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					                                              Microsoft Live@edu
                                              Customer Solution Case Study

                                              College Chooses Hosted E-Mail Solution to
                                              Improve Campus Communications

                                              “Live@edu meets the needs of a community college. Its
Customer: Palm Beach Community                e-mail service is free, it‟s easy to deploy and maintain,
Web Site:
                                              and it‟s dependable. The additional collaboration
Customer Size: 2,400 employees                services will be a huge bonus.”
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Education                           Tony Parziale, Chief Information Officer, Palm Beach Community College

Customer Profile
                                              Florida‟s Palm Beach Community College did not provide an
In 1933, Palm Beach Community
College became the first public               e-mail service, so administration used students‟ personal e-mail
community college in Florida. Its main
                                              addresses for campus communications. This method was
campus is in Lake Worth.
                                              unreliable and made it difficult to maintain relationships with
Software and Services
                                              alumni. Then the college deployed Microsoft® Live@edu, a set of
 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
  − Microsoft Identity Lifecycle              free, hosted communication services. Now students always
    Manager 2007
                                              receive campus e-mail, and the college can stay connected with
 Services
  − Microsoft Live@edu                        alumni.
 Technologies
  − Active Directory Domain Services          Business Needs                                “Students constantly change their e-mail
                                              Serving more than 49,000 students             service providers, so the college did not
                                              annually, Palm Beach Community                have an up-to-date way to reach every-
                                              College (PBCC) is the largest institution     one for important campus announce-
                                              of higher education in Palm Beach             ments,” says Grace Truman, EdD,
                                              County, Florida. It provides bachelor‟s       Director of College Relations and
                                              degrees, associate‟s degrees, profes-         Marketing, Palm Beach Community
                                              sional certificates, and career training      College. “We can send more than 45,000
                                              in more than 100 programs of study.           e-mail messages at once to reach all
                                                                                            students. Often students‟ e-mail pro-
                                              Until recently, PBCC did not provide an       viders would block these as spam. We
                                              e-mail service to foster communications       needed our messages to be delivered
                                              among campus administrators, faculty          reliably.”
                                              members, students, and alumni. Instead,
For more information about other
Microsoft customer successes, please visit:   students used their personal e-mail           Because 68 percent of PBCC students                 addresses while they attended college.        attend part-time, e-mail is the college‟s
preferred method of maintaining contact                         college to define e-mail distribution            same time enabling real-time provision-
with students. “We wanted faculty, staff,                       groups for targeted e-mail messages.             ing for existing students. As for ongoing
students, and alumni to have the same                                                                            maintenance of the solution, Parziale
e-mail domain name, with students dif-                          “Identity Lifecycle Manager simplified           reports, “All we have to do is make sure
ferentiated from staff through a user                           how students authenticate into the               the solution is running and the e-mail
naming convention of our choice,” says                          Live@edu services,” says Parziale. “They         messages are loaded. It‟s virtually
Tony Parziale, Chief Information Officer,                       activate their e-mail accounts through           maintenance-free.”
Palm Beach Community College. “We also                          the students‟ Web portal and thereafter
wanted the new solution to integrate with                       can access their Live@edu services               According to Parziale, the major benefit
our enterprise resource planning system                         anytime that they are using the portal.”         of the college‟s hosted e-mail and col-
at reasonable cost.”                                                                                             laboration solution is achieving a
                                                                PBCC launched Live@edu at all cam-               dependable method of communicating
Solution                                                        puses in August 2008. During the sum-            with students and alumni. “Now we
Palm Beach Community College signed                             mer, the administration publicized the           know that our announcements, news-
up for Microsoft® Live@edu, a set of free                       new services, emphasizing the collabo-           letters, and assessments will reach their
hosted communication and collaboration                          ration capabilities, such as Microsoft           destinations,” he says. “Students used
services. Each PBCC student receives a                          Office Live Workspace, with faculty.             to switch their providers all the time
Windows Live™ Hotmail® Web-based                                                                                 because of spam. With Live@edu, we‟re
e-mail account for life. Other hosted                           For students, “we promoted the                   not hearing any complaints.”
collaboration services include Windows                          [Live@edu] service by making it part of
Live SkyDrive™ technology for 25 giga-                          the students‟ registration system,” says         Reliable e-mail communications are
bytes of online storage and Windows Live                        Truman. “They are reminded of it every           valuable within the college environment
Spaces for group projects, campus clubs,                        time that they interact with the college         where administration needs to keep in
and personal pages.                                             online. If students click the button that        contact with a large number of adult
                                                                says „Attending PBCC? You‟ve got a               students who attend school part-time.
“We looked at Google Apps for Education                         student e-mail address!‟ they go to a            “Live@edu gives us a way to maintain a
but felt that a Microsoft-based solution                        series of frequently asked questions and         relationship with our students, despite a
would integrate better with our environ-                        videos.”                                         high level of turnover,” says Parziale.
ment, and we were more comfortable                                                                               “With reliable e-mail, we can notify
with Microsoft from a support angle,”                           Benefits                                         students of upcoming courses that they
says Parziale. “The solution also lets us                       Today, Palm Beach Community College              need to maintain their credentials.”
choose our domain name:”                           has a sophisticated suite of online
                                                                communication and collaboration                  PBCC is looking forward to fostering
To enable integration with the college‟s                        services to improve students‟ college            relationships with its alumni. “We are
enterprise resource planning system,                            experience. In addition to current stu-          looking forward to Live@edu helping us
PBCC worked with Microsoft Services to                          dents, the college is including students         contact alumni to help support the
deploy Microsoft Identity Lifecycle                             who have attended PBCC in the last 75            college‟s foundation,” Truman says.
Manager 2007. Now, the college has an                           years. With more than 700,000 e-mail
identity management system that pro-                            accounts created as of June 2009, this is        Parziale sums up, “Live@edu meets the
visions Active Directory® Domain                                the largest Live@edu deployment in the           needs of a community college. Its e-mail
Services—the directory service integral                         United States and one of the top five            service is free, it‟s easy to deploy and
to the Windows Server® operating                                worldwide.                                       maintain, and it‟s dependable. The
system—with students‟ Live@edu user                                                                              additional collaboration services will
accounts. This solution also enables the                        It took less than a month for PBCC to            be a huge bonus.”
                                                                provision all 700,000 accounts, at the

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Document published July 2009

Description: Florida’s Palm Beach Community College did not provide an e mail service, so administration used students’ personal e-mail addresses for campus communications. This method was unreliable and made it difficult to maintain relationships with alumni. Then the college deployed Microsoft® Live@edu, a set of free, hosted communication services. Now students always receive campus e-mail, and the college can stay connected with alumni.