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					                                                  Microsoft Forefront: Security Products for Business
                                                  Customer Solution Case Study

                                                  University Boosts PC Security, Manageability
                                                  to Support Growth in Online Learning

                                                  ―Our top priority is protecting our customer base.
Customer: Liberty University
Web Site:
                                                  Forefront Client Security makes it possible for us to
Country or Region: United States                  do that while decreasing the cost of that protection.‖
Industry: Education
                                                  Matthew J. Zealand, Chief Information Officer, Liberty University
Customer Profile
Liberty University, based in Lynchburg,           Liberty University is growing rapidly, especially in the technology-
Virginia, is a religiously oriented institution
with an enrollment of 44,000 students and
                                                  heavy online-learning sector. To support that growth, the university
more than 800 full-time, part-time, and           needed to upgrade the security and manageability of its personal
adjunct faculty.
                                                  computers. A key part of that upgrade has been the shift from
Software and Services                             McAfee antivirus software to Microsoft® Forefront® Client Security.
 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
  − Microsoft Forefront Client Security
                                                  The university gets first-class protection for just 20 percent of the
  − Microsoft System Center                       cost of its former software.
    Configuration Manager 2007
                                                  Business Needs                                         ―Technology is the engine that supports
                                                  Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia,             the university’s growth,‖ says Matthew J.
                                                  may be one of the largest and most famous              Zealand, Chief Information Officer at Liberty
                                                  religiously oriented, coeducational U.S.               University. ―To help ensure that we continue
                                                  colleges but, when it comes to maintaining             to support that growth, we need an informa-
                                                  the security of its information infrastructure,        tion security architecture that is more scala-
                                                  no one there wants to have to do much                  ble and more flexible than what we’ve had in
                                                  praying.                                               the past.‖

                                                  And with good reason. The school increas-              The university needed to address the issue
                                                  ingly relies on that infrastructure to meet            of its aging mainframe computer. It needed
                                                  its goal of expanding both on-campus and               to upgrade key applications, such as
                                                  online-learning student registration. In 2000,         Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003. And it
                                                  the university set a 20-year goal to increase          needed a better way to manage the security
                                                  its enrollment from 8,500 on-campus and                of its 3,800 personal computers: university-
                                                  online-learning students to 50,000 students,           owned faculty and staff computers, as well
For more information about other Microsoft        with increased emphasis on online-learning             as student-owned computers connected to
customer successes, please visit:                 enrollment.                                            the network. Enhanced security was essen-                                                                            tial because an increase in online-learning
activity would mean more computers                                      university could add an Enterprise Client         adding thousands of student PCs to those
connecting to more parts of the university                              Access License (CAL) that gave it access to a     we already support.‖
from outside. That in turn would increase the                           broad range of the latest Microsoft
potential for the introduction of viruses.                              technologies—including Forefront Client           Beyond lower cost for first-class protection,
                                                                        Security—at a fraction of the cost of licensing   the move from McAfee to Forefront Client
For PC security, the university relied on                               those technologies separately.                    Security has given the university’s IT staff a
McAfee antivirus software. But the cost of the                                                                            comprehensive and intuitive monitoring
university’s implementation was ―prohibitive‖,                          Forefront Client Security was a particularly      console. The console boosts staff produc-
according to Zealand, and the dollars were                              attractive addition for the university. Liberty   tivity while contributing to greater uptime by
slated to rise by 62 percent. Moreover, the                             University has deployed Forefront Client          making potential problems easier to spot
McAfee management interface was complex,                                Security on its 3,800 personal computers.         and address before they become actual
―making it difficult to find the information we                         It’s also made the software available through     problems. ―With Forefront Client Security,
wanted to address security needs,‖ notes                                its student-facing intranet for free download     I can group computers in a logical way,‖ says
Jimmy L. Graham, Manager of Network                                     to student-owned machines.                        Nicholas Kesler, IS Operations Technical
Services at Liberty University.                                                                                           Lead at Liberty University. ―I can find what I
                                                                        Benefits                                          need more easily. Reporting is more accu-
Solution                                                                The university’s various steps to enhance         rate, and we get more information about
Liberty University has addressed its                                    the security and manageability of its infra-      both how well we’re protected and what the
multifaceted IT challenge with a multifaceted                           structure have been successful, according to      potential threats are.‖
approach. It has migrated from a mainframe                              Zealand. ―Our computer platforms are more
to a clustered environment of Windows                                   reliable and secure,‖ he says. ―They’re better    Together with the System Center family of
Server®–based computers that eliminates                                 able to accept the outside connections            system management products, Forefront
the ―single point of failure,‖ boosting relia-                          required for distance learning, without           business security software is part of a
bility. It has upgraded to the latest, security-                        permitting viruses or other malware to enter      comprehensive security and manageability
enhanced versions of Microsoft software,                                the system. We have greater uptime and bet-       solution from Microsoft. ―Having one infra-
such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. And                             ter failover technologies in place to recover     structure for management is a huge benefit
it has adopted Microsoft System Center                                  more quickly from any issues that do occur.       for us,‖ says Zealand. ―We have one place—
products, such as Microsoft System Center                               That helps us to support the university’s         Microsoft—to go for support, accountability,
Configuration Manager 2007, to help ensure                              strategic goal to increase enrollment with        and licensing. This has tremendous impact
that security updates are deployed quickly                              an emphasis on online learning.‖                  on lowering total cost of ownership and
and effectively to all relevant personal                                                                                  increasing return on investment.
computers.                                                              The move from McAfee to Forefront Client
                                                                        Security has been successful, as well.
And it’s done more. To address its cost and                             Zealand estimates that the Academic
management issues surrounding its previous                              Volume Licensing agreement and Enterprise
antivirus software, the university conducted                            CAL with Microsoft have cut the cost of
its own comparison of what it considered the                            antimalware protection for personal
top antimalware products, including McAfee                              computers by 80 percent.
software, Symantec antivirus software, and
Microsoft Forefront® Client Security. It found a                        ―Our top priority is protecting our customer
major difference among these first-class                                base,‖ says Zealand. ―Forefront Client
antivirus products. For the university’s needs,                         Security makes it possible for us to do that
Forefront Client Security was far more cost-                            while decreasing the cost of that protection.
effective. As part of the university’s Microsoft                        That’s an important benefit as we anticipate
Academic Volume Licensing agreement, the

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published April 2009

Description: Liberty University is growing rapidly, especially in the technology-heavy online-learning sector. To support that growth, the university needed to upgrade the security and manageability of its personal computers. A key part of that upgrade has been the shift from McAfee antivirus software to Microsoft® Forefront® Client Security. The university gets first-class protection for just 20 percent of the cost of its former software.