, and last the tiny pumpkin. After I am finished with the story, Mr. Scarecrow will ask the kids what order where the pumpkins in when the story started---they should hopefully say “biggest to littlest.” Then, he will ask them what other way could we do

it--hopefully they will tell him “littlest to biggest.” If they need assistance then I will assist them at this time. Mr. Scarecrow will ask the students to tell him how to sort from littlest to biggest (with student assistance). Next, he will say good-bye again. I will then tell the students that I will group them in two’s. I will tell them that they will work together with their partner on a worksheet where they are determining both ways of sorting by size (Biglittle, and little-big). I will go over the two ways with the felt pumpkins one more time. I will go over the directions for the assignment. I will then assign their partners. I will tell them that I am looking for them to be working together (agreeing on what they are doing), and I am looking for the correct patterns that we have talked about. I will tell them that it is very important that they talk to each other to determine the correct pattern. I will tell them that some pairs will be assigned the big-little pattern and others the little -big pattern. Grouping: The students will be placed in heterogeneous groups of two. I will place one boy with one girl. If the class is uneven, I will place the remainder of students based upon their ability levels. One slower student may benefit from a more advanced student. Activity Appropriate: This activity is appropriate for a group activity because the pair of students only has one set of materials to work with. These pairs of students will have to work together and agree together on one pattern by size. The pair will work together to create one product that will be turned in to the teacher for evaluation. Discussion: The students will discuss with one another which pumpkin comes first, second, and so on to form their particular pattern. I will be walking around to make sure the students are working together in pairs to get their answers. Application:

After discussing and agreeing on an order for their pumpkins, the students will take turns gluing on the pumpkin pieces in that specified order. We will have some big-little and some little-big. I will walk around the room to check and make sure all the groups have the answers correct while they glue the pieces. Share/Debriefing/Identifying: Each pair of students will go to the front of the classroom and one at a time share their completed work with the class. If I have any questions or comments about the assignment, I will ask them at this time. Closing: Mr. Scarecrow will come back out and ask the children what are the two ways to order objects by size. I will show them the two ways to order (biglittle and little-big) on the felt board one last time (this time, I will call on students to come put up the correct pumpkin in the next correct order by size). After we have gone over the two ways to order by size, I will tell the students to find their partner again and do a “turn to your neighbor” (I will tell them to point at their worksheet and each person should say silently the order in which they placed their pumpkins--they need to take turns). Assessment: Without assistance from the teacher, pairs of students will work together to correctly place pumpkins in order according to size, on the felt board, in one of two ways: biggest to littlest or littlest to biggest. I will check off on my checklist which order they complete correctly. There will be two order sets in all.

Checklist for grading Coop. Group Work

Kim/Dan Cathy/Jim Matt/Sue

Correct order(5)
ascending 5/5 descending 3/5 descending 5/5

Checked w/part.(4) Took turns(4) _TOTAL
checked 4 checked 4 some 3 4 4 little 3

13 11 11

(# correct in order)

*if they get 5/5 cards in order---PASS* *if they do not get 4/5 cards correct-go over with them have them try again after going over again *MUST GET 5/5 TO GO ON*

5 cards

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