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					                                              Microsoft Live@edu
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              University Offers Students, Faculty, Hosted
                                              Collaborative Services to Enrich Learning

                                              “Live@edu is a platform that allows students to get
Customer: Seton Hall University
Web Site:                         creative. They are using the services to learn how to
Customer Size: 1,500 employees
Country or Region: United States
                                              operate in a world where virtual collaboration is going
Industry: Education                           to be the rule, not the exception.”
                                                             Professor John H. Shannon, Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University
Customer Profile
Seton Hall University in South Orange,        Seton Hall University in New Jersey is the oldest diocesan
New Jersey, is home to eight schools on
                                              university in the United States. Though its computer systems are
two campuses that offer more than 60
majors to approximately 10,000 students.      leading edge, its on-premises e‑mail service did not live up to
                                              student expectations. Instead of an expensive upgrade, Seton
Software and Services                         Hall implemented Microsoft® Live@edu hosted collaboration
 Services
                                              services, including Windows Live™ SkyDrive™ online storage.
  − Microsoft Live@edu
                                              Now, students have the tools to be successful on campus and in
                                              the workforce.

                                              Business Needs                                  evolved in pace with its other IT services.
                                              Founded in 1856 by Bishop James                 “We mandated Lotus Notes e-mail for all
                                              Roosevelt Bayley, Seton Hall University         campus communications; yet, at 250
                                              is a private Catholic university in South       megabytes [MB], students complained that
                                              Orange, New Jersey. Its campus in Newark        their inboxes were insufficient,” says Paul
                                              houses the Seton Hall University School         Fisher, Director of the Teaching, Learning,
                                              of Law.                                         and Technology Center at Seton Hall
                                                                                              University. “Each student had a 250-MB
                                              Seton Hall has long used technology to          storage space on our network, but this
                                              augment the academic experience of its          didn’t meet students’ requirements. They
                                              students. In 1998, it began providing           thought the Lotus Notes user interface was
                                              laptops installed with Microsoft® Office        outdated, so they forwarded messages to
                                              software to its students, and, in 2000, it      their own Web-based e-mail services. The
                                              became a wireless campus. Yet, the IBM          Alumni office offered a Web-based e-mail
For more information about other
                                              Lotus Notes 7 e-mail service that it pro-       service for alumni; but it did not integrate
Microsoft customer successes, please visit:
                                              vided for faculty and students had not          with the student/faculty e-mail service.”
Nor was the service reliable. “We had                           The IT staff liked that Live@edu is inter-       Undergraduate Education Policy
stability problems due to inbox quota                           operable with the Microsoft Exchange             Committee to the convenience of online
issues,” recalls Stephen Landry, Chief                          Server 2007 e-mail messaging and                 document storage using SkyDrive.”
Information Officer at Seton Hall University.                   collaboration software. The university
“We needed a more stable, cost-effective                        began deploying Exchange Server 2007 to          Michele Russomanno, a fourth-year
e‑mail service with an interface similar to                     faculty and staff in December 2008.              student in the Center for Leadership
what students were using off campus.”                                                                            Development honors program in the
                                                                During the fall of 2008, the IT team             Stillman School of Business uses Live@edu
Solution                                                        provisioned approximately 15,000                 to collaborate with fellow students. “I
When the Seton Hall University IT team                          Live@edu accounts for faculty and                have group projects in four of my six
learned about Microsoft Live@edu from its                       students. At the same time, it promoted          courses,” she says. “We are using SkyDrive
Microsoft account representative, the                           the Live@edu services on the student             to store all our documents, and we work
university decided to look into replacing                       portal. On January 6, 2009, all student          together in Office Live Workspace using a
Lotus Notes with the hosted solution.                           mailboxes were moved over to the new             [Microsoft Office] Word document that will
Live@edu, a free* Microsoft-hosted com-                         service. The IT department continued to          become our final project. We never have
munication and collaboration solution,                          store old e‑mail messages for students           to worry about version control, and we can
delivers a Microsoft Office Outlook® Live                       and faculty for the next three months.           access our data from anywhere at any
webmail account to each student and                                                                              time, even using our smartphones. I don’t
alumni member of an institution. Other                          Seton Hall is currently rolling out the          think it would be possible to produce
Live@edu services include Windows Live™                         Live@edu services to its alumni. “When           these projects without Live@edu. I
SkyDrive™ storage technology, which                             we deploy Live@edu to our 70,000 alumni,         certainly can’t imagine how we did it
provides 25 gigabytes of online storage to                      we can bring them back as active and             before.”
each student, and Microsoft Office Live                         engaged members of the community,”
Workspace, which students can use to                            says Landry.                                     Professor Shannon believes Live@edu
access and share documents.                                                                                      helps students innovate in the use of
                                                                Benefits                                         technology. “Live@edu is a platform that
The university chose Live@edu for its                           Live@edu hosted communication and                allows students to get creative,” he says.
students after comparing the services with                      collaboration services quickly became            “They are using the services to learn how
Google Apps for Education. Some faculty                         essential, productivity-enhancing tools for      to operate in a world where virtual
had used Google Apps previously, but                            students and faculty members at Seton            collaboration is going to be the rule, not
preferred Live@edu for its potential to                         Hall, and are now a key component of its         the exception.”
prepare students for the workforce, where                       IT services. “Today, we have rich, reliable
most people use Microsoft Office programs.                      communication and collaboration tools            Russomanno used her experience with
The students who tested the service agree.                      that students and faculty are using to           Live@edu tools to impress her employer
“Our students liked the interoperability of                     create a vibrant academic environment,”          where she is working as an intern. “They
the Live@edu offerings with the Office                          says Fisher.                                     were having problems with e-mail, so I
programs on their laptops, which Google                                                                          suggested they adopt Microsoft Office Live
didn’t offer,” says Fisher. “We were amazed                     Professor John H. Shannon in the Stillman        Small Business, and they were thrilled,” she
at the reaction of the 100 students in our                      School of Business at Seton Hall uses            recalls. “Having Live@edu as a resource at
Live@edu pilot in March 2008. They were so                      Live@edu to better communicate with              the university is a great advantage for us
ecstatic with the service, they almost                          students and other faculty members. “I           when we enter the workforce.”
refused to give it up at the end of the                         now have the option of texting with
                                                                                                                 * Access to and use of the Internet may require payment of a
project.”                                                       students, which is their preferred method        separate fee to an Internet service provider. Local and/or
                                                                                                                 long-distance telephone charges may apply.
                                                                of communication,” he says. “And I’m
                                                                introducing faculty members on the

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Document published October 2009

Description: Seton Hall University in New Jersey is the oldest diocesan university in the United States. Though its computer systems are leading edge, its on-premises e‑mail service did not live up to student expectations. Instead of an expensive upgrade, Seton Hall implemented Microsoft® Live@edu hosted collaboration services, including Windows Live™ SkyDrive™ online storage. Now, students have the tools to be successful on campus and in the workforce.