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					- Press release 12.12.2008 University of Helsinki: The subjects of Art Research and Business Economics are combined for a new Master’s degree program A new International Master’s degree program in Art Theory, Criticism and Management (ATCM) begins in the autumn of 2009. The program is a joined effort between the University of Helsinki and the Helsinki School of Economics. The new Master’s program is exceptional in that it brings together the university-level teaching of art research and that of business studies in the same program. The teaching of art theory, criticism, analysis and research is combined with the teaching of administration, marketing, consumption and management. The aim of the new program is to respond to the changing needs of the cultural field of today’s society, such as the administrative problems of arts organizations. Students graduating from the program are expected to find careers in various fields such as arts and culture, the experience travel and leisure market as well as media and advertising. Cooperation between the fields benefits teaching and research for both Art Research and Business Economics and offers high quality cross-disciplinary expertise for working life needs. The Master’s program also effectively fits the profile of the new Aalto University. The two-year program covers 120 credits. 20 students are admitted into the program, 12 from the University of Helsinki and 8 from the Helsinki School of Economics. The application period is from February to the end of April of 2009 for University applicants and from March to early June for applicants from the Helsinki School of Economics. The Master’s program is organized by the University of Helsinki’s Institute for Art Research and the Helsinki School of Economics’ Department Marketing and Management. In the Helsinki School of Economics, the ATCM program is a specialization option in the Master’s program in Marketing. The Master’s program’s University web site: The University of Helsinki, Institute for Art Research: Helsinki School of Economics: Additional information: